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    6 Reviews
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      09.06.2011 08:57
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      A good looking black fridge freezer from Beko

      When we moved house in the summer one of the essential items on our "to buy" list was a fridge/freezer. Although the one we had was still in working order it was a little too small and was becoming to look tatty. The kitchen in our new house was considerably larger and more modern therefore Mr Lools was keen to purchase something that would fit with the décor therefore a black fridge freezer was high on his agenda. Although we found a number of suitable models of fridge freezer in black, the price of these was less than reasonable and we found that we could pay up to £500 for something that fitted the bill. One of the more reasonable models which we eventually decided on was the Beko CDA543FB Fridge Freezer in Black.

      *** Beko CDA543FB Fridge Freezer in Black***
      The Beko CDA543FB Fridge Freezer in Black is a split level appliance with the fridge section on top and freezer beneath. Each section has a separate door to access the appliance. The fridge freezer is 180cm tall and 55cm wide and is 60cm deep. This is a reasonably compact fridge freezer in comparison to others that we looked at however it is not the smallest that we looked at either. The capacity of the appliance is combined 298 litres, with a fridge capacity of 160 litres and a freezer capacity of 138 litres.
      Externally the fridge is made from black gloss. The design of the fridge is very square with the handles to open the fridge and freezer doors being concealed and look like grooves on the bottom of the fridge door and top of the freezer door. The fridge freezer also has reversible doors so you have the option to change the way you open the doors depending on the design of your kitchen.
      The fridge section of the appliance is frost free and has a salad crisper and a drawer with a glass shelf above. There are a further three adjustable clear glass shelves with 6 different height settings to sit the shelves onto. All of the shelves are made from safety glass. On the back of the door there is a bottle retainer. And two long racks to store items in. The fridge also comes with an egg rack which can be placed in either of the two long racks on the door.
      The freezer section of the appliance has a 4 star freezer rating with 4 drawers. At the top of the freezer there is pull out white pastic ice tray. The next drawer has a flip down front made from a clear plastic front with a solid base inside for "fast freezing". The next three drawers are made from metal baskets with clear plastic fronts. The freezer also has a 13 hour safe storage time in case of power failure.

      Environmentally the fridge is A rated with annual energy consumption estimated at 329kWh and is CFC free.

      Argos, John Lewis, Curry's and Comet all stock the Beko CDA543FB Fridge Freezer in Black. When searching I found Curry's was the cheapest retailer charging £359.99.

      After searching on the high street we decided to have a search online and purchased this model for £275 with delivery from www.laskys.co.uk in August 2010. After conducting a quick Google search at time of writing this review (June 2011) current prices range from £275- £390.

      ***Our Experience***
      From the moment the fridge freezer was delivered and packaging removed I was extremely impressed at just how attractive the appliance looked in the kitchen. The shiny black gloss appliance looks super modern and super expensive. Because the appliance is quite compact but also very simple in its design as it is very square without a lot of detail on the front of it, it does not over shadow other appliances in the kitchen and fits in well. The exterior appearance of the fridge freezer is one of the benefits of the appliance but also one of the disadvantages.

      After around an hour of the fridge being in the kitchen I discovered what the biggest disadvantage was; smears, marks and fingerprints showing up very easily because of the high black gloss appearance, particularly in natural sunlight or under our kitchen spotlights. This is the case for most black gloss fridges especially if you have a young family (like ours) who like to constantly touch the front of the fridge freezer if they can. However a design flaw of this particular model is that the handles are concealed at the top of the doors on the fridge and freezer. The grooves are made from matt black plastic but because this covering is only a small area, every time you open the fridge or freezer your hands touch the black gloss section and will leave marks on the fridge. Cleaning the exterior of the appliance HAS to be done with a glass cleaner to remove smears; I have tried with other products such as antibacterial sprays however they just leave a lot of smears.

      Inside of the fridge section the design is very versatile as you can change the height of the shelves. I have found that in order to fit larger jars in the fridge upright on the shelves you need to have the middle two shelves closer together in order to put the jars on the very bottom shelf or the very top shelf. The light inside the fridge is very bright even when the fridge is quite full. The main issue I have with the inside of the fridge is the adjustable setting gauge is at the top of the fridge and can be knocked onto a different setting. This is a dial which sticks out and often is you are putting tall jars onto the top shelf the dial can be turned by accident.

      Changing the height of the shelves is very easy, you simple position in the shelf on the ridge at the level you want and slide into place. The shelves feel very secure and do not wobble when in place. The size of the fridge is reasonable, although because we have a second fridge in the garage I find this makes the fridge large enough for a family of 4 for the weekly shop. If I have stocked up on a lot of chilled goods I do need to put items in out other fridge and if we want to fit alcohol in the fridge I usually have to put this in the other fridge. Those who are considering this fridge with a large family (over 4) would probably need a larger capacity fridge.

