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Brand: Beko / Type: Fridge Freezer

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2012 23:16
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      Great if you want a decent sized unit for a reasonable price

      About a month ago now we moved house and had to leave our build in fridge/freezer where we were moving from so had to buy a new one. After a short trip to comet we decided to buy a very nice LG unit, however it was not in stock so after a quick re-think we ended up buying this Beko. We were at first unsure about the Beko make, but decided that for the money we would risk it, and so far it has been fine. (Fingers crossed still of course).

      --- WHY THIS UNIT ---
      We chose this fridge/freezer as it was not only fairly cheap but it fitted neatly into the space we had available. Also the door does not protrude to the side of the unit too far when the door is opened which allowed it to fit between a cupboard and a wall without being too far from either side. With free delivery on a Sunday also, we could not argue for the price of around £350 when we traded in the old knackered fridge that was left for us for free at our new house. This actually saved even more money as they took the old fridge away for free when it would have cost £10 to have it taken away to be binned.

      --- UPON ARRIVAL ---

      As stated it was delivered on a Sunday, the afternoon in fact by a courier named 'on call' who were actually very good and put it exactly where we wanted it, after negotiating some awkward doors/corners and they didn't mark a thing. Anyway, back to the unit itself, it was completely unscratched upon arrival so the large amounts of cardboard and polystyrene seemed to do their job. After leaving the unit to stand for a few hours we turned it on and it started its dull hum.
      The noise of this unit is actually quite quiet compared to some units that I have used in the past and when at temperature it is even quieter, ideal for the home environment.

      ---FEATURES ---

      Unlike some fancy fridge/freezers there is no LED display, alarms, crushed ice or other frills but then for the price you cannot expect them. It does what it says and what it needs to do and it does it well. In fact this unit is rated at an A for its energy efficiency, so it will prove to be cheaper, quieter and more reliable than your current old unit.
      One of the main features of this fridge is the fact that the fridge on top is frost free so it never needs to be defrosted which is always a nightmare. This fridge is a large 166L in capacity, and boasts four glass shelves, an egg tray, a chrome wire wine rack and a bottle fed, 2.2L water dispenser on the inside of the door.
      Beneath this fridge is a 94L freezer section that has four normal freezer drawers and an ice tray in the top. These drawers are actually very smooth running, which is great for a cheap freezer as on some models the drawers tend to stick to one side or fall out easily when pulled too far, this freezer understands and counters these problems.
      Supposedly this product can also operate down to -15 degrees centigrade, so would be perfectly suitable for a garage or cold environment, however like the longevity of this product I have been unable to test this yet so cannot comment on its validity.

      --- BUILD QUALITY ---

      With some cheaper models of fridges or freezers you can sometimes sacrifice the build quality. With this particular model however the whole thing feels really sturdy and well made. In particular the handle is not flimsy and has no 'bend' in it. Also the whole door doesn't open back too far and closes securely every time, making it difficult to leave it open, wasting energy and wrecking your food. The feet are also easily adjustable so that it sits firmly on almost any flooring. Overall i would say the build quality is really good, not a metal finish but suitably sturdy plastic.

      --- AESTHETICS ---

      We bought our fridge in a silver colour scheme which personally I prefer to either white or black as it fits in nicer with our style of kitchen that has a stainless steel sink, dishwasher, coffee maker etc. Also the finish doesn't show small scratches too easily which is nice.
      Inside there is a small light at the top of each of the units what provides plenty of light for the whole compartments, and inside the finish is a clean wipe easy surface that is white.
      The glass shelves are a nice stylish addition that allow you to see easily if something has spilled or behind some products on other shelves.

      --- OVERALL---

      Personally for the money I think this fridge/freezer offers a lot of space and with an interchangeable door so it can be opened from either side you cannot really go wrong. If you're worried about it breaking the extra warranty to three years is only around fifty pounds more. If you're looking for a new fridge/freezer and don't want to break the bank then look no further.

      Dimensions: 190.6cm high, 59.5cm wide, 60cm deep.


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Beko CFD6914X

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