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Brand: Argos / Energy Efficiency: A

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    1 Review
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      24.05.2013 15:42
      Very helpful



      More problems than anything else

      Recently I have had some bad luck with my electrical items and I was defrosting my table top fridge and accidentally hit the metal bars and the gas shot out causing it to fail. This is the new fridge I brought as a replacement.

      == Design ==

      This fridge is done by Argos and is apparently part of their value range although it is fairly expensive considering. The design is extremely basic on the outside with this white colour which has nothing at all remotely interesting to look at.

      On the back is where you have the thermostat control and all the essentials and this includes the power cable which comes from the back and you have to really work hard to get it out without damaging anything which is a real pain.

      The inside is where most of the design is featured and the first part of the design would be how the door is done. When you open the door you have a plastic shelf which you could put perhaps some eggs or maybe a small chocolate bar it is not a large area but it does have some decent space for a smaller item.

      Beneath this section is a place to store a bottle of wine and maybe a few beer cans or a small drink anything bigger then perhaps a 500ml bottle would struggle to fit into the gap due to the height.

      The main area of the fridge has a small freezer section in the top right hand corner with an opening which opens sideways and you have a 2 floor kind of look to it all. You can place many items here but it depends what you really want stored away.

      == Features ==

      The first feature to mention is the door because you can actually take the door off and position it the opposite direction. In my bedroom which is where I have the table top fridge I found when I got the fridge I needed to move items around so the door would open correctly. Fortunately your given an instruction manual how to take the door off and place it facing the opposite direction.

      You have the ability to change the temperature as well so perhaps you have been out somewhere and have some chilled items in the back of your car you can place them in this fridge and turn the thermostat higher or lower to help that item.

      The energy efficiency rating is A. This is pretty good I am sure my previous fridge was rated at C and that to me is a good thing and helps me know I am doing my own bit to get better rated products.

      The item weighs a nice 15kg and it is heavy but you could carry on your own but my advice for safety is to have someone assist you in case you end up slipping or straining yourself to much.

      The storage capacity is 1.76 cu feet. I am unsure how good that number is compared to other fridges of the same size. Some seem to offer a higher amount and some lower and yet when you open the door up they all seem to appear the same size. This number is meaningless to me in a way but important to other people.

      The size is 51cm in height, 47cm in width and 44cm in depth. I would definitely check these measurements and weight sizes above to see if this works in your home.

      == My Experience ==

      I got this fridge from an Argos discount store located in Corby, and the price was cheap and although it is still being sold online I never had much details given to me about the product.

      I got this item home unpackaged everything and found myself instantly annoyed by the plug. This product is heavy and I am terrible for undoing plugs and getting them caught around various objects in my home so I decided to leave the plug tied up until the item was in place.

      To my horror the plug was inserted in the back where all the mechanics were and stuck and I had to make sure I got it out safely without damaging anything which was a real problem.

      Eventually I got the plug out safely and took about taking the door off and positioning it the opposite direction and the manual gave you advice which was accurate and extremely easy to understand.

      I then placed inside the fridge yoghurt, a bottle of wine and some cans of Cola. I went to check on the items about 2 hours later to assess what the temperature was like and whether everything was working correctly.

      I found the wine bottle very cold and looked in good shape however the cola can had exploded. I was unsure what caused this so I placed inside another can to assess if there was a problem with the fridge or whether it was a can which had a problem.

      I checked again and found that the can was bulging out and it was because it was frozen solid. Within an hour the cola was frozen so I had to do some checks on the thermostat and it is not exactly the easiest thermostat to get to.

      It is placed at the back of the machine and is a dial which you turn gradually but unless you look by moving the fridge out you never truly know what number it is on. I would much rather have this dial inside the fridge or closer to the eye so you could check the actual temperature you put it to.

      After this fiasco I found the fridge began to work well until the night time and the horror sound of noise and vibrations. I have my fridge on a small but solid desk in the corner which has a kettle and is a bit of a kitchen upstairs. During the night you could hear the fridge making loud noises.

      The noises would last 10-15 minutes then appear to stop and then return later on maybe an hour later and sometimes you heard vibrations and it sounds and feels like a cat is purring very loudly and the echo is trapped around the room.

      I also noticed that the fridge had no real feet or stand to hold it onto. My previous fridge had plastic feet in all four corners allowing me to feel the item was safe and secure. This fridge does not have that at all it has these steel ones which are not the best.

      == Problems ==

      I mentioned a few in my experience with the fridge but some are safety concerns for me. The first was the main socket which was situated into the back of the fridge all tangled up and near some components which enable the fridge to work properly. If you pulled this plug out in temper or brute force you could end up causing damage to the fridge.

      The feet on the fridge are not great and in my view a hazard. The fridge can actually tilt if you have too many items on the one side. I place some wine and some jars in the fridge and found when I went to open the door the fridge as tilted on the heavier side which in my view is not the best.

      The noise levels from this fridge were extremely annoying and it got a problem during the night. You find that if you have this item near you at all the sound is bad and if the fridge is touching a wall it sounds much worse.

      Finally the thermostat being at the back is a nightmare. You cannot view the numbers or where you're positioning the thermostat setting unless you pull the fridge out and check yourself. If you have got many items inside the fridge this can lead to plenty of complications.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      I appreciated I got this fridge for £49.99 which was an amazing deal in theory. I do however, wish I took the time to assess everything first but unfortunately it was the last one remaining on the shelf and was not out of the box.

      I am angry with the plug situation more than some of the other problem due to the damage you could cause by being heavy handed. There seems to be more problems with this fridge than compliments and to me that is not good enough.

      Online this fridge is available on the website for around £79.99 and to me that is not a good price. If you can sort out of the feet and find somewhere quiet to store this product it might work for you but otherwise stay clear.


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  • Product Details

    Fridge specifications: Bottle rack in door / Freezer compartment: Reversible door / Manual temperature control / Key specifications: Energy efficiency rating: A / Energy consumption: 139kWh per year based on standard test results for 24 hours / Storage capacity 1.76 cu ft / Net fresh food storage volume 38 litres / Net frozen food storage volume 6 litres / Climate class N / Noise level 41dB / General information: Size H51, W47, D44cm / Ambient temperature 16 to 32°C and therefore not suitable for use in garages / EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 4810423 / By Argos / Short name: Argos DF1-06

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