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Candy Futura CFM226AA

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    2 Reviews
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      13.04.2011 00:16
      Very helpful



      not a smart buy

      When it came to choosing a new fridge freezer I didn't put much thought into it at all, I figured most makes were pretty much the same in terms of performance. I simply wanted an appliance which would fit into my small kitchen, was energy efficient and would keep my food fresh. I settled on the Candy Futura CFM226AA simply because it was AA efficiency rated and so would hopefully lead to lower electricity bills and it was delivered a few days later.

      The fridge freezer is a pretty plain looking appliance since it is all white and has no embellishments at all. I would have preferred to buy a silver one but none were available in this model. It is smaller than most fridge freezers standing at 136 cm high (around 5 feet) and is 54cm wide. This is an ideal size for my small household and holds a weeks shopping for two of us comfortably but those with larger families will probably prefer a larger model.

      The Fridge

      The fridge compartment sits at the top of the appliance and has a 128l capacity. The door can be hung so it either opens from the left or right, it is supplied with the door opening to the left. The fridge has two adjustable glass shelves, a BactiZero meat shelf which claims to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and a crisper drawer. There are two shelves in the door, one at the bottom which can store large cartons of milk and juice and a smaller one at the top which is too narrow to have an egg box which is a common use for this shelf.

      I've been happy with the fridge. The fact that the shelves are made of glass means that they are really easy to clean and there is no way of liquids dripping from a higher to lower shelf which can cause food poisoning. I did worry a bit about the glass not allowing the air to circulate properly but that does not seem to be a problem. The shelves are easy to remove and can be placed at varying heights.

      The lowest shelf above the salad crisper is made of a sturdy plastic which claims to be antibacterial. I have no idea if those claims are true since I am not a microbiologist but this shelf is ridged which makes it slightly trickier to clean. The salad drawer is nice and deep but is fairly short as the back portion of the fridge accommodates some kind of machinery in this portion so it is shallower than the rest of the fridge.

      The fridge has always maintained a proper temperature. It is possible to adjust the temperature and if you set it too low then it freezes your cucumbers so I always just set it at the middle setting. The fridge has a light which has not needed the bulb replacing in two years and illuminates the contents of your fridge nicely.

      The one problem with the fridge is the poor quality seals around the door which don't seem to shut as firmly as I would like and show some signs of degrading over my time of ownership.

      The Freezer

      While I have been happy with the fridge the same cannot be said about the freezer. It has three drawers which give a total capacity of 66 litres. The two top drawers are nice and roomy but the bottom drawer, like the salad drawer, is only half of the size of the freezer. The drawers seemed sturdy enough and have deep grooves on them making them easier to pull out but have ended up being damaged with normal use.

      The freezer was fine for about a year but since then it ices up really quickly and needs to be de-iced every few weeks. This is both really annoying and I'm sure makes the freezer a lot less energy efficient. The fact that the door seals are so pathetic does not help as I'm sure the fact the freezer not being sealed as tightly as it could be doesn't help.


      The fridge freezer is quiet enough in use but has not proved to be a smart buy. I am going to either have to replace the seals or buy a new fridge freezer after a period of around two years ownership and I was hoping that it would last several years longer than that. It seemed like an ideal choice for a small family due to the small size and energy efficiency but I really wish that I had shopped around more before I bought it now.


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        16.06.2010 14:16
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A good home appliance that does the job.

        Candy Futura CFM226AA ~

        We have recently moved into a new property and the previous owner was a dear sweet elderly lady who was moving into a warden controlled property, as this house she was leaving was becoming too much for her, due to its size.

        Unfortunately for her the house she was moving into was very much smaller and therefore she had a lot of furniture and kitchen white goods that were surplus to her requirements.

        As we had only just returned from living for 2 years in Spain, we had nothing to put into a property, except the clothes we were wearing, so we came to an agreement whereby we could purchase the items she no longer needed. It worked out mutually beneficial for us both.

        One of the items we bought from her was this fridge freezer made by Candy. This is the CFM 226a model and comes in a choice of white or silver. It is called the Futura and is a frost free freezer which pleased me greatly as it saves a lot of hard work defrosting.

        This fridge freezer stands at around 4.5 tall with the fridge section sitting on the top of the freezer, and the fridge section being the largest of the two. It is quite a nice modern looking appliance.

        The fridge ~ contains a decent sized pull-out salad drawer standing about 7" in height by about 18" wide and about 12" from front to back. On either side of the inside of the fridge there are four sets of shelving slots approximately 2" apart to give you a choice of different heights for the 2 glass shelves. The glass shelves themselves have a hard plastic surround on the outer edge for protection. There are added small shelves on the inside of the door which again are height adjustable for your milk, eggs, and butter etc.

        The freezer ~ has an ice tray at the top and the 3 pull out drawers have a hard plastic transparent front to them allowing you to see at a glance what is contained within the drawers. There is plenty of space in each draw too as they all sit about 7" in height by about 18" wide and 12" deep, more than enough for my hubby and I.

        The manufacturers stats ~

        Refrigerator type ~ Bottom Freezer.
        Installation ~ Built-in.
        Total volume ~ 210 litre.
        Fresh food volume ~130 litre.
        Freezer volume ~ 80 litre
        Total shelves ~ 2
        Ice maker ~ no
        Number of motors ~ 1 Motor.
        Fresh Food Compartment
        Fresh food shelves / bins Dairy Center, Gallon Storage.
        Light ~ Yes.
        Freezer Compartment
        Shelve / bins Ice Trays, Bin x 3.

        Opinion ~ The size of this fridge freezer, although it is quite small, is more than sufficient for just my husband and myself. Having said that they are both always full. It looks good, being a fairly modern looking appliance and fits well anywhere in any kitchen as it has a versatile door that can be fitted to open one way or the other, whichever suits.

        It is extremely economical as it is has an A+ efficiency rating and does its job of self defrosting beautifully, leaving me with no hard work to do. It is large enough to suit a couple or a very small family and all in all I am very happy with it.

        If there is one downfall to this appliance it is that I find it a little noisy and it can be heard while sitting in the next room. It has a permanent very loud buzz and I cannot say whether it is just this particular appliance or whether it is a trait of this model generally but it can be a bit annoying at times. As we didn't buy this from a store I cannot say for sure how much it cost, but looking at various websites for the sake of this review it appears to retail at around £300 - £350 in general, but like everything in general it will pay to shop around!

        To conclude, it's a good fridge freezer with ample space for two people or a very small family and I would recommend it to others.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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        Defrost / Short name: Candy CFM226AA

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