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    4 Reviews
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      16.05.2011 12:55


      • Reliability


      Good but a little too expensive.

      When I moved out and had practically nothing to my name I needed a fridge. My mum gave me £300 to buy one. A few days earlier I had been in Currys and noticed they had a sale on Fridge Freezers. So I went on the website whe I found out how much I had to spend. I saw a really good one for £300, £100 off while on sale. It clearly came up like that on the website but when I put it in my basket it came up as full price. So I rang them and tried to get it cheaper, but they just kept messing me around, telling me they would ring back and they never did. So after all the faff I did not want to be buying one off Currys but I ended up buying this one, it was £230, £70 off so I bought it even though it wasnt half as good as the other one.

      You nominate your day you want it to arrive, when it came the first thing I thought was it was quite small. I wasnt amazingly happy but at least I didnt pay full price for it. I did like how it was new :) I do like the way the freezer is as its shelves and I can fit quite a bit in it, but as I eat take out an awful lot I dont need to use it alot. I do use the fridge a lot to keep cans of my favourite drink cold. Dr Pepper. And my boyfriends energy drinks (eww). Our fridge freezer is propbably the emptyest one you would of ever seen.

      This is a BEKO Frost Free Fridge Freezer. Its regular size, maybe a bit smaller. The 'frost free' means it doesnt get completely overloaded with ice like the old fridge freezers. Its really useful and gives you a lot more space. Its has loads of space in the fridge also, with many shelves and space on/in the door.

      The good things about this fridge freezer are: the style and look of the item. It looks really stylish. It comes in white or silver. The silver looks really nice. Obviously the frost free feature is good because you never have to worry about defrosting your freezer ever again. Also this item is 'A Energy' which means your using less energy making your save money on your electricity.

      The bad things baout this item is that it isnt as big as your usual fridge freezer.

      The price for this item is around £300, for the silver it may cost a little more.

      Fridge Size - 134L
      Freezer Size - 63L

      I have this fridge freezer in my garage, its great to have as a spare. As most people will relate to this, you can never have too much fridge and freezer space. Its great in the summer for keeping drinks cold. I think the price of this is ok, but I would probably spend a little more and get a bigger fridge freezer.


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      15.02.2011 19:29
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Highly recomended for the price

      As I may have mentioned in a couple of my previous reviews - I do have a very small kitchen, and so there is no room for a dishwasher, let alone a freezer! The dishwasher I just have to live without, but the freezer is a must for my wife and I and so we have always had an old fridge freezer in our garage, which had been given to us by my wife's parents, after her Grandmother had passed away about 6 years ago. For a while it did its job very well, but just before Christmas (2010) it let us down twice, costing quite a bit of money in food that had thawed out, and gone all soggy, only useful for the bin.

      I therefore decided it was time for a new one, and so the day after Boxing day, after spending a few hours researching fridge freezers on the Internet, I headed out to my local Curry's and Comet stores to check a few out in 'real life'.
      As this fridge freezer was only destined for our garage, I was not too overly bothered by the style or design of the fridge freezer. Afterall it was just after yet another expensive Christmas, and so my number one priority was to get the cheapest one that I could find.

      The cheapest I came across was the Beko CDA539FW, which was in the sale for just £189.99, reduced from £299.99!! I was instantly impressed with the price, but absolutely sold on this model after having a good look around it, and learning that it also came with free delivery, and free removal of our old fridge freezer for recycling!
      The CDA539F did come in 2 different colours White (CDA539FW) or Silver (CDA539FS), and the silver one did look a little bit 'cooler' (pardon the pun) in its more trendy colour, but it was an extra £30 and as it was going to be hidden away in the garage this was not worth the extra money to me.

      * Delivery *

      As I decided to go out and purchase this new fridge freezer at one of the busiest times of the year, when all the sales where on, Curry's could not get it delivered to me for 7-10 days, which ended up turning into 11 days in the end, but again I knew I had got this at a great price, and so it wasn't a big concern to me.

      It eventually arrived in a large brown cardboard box, and off went my old fridge freezer in the back of the large Curry's van.
      The delivery guy told me to allow 4 hours before I opened it up, and started using it, as it needed time to settle, which is a good job, because I would not have known this otherwise, and would have been tucking straight into the packaging otherwise to get it up and running ASAP, but having spoken to family and friends, this seems to be pretty much common knowledge, and normal procedure for this type of electrical appliance.
      So the next day I headed back out to the cold garage, and unpacked it. It was very well packaged by Beko, with numerous polystyrene blocks supporting various motors, shelves and hinges etc, so much so that I had to make a trip to my local refuse site as my recycling bins could not contain all the packaging.

      * Set-Up *

      Inside the packaging there was a decent instruction manual which covered the installation and set-up, along with a guide on how to use the fridge freezer in terms of setting it up correctly for different weather conditions, and a section about energy saving tips which I have found really useful.

