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Daewoo FRSU20ICB

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2012 15:41


      • Reliability


      Great value, built to last and looks good - highly recommended!

      I absolutely LOVE this fridge freezer. I purchased it about two months ago, and have had no doubts whatsoever since then! It looks sleek and stylish, and although there are some which look even more snazzy, the simple exterior means more room inside compared to those with water coolers, ice cube dispensers etc. It doesn't look quite as good from the side as from the front, which is my only negative visually, as our is side-on as you enter kitchen, so just something to think about.

      The capacity of both the fridge and the freezer is fab! I have regularly bought "too much" fresh or frozen food for my family of 5 and had absolutely no problems fitting it in. The storage is so flexible that there is always room, and it is easy to keep things separate and organised so I have found less waste. One drawback is that I find things can fall to the back and get wedged in behind shelves in the fridge, as recently demonstrated by a wandering pack of ham. There is lots of door storage, great for bottles, jars etc. (I can't seem to quite fit 4x 4-pints of milk in door though). I love the 2 veg/fruit boxes (website says 3, but I must be using the 3rd for something else!) - plenty of room for separating fresh items.

      In the frezer, the two ice cube trays slot under a shelf which means there is none of that balancing ice cube trays on top of uneven piles of packets. Less "bling" than an ice cube dispenser n the front, but more reliable and a nice touch.

      There is no egg separator thingy in the door - it comes with a plastic box which I think they call an egg box. It is worth looking at the fridge freezer in store if you can, or having a good look at the internal pic, so you know what fittings and shelves you are getting. I would describe the fittings as fairly basic - there is nothing innovative or special about them but quality seems great (we haven't broken any yet!) and they are easy to remove and refit.

      The door storage in the freezer is particularly useful - it is perfect for things like fresh soup cartons, tall containers, and keeping opened bags contained so they don't spill out over the shelves or drawers.

      The fridge and freezer both seem effective at staying cold - I open them fairly regularly (freezer twice a day at least, fridge probably more than 20 times, and it seems to cope well with that. It does start to beep if you accidentally leave the door open.

      Overall, I am very pleased with this fridge freezer and expect it to last and perform well!

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  • Product Details

    The Daewoo FRSU20ICB American-style Fridge Freezer looks startlingly stylish in black, while offering a dazzling range of features! The frost-free FRSU20ICB boasts an American-sized capacity, with room for 570 litres! The biggest family in Britain would b / Short name: Daewoo FRSU20ICB

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