      Keeping the fridge clean is very easy. I wipe the inside with antibacterial wipes once a week and this keeps spillages and marks to a minimum. The clear glass shelves do show up marks easily therefore I wash these in the sink with warm soapy water and dry which removes any marks.

      The inside of the freezer is extremely practical and I feel capacity wise is larger than other freezers in other fridge freezers we looked at. The four drawers have plenty of space within them although again we have a separate freezer in the garage. For an average family of 4 I feel you would fit your essential freezer items in, it is only because I cook in batches and freeze (a lot) of food to feed my twin boys.

      The 3 pull out drawers are very easy to open and even when filled with food they do not stick or need excessive force to open. The drawer with the pull down flap is very easy to access and this is a "fast freeze drawer". I do find that as this is the "coldest" drawer you should not leave food in the drawer for long periods as food gets a lot of frost on it and appears excessively icy when you come to defrost or cook it.

      I do feel that this is an excellent value for money black fridge freezer which is suitable for smaller families or those that do not need a very large fridge freezer. The inside of the fridge freezer is very well designed and practical for storing a variety of food items and bottles. The exterior of the fridge freezer is very stylish and expensive looking and is compact enough not to overshadow smaller kitchens.

      The biggest drawback of the appliance is the black gloss appearance. Although this is the case for most black gloss appliances I do feel the design of the concealed handles means that opening the fridge or freezer means finger marks or smears. Not an issue for those that are not bothered by these things however if like me this bothers you, you will find that you will be cleaning the exterior constantly!


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        07.06.2011 16:36
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A stylish and modern black fridge freezer that functions well and looks fantastic

        The décor of my kitchen is red and black in colour and as I like things to be coordinated I wanted to switch my ancient silver fridge freezer for a shiny new black one. I was surprised how many varieties I had to choose from as I though that this colour would be rarer than silver or white ones but I had plenty to choose from.

        I went on the Curry's website as I regularly buy things from their store and I know it can be trusted. After carefully browsing the options available, I chose the BEKO CDA543FB. My previous appliance was also created by Beko so I felt it would be reliable and it was a simple fridge freezer with no overly fancy features so I felt that there would be less that could go wrong with the appliance further down the line.

        What does it look like?
        My fridge freezer has a gorgeous shiny exterior that really looks classy and expensive in my kitchen. The black glossy outer casing is flat across the front with a slight slant at each side. The fridge also comes both in Stainless steel and a silver colour. The appliance is split into two sections on the outside with the top half being the fridge and the bottom half being the freezer. There are ridges on the doors at the top and bottom which meet in the middle and allow you to easily open the doors of the fridge.

        The freeze freezer is a good size being around 180cm tall and about 54cm wide. It has a depth of 60cm which was perfect for the space I had and there is no unsightly jutting out of the appliance. I was a bit of a novice when I bought my previous fridge and just bought one without measuring the space first and it had always stuck out of the space where I had put it. This one however fits like a glove.

        The fridge
        The fridge has a lovely bright light which comes on when you open the door and I can see everything inside without having to switch on the kitchen light, even at night time. The main body of the fridge has four shelves to store your food on and you can change the height of the glass shelves by simply sliding out the platform and placing it on a different ridge. I find this is really useful and in mine, I have made a bigger gap so that I can stand up taller product like fruit juice and store products like butter and cheese in the smaller spaces.

        At the base of the fridge is one large transparent drawer which is to be used as a salad crisper and it keep things like lettuce and tomatoes fresher for longer. On the inside of the door, there is a rack to store things that can't lie flat and I put my bottles of milk in there and sometimes bottles of wine. Above the rack, there are two more trays that can hold smaller objects and I put fragile things in there such as eggs because they are less likely to be knocked around when hungry hands are raiding the fridge for food.

        The freezer
        The freezer has four good sized drawers that are made out of a translucent plastic so you can partly see what's inside them before they have been opened. I can fit all of my frozen goods in there with plenty of room to spare and the drawers slide open easily without an excessive force having to be used.

        The bottom three drawers can be pulled out while the top one opens like an upside down cat flap. At the very top of the fridge is a tiny freezer drawer which can be used to make ice cubes in little trays. I like this feature because the water doesn't get disturbed at all as it freezes as it makes the process so simple.

        Additional information
        The fridge has been given grade A for energy efficiency which is the best mark a product of this type can receive. This means that it uses the minimum amount of energy possible to keep it running, which means lower electricity bills and it's better for the environment.