      In short the main installation points were that it had to be given a fair amount of clearance when being positioned near to a cooker (2"), a radiator (12") or another freezer (1"), but none of this was a problem for my garage. I just simply had to attach 2 plastic spacers to the condenser grill at the back of the unit to allow free air circulation. After which I had a quick play with the two front feet of the unit by turning them clockwise / anti clockwise to get the unit level on the floor, but after a little bit of thought (which is pretty unusual for me), I decided to adjust the feet so that the front of the unit was a fraction higher than the back, as I thought this would help to ensure that the door always closed shut correctly (although I must add that this was not mentioned in the instructions, and was simply something I decided to try).
      The only other thing to do was to remove the final bits of protective packaging from inside the fridge and freezer compartments, and it was ready to plug in and power up. Once I had plugged it in, I could hear the fans and motors purring slightly, but this was to be expected really, as it had a lot of work to do to get itself down to the correct temperature, and it is not a noise that I have noticed since.

      * The Fridge and the Freezer Compartments *

      As is usual with these fridge freezer combi units, the freezer compartment is positioned at the bottom nearest to the floor, and the fridge compartment sits on top. The exterior of the fridge freezer is a brilliant white colour, which looks instantly clean and sterile looking, especially when compared to my older fridge freezer, which looked kind of yellow and mouldy! The edges and corners of the unit are nicely angled to eliminate any sharp points, which also gives it a sleek looking image. At the top of the fridge Compartment in grey coloured lettering is the BEKO brand name.

      The fridge compartment has a nice solid door, with a good strong handle to hold when opening the door. Inside the compartment there is a decent light airy space, which is well lighten by the interior light at the top of the unit. Next to the light is the temperature setting control knob, which can be set anywhere from a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 6 (this control knob sets the temperature setting for both the fridge and the freezer).
      Underneath the light and temperature control in the main body of the fridge there are 2 safety glass cabinet shelves which can be positioned at a choice of 5 different levels dependent on what is in the fridge. Under the shelving area there is a salad crisper section which has 2 separate plastic pull out draws with a glass over above them.
      Built onto the inside of the door there are 3 adjustable compartments which can be positioned at various heights on the door, and are for the usual storage of bottles cans and jars in the fridge, along with a little section for the egg tray (included).

      The Freezer has the same solid feeling door, with the identical good strong handle to hold when opening the door.
      At the very top of the freezer unit is an 'ice bank', which is basically a very slim plastic tray which pulls out, and comes with a separate ice cube tray. The idea of the ice bank, is that ice cubes can be made in the ice tray, and then removed from the tray, and left in the bank where they can be stored for several weeks without sticking to the tray.

      Below the ice bank there are 3 separate compartments. The top is the fast freeze compartment, which has a fold down flap at the front of it, and the bottom two are pull out storage draws. The freezer is designed to be completely frost free, which eliminates the need to defrost it.

      The doors to both the fridge and the freezer compartments can be reversed if required. To look directly at the doors from the front the hinges are positioned at the right hand side of the unit, which is how I have left them as it works well for me for the corner position in my garage that it has been housed in. There is a full procedure in the instruction manual though that can be followed if the doors do need reversing.

      * A little bit of Specification *

      A Class Energy Rating

      Weight of 40 kilo grams

      Dimensions of (W X D X H): 54.5cm x 60cm x 153.5cm

      Energy consumption of 293 Kwh/year

      Operating noise level of 41 dB(A)

      Total fridge has a capacity of 138 litres or 4.87 cubic feet.

      Total freezer capacity of 100 litres or 3.53 cubic feet.

      In ambient temperatures the fridge freezer will work in temperatures down to -15 oC making it ideal for use in garages or out buildings.

      * My Opinion of the Beko CDA539F *

      In the 5 - 6 weeks that I have had this fridge freezer I have to say that I have been very impressed with it. I am trying not to be too over biased, based on my comparison with this freezer to my very old previous model, but it really does get a massive thumbs up, especially considering that this was the cheapest that I could find on the market at the time.

      I find the Fridge freezer to be a really solid, strong and well made unit as a whole and I have no fears of breaking or snapping any draws, shelves or handles off. I have removed the glass shelves once to give them a wipe over, and they are easy to clean, and simple to remove and replace, sliding smoothly in and out of the ledges that support them. Wiping out the inside surfaces of the fridge is also simple, with a good design that does not contain any difficult to clean areas.

      The freezer is a dream compared to my older one, as there is no sign of any frost, which used to be a real time consuming chore for me to clear. I love the idea of the ice bank, and it came in very handy last weekend when we had a large group of family and friends round for a few drinks. The ice bank holds a lot of ice, probably the equivalent to a few dozen ice trays full, and it is easy to collect the ice from the ice bank, as it doesn't freeze to it.

