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    1 Review
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      14.10.2011 12:51
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      A quality fridgefreezer

      We have been using a Beko silver fridge freezer for around a year now and so far fingers crossed it hasn't brokedown. When we bought our original fridgefreezer we bought it from the girl we bought our house from, we paid £50 and it lasted the best part of 10 years before finally giving up the ghost around this time last year. After saying goodbye to the fridgefreezer and realising just how important fridgefreezers are to you daily life we visited a well known electrical outlet shop named after a flying celestial object and bought the above Beko fridgefreezer for £300.

      Beko have traditionally been the home of the retro classic fridgefreezers with the big doors and the 50's style car handle openers. They do however make the more mundane fridgefreezer but tend to make silver ones rather than white, unfortunatly they don't make them in the classic Beko colours of red, yellow, blue etc but then our fridgefreezer hides in the space under the stairs so it would have been a bit of a waste of time.

      After checking the width and height and accepting that we could get it into the space taken up by the old fridgefreezer, can I just add that after moving the old FF that boxes of cereals must breed behind the FF ebcause when we moved the FF we found no less than 5 different cereal boxes. The last resting place for cereal boxes must be behind FF's? Anyway I digress, after the finally finding a FF which opens from the left hand hinge rather than the right because our old one opened away from the wall and into the person opening the FF and was for nigh on 6 years annoying. So we now have a silver FF which opens towards you and has all the properties which any person desires in a FF.

      So we have four shelves, a salad box, egg holders, a space on the door for milk and the usual four draw freezer sections etc. All are slot in and out shelves, everything is removable and washeable. There is a light at the top, it has a setting for the chill level from 1-5 we have it on 4 because 5 freezes the milk and 1 is no better than leaving the food outside. Four seems to be the ideal setting, it keeps the food chilled but doesn't create huge amounts of water and means the motor isn't running constantly. The motor in general is relatively quiet and the light inside the fridge lights up the kitchen relatively well if opened.

      The FF doesn't have a ice maker but come on, seriously who really uses their ice maker on a regular basis? It doesn't have an inset TV or tell you when your food goes off or sing and dance but it does keep your food fresh and ensures that the levels of food poisoning has dropped substantially at least in our house. Overall, for the year we've had the FF we've had no problem from the machine, I've always suspected that FF are a bit like football referees in that they only get noticed when they have a bad game or breakdown!

      So if you want a decent FF go for a Beko, this FF is class C, it is economical to run and hasn't caused any problems.


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    • Product Details

      Defrost / Short name: Beko CDA648FC

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