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      10.12.2010 12:15
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      A great basic built under fridge

      We are currently in the process of replacing our old kitchen which has involved completely gutting the room, getting rid of all the old appliances that were in the cottage when we moved in and replacing them with new ones.

      One of the appliances we needed was a basic, built under fridge. We have a small chest freezer in the utility room so a simple fridge would suit us perfectly.

      The one that we eventually decided upon was the Belling BE813. I was surprised when Dave when found this one as I thought Belling only made cookers and heating appliances so I learned something new there.

      I did my research and found the best price at the time was £319 with Boots Kitchen Appliances - of course I got Advantage Points on my cards as well together with cashback through Quidco so I got a good deal. The ordering and delivery were both easy and very efficient. I have written a review about Boots Kitchen Appliances if you are interested. I know some people have had problems with them but I can recommend them with hesitation. Incidentally I have just checked on the website for some information and found that this fridge now costs £352 so maybe Boots aren't the cheapest any longer!

      The fridge stands on four adjustable legs so that, when it is put in place, the legs can be individually raised or lowered by screwing each one clockwise or anti clockwise until the fridge is level. When the fridge was delivered the door opened to the right, however it was a simple operation to remove it and rehang it so that it opened to the left.

      A booklet came with the fridge giving comprehensive instructions for fitting and using it. The instructions are clear and easy to understand and are supplemented with plenty of diagrams.

      The fridge fits under our work surface and has an outer door fitted to match the rest of our kitchen doors. The one main thing to think about when positioning the fridge is not to put it next to the cooker or the fridge will have to work so much harder and thus use a lot more energy to do its job.

      Just as an aside here - when we initially decided to have our kitchen refitted we got B & Q to give us a quote, just to get a ball park figure; we never had any intention of getting them to fit the kitchen. The man who did the quote told us that it was now perfectly acceptable to put a fridge next to a cooker as today's units are insulated! Our kitchen fitter confirmed what I thought - that this is a load of rubbish!

      The inside of the fridge is exactly what we wanted. It has three shelves so that we have plenty of storage space. The base of the fridge is a generous salad drawer with a sliding lid. The door has a full width; full height bottle storage area which again was important for us as we use a lot of milk and it needs to be stored safely. The door also has a single full width covered shelf for dairy items such as cheese. Of course there is an internal light which comes on when the door is opened. We just had to clean it thoroughly in case there was any residue left from the manufacturing process, switch it on, let it cool and it was ready for use.

      This fridge does not have a freezing compartment so would not be appropriate if you did not also possess a freezer although for us it is ideal as it means that the volume of the fridge is all available for storage. There is of course a temperature control knob so that you can alter the cooling effect depending on the outside temperature - the fridge will obviously need to work harder in the summer than it does in the winter for example.

      The fridge is self defrosting but it is worth keeping an eye on the hole where any water drains out as this can get blocked if you aren't careful. It is easy enough to clean with a cotton bud though. Every so often it is a good idea to just fetch everything out of the fridge and give it a good clean to keep it hygienic and working at its best.

      The dimensions of this fridge are 82cm high by 59.8cm wide by 54.5cm deep. The internal capacity is 128 litres and it is A energy rating which is something else that was important to us. It comes with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty and an option to purchase a further four years for £90. We haven't bothered taking out any of the extended warranties and are putting an amount in a savings account each month to cover repairs and / or replacements in the future.

      We have found the fridge perfect for our needs. The storage is ideal for the two of us and it is arranged to suit us. The door opens fully so putting things into and getting things out of the fridge is never a problem. The fridge works well and isn't too noisy so what more do we want?

      The only problem that our fitters found was the fact that the fridge comes with a moulded plug and since it was to be plugged into a socket in the adjacent unit they would either have to cut off the plug, thus invalidating the warranty, feed the sire through a predrilled hole and then re attach a plug or make a hole in the side of the unit which was large enough to put the whole plug through. You would think that the manufacturers would realise that a built under fridge would need to be plugged into an adjacent unit wouldn't you?

      So, apart from that one problem, I would definitely recommend this fridge. It is basic but it does the job and is exactly what we wanted. As with any major purchase it does pay to shop around to get the best price available at the time. We ended up getting our appliances from four different suppliers to get the best prices!


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      Light / Short name: Belling BE813

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