        The product also defrosts itself which means one less job for you and there is a mechanism to prevent condensation from inside and so far I would have to say that both of these features are performing perfectly. The doors of the product are easily reversible if you want to switch the side on which it opens on. I haven't done this but I think it would be a pretty useful feature if you didn't want it open up against a wall.

        I bought mine for around £370. The product can be bought from many different electrical stores and a variety of online websites so if you shop around you'll probably get an even better deal than I did.

        Final thoughts
        This product fits my needs perfectly. There are only two of us in my house and we tend to shop on a buy as you need approach rather than doing massive shops. I find it's the only way I can control my eating as otherwise I'll eat all the yummy things within a free days.

        Although it serves my needs, it may not suit the needs of a larger family or those who like to buy loads and loads in one go. The only time that I think that it will not have enough room for me will be at Christmas time when I do buy loads of yummy things because then its acceptable to eat everything at once!

        The product is easy to clean although as the shelves are made of glass, they can get streaky if you don't use the right product. The black outer casing is the same and as it tends to show up fingerprints badly, it needs to be cleaned regularly. I find that it works best if you use an antibacterial spray first to kills the germs and then to use a window/mirror cleaner to leave it free from streaks.

        The fridge freezer is as quiet as an appliance like this is going to get and it really is relatively quiet other than a gentle humming. My other one sounded like a swarm of bees were hovering in my kitchen constantly but then I suppose it was getting old.

        All in all, this looks incredibly stylish and people tend to think that I spent a lot more money on it than I did. It is spacious, easy to clean and keeps everything at the perfect temperature. I'm really happy with the product and other than the outer casing getting finger marks on it too easily, I have no complaints.


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          16.05.2011 13:06


          • Reliability


          Very good

          When my last fridge freezer was broken by my Dad trying to defrost it, I thought this is it! Time to get a new fridge freezer. I was looking at about spending £300ish. I had saved up for a couple of weeks and finally had the money. Wanting to decorate my kitchen I decided to go for something a little different. I wanted to go for either black of silver. When I saw this one I really liked it, it was exactly what I wanted to go with what I had in mind for my kitchen. I saw it in Argos and it was during the time you got a free gift voucher for spending over £100. The only thing that put me off was the price, also I thought it was annoying how just because I wanted it in black it cost more. Luckily my Dad who broke my last fridge gave me some money towards it.

          This is a BEKO Frost Free Fridge Freezer. Frost free is the way forward, NO MORE DEFROSTING! It also saves you space because there arent any ice clogging up your freezer. This item has plenty of shelves and room. Its a very good sized fridge freezer. I like the size because with my old one I had to worry about ho much I could fit in it, but this one I dont have to worry, I never even fill it. I like sectioning my freezer food aswel.

          The nice things about this item. Firstly it looks really good inside and out. It has a lovely blue touch inside which makes it really attractive. It comes in 3 colours. White, Silver and Black. Black would be the one I deffinitely recommend as it looks really good in a modern kitchen. And gives it a modern feel. Secondly its a good size. The fridge capacity is 157 litres and the freezer is 87 litres. The 'A Energy' means its saving energy and saves me money on my electricity. I dont really notice it saving me money but Im sure it probably does. This fridge and freezer is really good at keeping things cool and cold. If you have to temperature too cold though you start to get bits of ice in your milk and yogarts and other things like that. Because the fridge freezer is a good size, and has a few shelves, you can seperate your food types. Like fresh vegetables. Although I like to put chocolate bars in mine :P

          For the price of it, I would expect some better features like ice or water dispencer.

          The price for this is around £320-£350. The black and silver costs more.


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          14.06.2009 17:42
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A great refrigerator, reasonably priced

          One of the things that used to annoy me most about my previous refrigerator was the fact that it needed to be defrosted from time to time. So, when it finally died & was packed off to Refrigerator Heaven, I decided that a frost free replacement was a must.

          After some searching around on the Net I finally decided on this Beko model. It's frost free, it fits snugly in the space in my kitchen & it's available in silver which as far as I'm concerned is a bonus. White shows up every speck of dirt, every fingerprint so silver is a lot easier on the cleaning front!

          ~ The Freezer ~

          The freezer contains four generously sized drawers which should meet all of your freezing needs. The top drawer is the fast freeze compartment & above that you'll find the "ice bank". This is a special tray for you to use when making ice cubes. So, with summer here (allegedly!) there's no need to create space in one of the food compartments to make ice cubes for those summer drinks.

          ~ The fridge ~

          The door contains four settings for you to position the bottle / egg holders. There's enough space to stand bottles upright on two of these holders as well as leaving room for the eggs / small items.

