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Upright six compartment freezer:Gross capacity 259 litres/ 9.1cuft, Electricity consumption: 482 kWh per year, H 175 x W 60 x D 60 cm.

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2002 22:40
      Very helpful



      After twenty years the bottom finally rusted through on our chest freezer, water dripped on the thermostat and BANG – we needed a new freezer. We decided on an upright one rather than a new chest freezer. Now we are older and the old back isn’t as flexible as it used to be for scrummaging for the last pack of peas under the odd forgotten turkey and a dozen buy-one-get-one-free chicken pies that we had forgotten about. The new freezer lives in the garage so there was no concern over dimensions and having to fit it in a limited space. Bosch has a good name and having looked at various makes around the shops they just look more solidly built. We also wanted a frost-free model. £600 sounds a hell of lot, and the credit card creaked a bit when it was swiped, but it is as large as we will ever want, it will never need defrosting and hopefully it will last as long as the last one. This model has six quite deep drawers that seem to be made of fairly sturdy clear plastic. The fronts of the drawers have full width grips that slide well and one flap at the top that drops down revealing another storage space, this is handy for keeping freezy blocks, and a shallow tray they suggest for spreading out fruit for quick freezing, but it is VERY shallow. The handle is a long pull down lever and the door opens and closes with a convincing click but possibly the door lever will prove to be a weak spot in the design. Overall the machine looks sleek. It is a bit of a monster so it could only live in your garage unless you have a huge kitchen or utility room. It occasionally clicks and buzzes but again that doesn’t matter. It is certainly good advice to always a get a freezer one size larger than you think you’ll need because you will always fill it without any problem. After delivery we let the machine settle for the day, to let the thermostat recover from its journey and wiped it out. After switching on in the early eve
      ning it was quickly down to –18 degrees by nighttime ready for stocking. It is good having a bright digital display of temperature on the outside of the machine so you will always be aware if there is a problem. When you open the door for more than half a minute an alarm sounds, which hurries any child up to get their ice-cream out. There are pros and cons of the upright against the chest freezer. With the drawers we have found you have to pack more carefully as you are limited by their width and depth, this though is probably good discipline, with the chest freezer we did just tend to drop things in and you can easily forget what is in the bottom. When you pull a drawer out you need to support it with one hand whilst you take out what you want as otherwise it will put undue strain on the runners, this is a bit irritating if you are in hurry, you need three hands. You definitely save the wear and tear on your back of bending over the chest freezer and it is nice to see what you’ve got. One last small thing - there is no light in the freezer which is a bind. I always believed that upright freezers were less efficient than chest ones, presumably when you open the door all the cold air falls out of an upright unlike a chest model, but with this Bosch the drawers fit very well and after getting anything out the temperature gauge doesn’t even drop a degree, so it can’t be too inefficient. We bought it from our favourite store, John Lewis, who delivered it for free and included a two year warranty.


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      Short name: Bosch GSU29422

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