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    1 Review
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      14.10.2011 09:31
      Very helpful


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      A good purchase

      Beko is one of the most underrated brands on the market. Considering their products are often the cheapest in stock they seem to have picked up quite a bad reputation based on nothing. When I moved into my new flat last year and kitted it out I bought a wide range of Beko products and have been happy with every single one of them each being reliable, quality and high performing none more so that the Beko CDA664F Fridge Freezer.

      This cost me £249.99 which is good going for Fridge Freezer this size. As a single person who works all day this is an ideal size fridge for me and can fit my weekly shop in easily as well as plenty of extras.
      I have the white version which is a classy, easy fitting piece which I prefer to darker fridges as they tend to show scuff marks easily. It is free standing and easy to move in order to clean behind and an all round sturdy fridge. Everything about it gleams of quality from the tough material from which it is constructed to the heavy doors, the solid opening mechanics and the sturdy shelves. I have no worries about this fridge breaking on me anytime soon and its so easy to clean with the shelves rmeovable etc that it it just simply is a pleasure to own.

      It comes in the standard design of Fridge on top, freezer on the bottom. For technical dedtails the Fridge is 164 litres capacity, as I said more than big enough for a single person or couple and the freezer is 80 litres. I could have done with a bigger freezer space and this may not be ideal for families or people who really like to stock up on frozen foods but it is big enough without causing issues. I would though say that the freezer from the outside looks bigger as the shelving is quite thick and the drawer rim is quite thick too meaning a lot of storage space is wasted with shelving etc. So if you are looking at this fridge and have the option, take a look inside the freezer. The same problem is avoided in the fridge as the shleves are much thinner. The fridge has all the bits and bobs you would expec, an egg tray, two longer shleves and a milk shelf and has uses most of its storage facility for storage. It also has a good, deep salad crisper at the bottom.

      All in all the performance of this device has been brilliant and my food has remianed cool, frozen or fresh for the required time. I have had no issues whatsoever with break downs, failures or any related problems and this has been a hassle free purchase and one I would highly recommend.


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    Installation / Short name: Beko CDA664F

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