          The bottom of the fridge is taken up by the salad crisper which is divided into two drawers. If, like me, you have a partner who likes to put fruit into the fridge this is invaluable. You may not know, but, if you place bananas next to other fruit for a while they will cause the other fruit to go soft. The two drawer set-up allows you to isolate bananas from other fruit, or fruit from vegatables.

          The three fridge shelves are see through and sturdy. They can be placed in any of the shelf settings which allows for maximum space flexibilty.

          The fridge, as expected, also has a light & contains the thermostat. Both compartments defrost automatically.

          ~ The "science bit". ~

          The unit measures 1830 x 545 x 600 and has a capacity of 10.5 cubic feet. The freezer has a net storage capacity of 3.1 cubic feet whilst the fridge has a capacity of 5.5 cubic feet.
          In the event of a power cut the food it the freezer remains frozen for 13 hours providing the freezer door remains unopened.

          The refrigerator comes with the usual installation, operation & food storage instruction book which contains all the usual information along with some food tips& energy saving tips. The guarantee details can be found at the back of the book along with some telephone numbers & an e-mail address of Beko's Customer Services department.

          I haven't had any problems at all with my refrigerator so I'm not in a position to comment on the effectiveness of Beko's Customer Service department.

          All in all, this is a great refrigerator that should meet all of your needs.


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            26.02.2009 17:33
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A great fridge-freezer at a fair price

            BEKO Fridge-Freezer - CDA543F

            We first started using this great fridge-freezer around three months ago.
            We had used an old combination of separate fridge and freezer for years with the fridge being a gift from a nephew who was moving to a new home and had a new fridge already fitted in his new kitchen. That nephew has moved house three times since then so that'll give you some idea of just how long we'd had the old set up.

            We were investigating a new charity shop in our local shopping center when we spied what looked like and amazing bargain...
            A factory reconditioned Fridge Freezer at a very tasty price.

            We duly took delivery of said fridge freezer and have been its happy and very contented owners ever since.

            On looking on the Internet I was able to find loads of helpful tips and wrinkles about keeping a frost free freezer. You see our old set up was anything but 'Frost Free' and so that particular 'technological advance' turned out to be the first of the benefits gained by having this great new fridge freezer in our home.

            Allow me to describe this Fridge Freezer in more detail;

            Key Features
            (apart from being 'Frost Free' I mean ... ;)
            It has a capacity overall of 10.5 cu.ft
            It measures only 1830 x 545 x 600

            For those with a passion for the environment it is also an A Class Energy Efficient fridge-freezer.

            It has adjustable glass shelves which have easy to clean,plastic, front trims.
            The evaporator section, vital to the efficient running of any frost free item and to freezers in particular, is well 'hidden' being to the rear and with really good 'guard rails' behind each of the shelves, preventing any fridge items from slipping down and blocking the runaway ... it also has cold wall technology, which I believe means anyone can touch the outside and not know there is a very efficient fridge freezer running at as low a temperature as -19 working away on the inside ...

            The fridge section has an automatic defrost (what a boon this is!) and an interior light, which fits neatly behind its domed 'shade', in the roof of the fridge.

            The width of the shelves is very good, with nothing to interfere in any way with accessing your favourite chilled goodies.

            One section of my old fridge that I never really got around to making best use of was the salad crisper. However, the crisper in this fridge freezer combination is really quite large and divided into two separate drawers, something I have found most useful in that it's encouraged me to buy more salads (good for me and the family, health wise)and has proven a great storage area for any bargains we might pick up at the supermarket.

            Allow me to explain.
            We love 'real' Italian coffee and just a few weeks back it was on offer for less than half price in our local store. Because I know 'real' coffee keeps for Ages when kept in the fridge, I was able to avail myself of quite a few packets, knowing I could pop them into the crisper drawer for safe keeping without disturbing the salads already there ...
            Many weeks later, We're still benefiting from that particular 'bargain buy'!

            Where was I?
            Oh yes ... The Freezer ....
            This great combo has a 4 star freezer with five drawer compartments and an 'Ice bank ' at the very top where you can lace those ice packs for use in cool bags and when you go on that picnic ...Summer won't be long in coming now, and we're more ready than we've ever been, thanks to this great little innovative little section alone.

            There is a similar model on the market that has a water dispenser on the front. I much prefer the smooth uncluttered and therefore easier to clean,lines of this great fridge-freezer. And others models have an ice maker facility included, although that can add significantly to the overall cost of any fridge freezer.

            Overall I can wholeheartedly recommend this brand of Fridge Freezer to anyone wanting an efficient and not too costly fridge-freezer.