      The doors to both the fridge and freezer are smooth, and make a really good seal when closed shut.
      Included with the purchase of this fridge freezer from Beko is a 12 month warranty, which guarantees against breakdown. To activate the guarantee was a quick 2 minute task for me, which I did on-line by visiting www.Beko.com, and filling in a couple of simple details such as date of purchase, model number etc. This can also be done over the phone and regardless of which way it is done, it is well worth doing for the sake of a few minutes work to get a free 12 month guarantee.

      Just for the purpose of this review I have had a quick look at current prices at a couple of on line retailers, and it does seem that I got this fridge freezer at a real bargain, as it is currently priced at:

      Amazon £277.99 (in White)
      Curry's £269.99 (in White)
      Curry's £269.99 (in Silver)

      Thanks for reading.

      © L500589 2011


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        27.12.2009 21:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        An ideal fridge freezer for a couple

        I bought this model of fridge freezer in October 2009 when moving house. I was looking for an attractive appliance which was quite slim and and had doors that could be hung to open out to the left or right.

        I bought the appliance in black. The finish is very shiny and looks very attractive and stands out, especially against my white kitchen cabinets. All of my visitors have commented on how good the fridge looks. The only slight problem with this is that it really shows up fingerprints and smears, so maybe not the best option if you have kids.

        The appliance is A rated for energy efficiency. I purchased it from Comet for roughly £270.

        Other reviews have stated that this is a noisy appliance, but I have not found this to be the case at all. My front room and kitchen have no door separating them - the fridge is the closest appliance to my front room and I never hear it, even when there is no TV or radio on.

        The doors can be switched from left to right. This was very handy as when the appliance was delivered, the door opened the wrong way for our kitchen. My boyfriend was able to switch the doors over, but it took him about an hour. This was because he had difficulty undoing two of the nuts.

        The refridgerator section is quite roomy, has three glass shelves and a salad box at the bottom in the main compartment. There are three shelves on the door, ideal for bottles, jars, cheese etc. There is also a section in the door for eggs. The compartments feel solid, and are easy to wipe down if there are any spills.

        The freezer has an ice shelf, with ice tray, one section with a pull-down door and two drawers. These compartments are not particularly roomy, so although it suits just me and my boyfriend, a larger family might struggle.

        The fridge keeps food very fresh and the temperature seems to stay stable. The freezer is frost free, so no defrosting. The ice compartment pulls out like a drawer, and is really handy as it keeps the trays separate from the rest of the freezer, without taking up much space at all.

        Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this fridge freezer. It is reliable, does what it needs to, is a perfect size for my small kitchen and looks lovely. A bigger freezer compartment would have been ideal, but is suitable enough for a family of two.


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          13.05.2009 18:26
          Very helpful



          I will not recommend it even it's cheaper a lot than others.

          Last Bank Holiday I purchased a refrigerator, Beko CDA 539F on my local Currys shop for a cost of £239.99, £60 less than the original price.

          General information

          Brand name: Beko

          Model: Frost Free Combi, fridge freezer, CDA539F

          Size: 1535x545x600mm (hxwxd)

          Colour: white


          The fridge compartment has 3 adjustable glass shelves and 1 salad crisper. The net storage is 134 litres.

          The freezer compartment has 3 food drawers and 1 ice bank which is at the top. The net storage is 63 litres.

          Energy efficiency class: A

          Energy consumption- Kwh/year: 293

          Operating noise level dB(A): 41

          Conservation time from failure: 14h

          It's guaranteed against breakdown for 12 months and made in Turkey.

          What I like

          The freezer compartment defrosts automatically. The size and the colour are suitable to my family. By the way the ice bank works well.

          What I dislike

          I know it will be noisier than my old one because of the frost free and the size, but when it works I found it a lot noisier than I thought.

          This model has reversible doors to left or to right, but you just can open those less than 135 angles. I feel very inconvenient to put in or take out big sizes of food, the glass shelves and the salad crisper.

          The glass shelves are too heavy and not easy to remove the water marks when you wash those. I also worry about my eggs and wines on the plastic racks.

          My lessons

          Because I also bought a TV and a washing machine at same time I didn't spend a lot of time on refrigerators.

          I'm not familiar with the brands of refrigerator on British market. I had totally no idea about Beko, but I thought if it can be sold in the UK it must be a reliable brand. So I paid my attentions on the size and the price instead of the brand.

          Last, but not least I did not read any products review about Beko. I wonder whether I would have purchased the refrigerator if I had read some reviews or done some searches in advance.

          I will not recommend it even it's cheaper a lot than others.


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        • Product Details

          Defrost / Short name: Beko CDA539F

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