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Type: Bottom Freezer / Total Volume: 310 Liter / 4 shelves / Door Opens to Left and Right / Efficiency: A

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2007 14:24
      Very helpful



      A good fridge freezer!

      Robort Bosch, the founder of Bosch was obsessed with creating perfect products. He couldn't stand the fact that someone may find the product inferior in anyway. The company says that they stand by their founders words and produce superior products that impress in every way. The company produces reliable, quality products at affordable prices.

      The Bosch KGN 39 V 00 fridge freezer is part of the Classixx range. The Classixx range contains simple economy products which could be described as the 'bog standard basics'. The other two ranges Logixx and Exxcel contain products that are more advanced in technology. The Logixx range has many products that use 'cutting edge' technology and include many extra features. The Exxcel range also includes products that contain special extras features.

      The fridge freezer is about 2 metres tall and 60cm wide, it is 65 cm in dept so does stick out quite a bit. It fits nicely in a corner of the kitchen. We have a spare fridge freezer in the garage due to lack of space in the other. At Christmas time it is great to have a spare fridge for the turkey and trimmings. We have opted to keep this fridge freezer in the garage as it is white and does not go well with the other fixtures and fittings in the kitchen.
      The fridge freezer claims to use an annual consumption of 376 kWh and costs approximately £35-£40 per year to run. The hinge as with most freezers is on the right so will not fit in a far right corner very well. Compared to the other Classixx fridge freezers this is slightly more expensive.

      The walls inside the fridge are smooth, which makes them easy to clean, although it is marketed as an antibacterial fried freezer so should not require regular cleaning. There are many grooves along the walls for the shelves to slot into. I see this as a great feature as at Christmas time with a big turkey the shelves can be raised/lowered to fit all the products in.
      At the bottom there are two salad trays although we rarely keep salad in here (its mainly to hide the chocolate). Above the salad boxes is a glass shelf in addition to the three other glass shelves. These are described as safety shelves and they are actually fairly safe as we have never managed to break them yet. They do make late night snacks a bit dangerous though as they can be noisier than plastic shelves.

      There are three storage compartments/shelves on the door, we usually store cheese or small Tupperware boxes of ingredients in these. At the bottom of the door is a drinks rack, we store milk and wine in here as they can leak when lying down despite the wine rack shelf.
      There is an egg rack inside the door in the first compartment; however the first time we used this, the eggs fell out when we opened the door, so we tend to keep these in the box now. This feature has little use in our fridge.

      The freezer has three clear plastic boxes/shelves. The box in the centre is a large one (about 25cm) making it useful for large/bulky objects (no not bodies!).
      It has a 4* freezer rating and is rated A for energy efficiency which is very good although average today for fridge freezers. When looking through the Argos catalogue for new freezers we noticed that most had a rating of A or A+.

      The door has a small compartment in which we have only used as an overflow for small boxes for ice although I would guess it is intended for ice only. An ice tray comes with the freezer although disappointingly there is no small tray to place them so they leak out in the fridge. I tend to use self sealing ice cube bags and place them in the door compartment.
      The manufacturer guide claims that the freezer is frost free meaning that it never has to be defrosted. We have found however that every 2-4 months the ice that has built up needs to be scratched off and every 4 months it needs a complete defrost. We need to defrost and clean out because the shelves get stuck to the sides with clumps of ice. The food however is safe from clumps of ice and we rarely have to scrape ice off plastic bags and freezer boxes to see the cooking guidelines which is good.

      We got the freezer from a local electrical shop although Comet, Argos and MFI also stock Bosch products at affordable prices. The fridge freezer cost £349.99 new but you may be able to get the fridge freezer at a cheaper price secondhand, local electrical stores or online store stocking Bosch products. The fridge freezer is available in ASDA for only £375 and MFI for only £359.

      This is a good fridge freezer it does what it is advertised to do. Compared to similar products on the market it is fairly priced. I wasn't keen on the white colour however this personal preference, I just feel that today many other products are silver and a white fridge does not match. The fridge freezer is easy to maintain with average running costs. It does not need to be cleaned regularly but is easy to clean. Overall I would recommend the Bosch KGN 39 V 00


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      Controls / Display / Short name: Bosch KGN39V00

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