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              26.11.2008 15:25
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A great fridge freezer

              Two years ago when my girlfriend and I bought a flat together, we needed to set up our home from scratch, which included needing to purchase all our domestic appliances (minus the oven) etc.

              One of the most important items for us was the fridge/freezer. We both love our food and wanted to have something with as much space in it as possible to allow us to have plenty of room for nice fresh food and also plenty of freezer space so we could have a good supply of frozen vegetables etc for day to day eating

              Also we wanted to be able to have room for times when we cooked a large amount of something and wanted to freeze portions of it for use at a later date.

              We went to our local retail park where the Currys, Comet etc are located and spent a good deal of time looking at all the different combination fridge/freezers, (we only had room for one unit, otherwise we'd have gone for separates.

              It soon became apparent that in amongst the numerous different models there was very little difference in most of the specifications of the units, they all used much the same amount of power and had much the same energy efficiency ratings, and of course they were all much the same size, ok some where
              marginally wider and some were marginally taller but overall there wasn't much in it.

              We knew the maximum width we could have was limited by the presence of a radiator in the kitchen which would have prevented the door of one of the wider units from opening fully, so we concentrated on the slightly narrower, more standard sized units. We weren't bothered about the height of the unit we
              wouldn't be able to put anything much on the top of the unit whatever size it was.

              Knowing roughly what we wanted, we started to concentrate on the inners of the different models available and noticed that some which initially seemed good actually wasted a lot of space inside. One of the worst culprits was one of the ones with a water dispenser in the door. Initially this seemed like a great
              idea but when we opened it and saw that the water container actually took up a huge amount of space on the inside of the door, and not only that but would mean that we would not be able to fit any longer/larger objects on the shelf because the water container protruded so far, we realised that it was a waste of space.

              We also noticed that a lot of the freezer areas wasted a lot of space with either loads of small drawers which would mean you couldn't fit a lot in each drawer and of course the casing for every drawer taking up space, or silly compartments for unnecessary things, like a one which had a sort of bottle
              shelf thing.

              Having looked at what felt like millions of different fridge freezers, we settled upon this Beko one. We like that there was plenty of space on the inside of the door for larger bottles etc, there was plenty of shelf space and a decent salad crisper compartment at the bottom. In the freezer there was also much more room than in some units, including a top fast freeze section, and even an ice cube tray.

              We were very happy with it because not only did it seem to make much more of the available space than other units, it was also a very good price (we picked it up for £249) so we ordered it
              and arranged delivery. It was delivered as promised and even unwrapped for us so we could check it was ok.

              The build quality of the fridge is great especially when you consider the price of it compared to other well known makes. Nothing about it feels cheap or flimsy, unlike some of the lower budget versions of other appliances we have looked at. For example, some of the lower end dishwashers, on some of them when you close the door to them it feels like it's going to break. This is a nicely built and sturdy item.

              Naturally, the doors which can be made to open either way, were opening the wrong way when we got it, so we had to change that which was a little fiddly but actually quite simple.

              Then it was time to switch it on and begin using it.

              Two years on, I have to say, we have been nothing but impressed with it. The whole fridge has proved to have masses of space, and even at busy times like Christmas, we can always juggle things around and get everything to fit in nicely.

              As I mentioned, the build quality impressed us when we first got it, and two years on we are still very happy with it. One of the things that often show wear and tear on a fridge are the door seals and after two years of use these are still perfect and are not showing any signs of wear and tear or damage etc.

              The frostless design on the unit means that we have never had to do any form of defrosting/deicing of any kind, which from my memory of my parents experiences in the past with old freezers seems to be a bit of a chore, so to not have to do anything like this is very pleasing.

              My only word of caution would be something which I have heard about rather than actually experiencing myself. That is, I have heard that it is recommended that you don't keep the fast freeze section at the top full up with items. This section is really intended for putting things in that need to be frozen quite quickly such as items which have begun defrosting on the way home etc. As such, when things are put in it, a fan at the back comes on and runs until the temperature is really low to freeze the items. If it is kept fully stocked, apparently it can disturb the airflow and cause the fan to come on continously which can in turn cause it to burn out.

              As I said, we haven't had this problem, I have only heard about it from a third party of someone who apparently had the problem so whether or not this is a known issue or not I can't reliably say. However, it does make a bit of sense so we tend to only use that section for items that are in need of fast freezing and for storing small items such as ice packs.

              I would heartily recommend this fridge freezer to anyone.


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            • Product Details

              The Beko CDA543F Bottom Freezer Refrigerator has 2 shelves and a capacity of 10.5 cu / ft / Short name: Beko CDA543FB

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