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      08.10.2011 18:36
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      My new fridge freezer

      After over 10 years of faithful service, my fridge freezer has finally decided it was time to retire, though unfortunately not until after a big shop, thus meaning I lost half of the food stored in it.

      The fridge had seen me through many different times from being filled to the brim with booze (before kids!), to being filled with bottles of formula and jars of baby mush, back to the booze again!

      When I had started looking for a replacement I had only very few requirements, these being that it was a fridge freezer (I need space for my bread, and him indoors' beer!), it had to fit comfortably within the cupboard where it is kept and the freezer to the fridge ratio had to be favourable on the freezer side, I love Farm Foods and when I shop there, I really shop!

      After a quick look around I found that the fridge I ended up with had been reduced down considerably in my catalogue (www.kandco.co.uk), which meant that although a mere few pounds dearer than say Curry's, it also meant I could pay in monthly instalments too.

      I went with the Beko brand as I have many different appliances with them, and for a slightly cheaper brand I have had few problems with them, and on the occasion I have needed to speak to someone have found there customer service superb.

      This particular type of fridge freezer is an 8.4 cu ft frost free combi, with the freezer part being ever so slightly larger than the fridge part (which is one of the boxes ticked straight away!), and a nice clean white colour....this may seem a strange thing to say, but my Mum is obsessed with paying dearer for things so that they all match colour wise, not a thing I am willing to spend out for myself!

      Before use I found that not only did I have to remove the incredible amount of packaging it came in (plastic sheeting, cardboard sleeves over not only the unit itself but threaded around the doors too! And finally a square of the most robust and difficult to remove polystyrene I have ever had to deal with!), but also decide whether the doors opened the right way for where it would be stored (which they were but can be reversed before storing and switching on, full instructions to do so included!).

      Once he doors are in the correct position and the two plastic caps are attached to the back element (this is to stop them touching the wall behind), you simply need to place it in the required area, ensuring there is ample air room around the unit (again all of this is in the instructions included) then leave to settle or four hours, this due to the oil in the compressor being jolted around in transit.

      Once switched on you will automatically here the whirring of the freezer fan (situated in the back of the top draw), and though this does switch itself off once the freezer is at the desired temperature, it does sporadically switch itself back to lower the temperature when required, the noise is not what I would deem terribly loud (though my unit is in the hall and away from the main living space), but could get annoying to some.

      The fridge is set out as most are, with there being two glass shelves (which I didn't realise this came with, probably not the best idea with two young children in the house!), and an ample sized crisper draw at the bottom, which doesn't exactly get used for that reason, but more for the kids lunchbox goodies!

      There are three shelves on the back of the door, with the bottom one easily fitting two family sized bottles of milk in it, and the other two being still cool enough to hold fruit and eggs.

      The freezer part is not quite set out like my previous freezer, with the top two draws having flip down draw fronts, with the only actual draw being the bottom one, not a problem you might say, but after doing a big shop I like to be able to rootle through the freezer food, I don't feel like I can do that now, with me having to remove a lot of the stuff before I can see what I actually have!

      There is a handy little booklet that comes with this unit explaining the best way to store specific food groups, and for how long too.

      I have so far found this a good unit to have, though if this had been my sole freezer unit (which it isn't!) I would have really struggled with what I now realise is a considerably smaller capacity for the freezer goods, especially as many people now bulk buy groceries, especially when they are on offer! Asideform this fact it has been a good unit to have.

      Energy efficiency class - A
      Energy consumption - KWH/year- 293
      Net storage - vol fresh food ltrs (cu ft) - 134ltrs (4.7)
      Net storage - vol frozen food ltrs (cu ft) - 63ltrs (2.2)
      Frozen food compartment rating - 4 star
      Conservation time from failure - 14hours (which I can actually agree with wholeheartedly as we had a major power cut a few weeks ago, and my frozen goods stayed frozen for actually longer than the stated time!).
      Operating noise level db (A) - 41

      I have made this list as though much of it means nothing to me, some of you may know!

      Price wise this was purchased for £279, though is available or a little cheaper if you shop around.

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      Cooling Type / Short name: Beko CDA593FS

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