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Brand: AEG / Type: Fridge

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      02.08.2012 16:48
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      Decent product from a well-respected brand

      This fridge is our communal fridge at work, and although I don't own the item as such, I have been using it on a daily basis for the past two years. Let's be honest, most of us spend more time at work than we do at home, so I feel well placed to be able to review this item.

      ==Price and Availability==

      Ok, so if you're a bit careful with your cash (i.e. a normal person), you're probably going to shop around a bit more for this fridge than my employers did. They are big fans of John Lewis, so they basically looked on the John Lewis website without any prior research, and ordered this one costing them £799. To be honest, searching online it seems difficult to purchase for much less than this, but it would be worth trying to reduce the cost by researching cashback opportunities for major retailers.

      When we bought ours it came with a two year guarantee. This was about two years ago, so it is only just out of warranty, but during this time we have never had any issues or malfunctions which required a call-out. I have seen this fridge on the Currys website, for £799.99 with a five year guarantee. It's worth keeping an eye out on Topcashback.co.uk as they often have offers for cashback from Currys, so you might just get lucky.

      ==Technical Stuff==

      I'm not sure if "technical" is the right word when describing a fridge, but let's explore some of the features of this fridge.

      Firstly, the fridge a larder fridge, so it's designed for heavy usage and can hold a hell of a lot of food. If there's just the two of you, this fridge will be far too big and will be completely inefficient to run. For larger families, house shares and offices, this fridge provides a good option for heavy usage. It is stainless steel therefore very stylish looking, and would fit in with most kitchens although I would say it is targeted at more modern kitchen spaces. It has an LCD Display at the front of the fridge, which is used for setting the desired temperature and you can see at a glance what temperature the fridge is set at. It also has an alarm which warns you if the temperature is unsuitable for any reason.

      The capacity of the fridge is 359 litres and it is A+ energy rated. It has MultiAir Flow technology to ensure that the temperature is even throughout the appliance. A "Coolmatic" function quickly brings newly introduced food down to the desired temperature, and there is a CleanAir Control filter to keep the fridge odour-free and avoid cross-contamination of food smells. It has a holiday mode which allows you to maintain the temperature of the fridge at an economical level, avoiding smells or mould on your return.

      The fridge has four height-adjustable glass shelves (and one non-adjustable shelf, so five in total), two vegetable/salad boxes, four door shelves (including one with a lid for dairy items), and an integrated wine holder. So, plenty of storage options.

      ==The Useful Stuff==

      Despite its size, this fridge is very accessible, with the top shelf being suitably placed to allow even the shortest of people to reach it. I am 5"3 and have no issues reaching the top shelf of the fridge, however I do struggle to reach the bread bin which has been rather randomly placed on top of the fridge due to lack of storage in the staff room kitchen. I wouldn't rely on being able to use the top of this fridge for storage, unless it's storing something you don't need access to very often.

      The storage capacity of this fridge is, quite frankly, immense. We have 20 employees in our company, and everyone uses this fridge for things like their lunch, bits and bobs of shopping they want to keep cool until home-time, and it also houses our many varieties of communal milk, and trays of sandwiches ready for buffet lunches we often have for meetings and training sessions we provide. It can be a bit like a game of Tetris, trying to manoeuvre things to fit everything in, but we have generally found that this fridge holds a lot of food, far more than most families would need.

      You might wonder whether the wine shelf is useful in an office, but we have actually used this on a few occasions where we've been celebrating something in the office (weddings, birthdays, surviving redundancies), and the wine bottle shelf is useful because it doesn't interfere with the storage on the other shelves. It feels quite sturdy so I wouldn't ever worry about bottles falling out and smashing or anything like that.

      Having four door shelves is really useful for an office, because it means we can store milk, condiments such as jam etc, and also if people bring in canned drinks, they can be stored in the door shelves rather than taking up room on the main shelves. You can store plenty of bottles in these door shelves, which is useful as I hate having to store bottles lying flat in the fridge and then waiting for ages before opening in case it explodes everywhere. Or, finding out you have a leak on the shelf because the lid wasn't screwed tightly enough.

      The fridge has five shelves in total, which makes it easy to spread food around and be able to see where things are. This also makes it suitable, in my opinion, for house share situations, as there would be enough space for each person to have their own shelf. Not that this would prevent people from stealing their housemates' food, but that's not the fridge's fault! The shelves are removable which makes it easy to clean them, although we tend to just wipe the shelves rather than remove them because the fridge is usually full of food and this would involve someone taking time out of their working day to empty it all.

      ==Any Negatives?==

      The obvious downfall of this fridge is that being stainless steel in design, it inevitably attracts unsightly finger marks on the handle and the side of the fridge. This is only a minor issue, however, as the fridge is so large it generally remains in good condition, and it's only a certain area of the fridge which gets covered. These fingerprints are easy enough to clean with a damp dish cloth, the door just requires a little buffing to make it shiny again.

      Although the storage space is really useful, the downside to this is that it is very easy to forget about out-of-date food, so every now and then you will need a good clear out of each shelf. Although this isn't helped by the fact that ours is a communal fridge and therefore nobody takes responsibility for clearing out-of-date items, I am inclined to think that it would be the same in a busy household, as the fridge holds so much food it's very easy to forget about something that might have been at the back of the fridge out of sight for a little while. Obviously, from a hygiene point of view, this isn't great and so I would recommend regularly moving food round to check there's no rotting vegetables hiding somewhere.

      We've only had a small issue with this fridge, which was when the seal wasn't "catching" meaning the fridge door wasn't closing properly. We gave it a clean and this seemed to sort the problem. We were still in our warranty period at this point, however, so if it hadn't have been so easy to fix we would have been covered.

      The size of the fridge is obviously something to be considered if you are thinking of purchasing, as the height might be too much for rooms with low ceilings, although I'm not sure anyone would try to put something quite this modern into a cottage but still, it's worth checking with a tape measure before ordering. Its width is around 60cm, and height is around 1.8 metres.

      My main gripe would have to be about the price of the fridge. It has some useful features, but I think personally if I was to spend this much on a fridge, I would be looking for a water/ice dispenser on the front. But maybe that's just me having high expectations. In work, we have a separate water cooler, so this clearly wasn't a requirement when it was purchased.


      This fridge is capable of holding a vast amount of food (and a few wine bottles!), and looks very stylish in the stainless steel finish. It is far too large for a couple or small families, so I would recommend it for larger families, offices, and people who house-share. Other than the common fingerprints-on-stainless-steel issue, there is little to report in terms of annoyances, and I would highly recommend this fridge to anyone who needs this much storage. There are probably cheaper versions on the market, but this one is made by a good brand so it should be long-lasting.

      *** This review is a relay entry for team Dooyoolympians ***

      (This review may also be posted on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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