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Electrolux ENN26800

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2008 11:57
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      All in all a great fridge freezer!

      Electrolux Fridge-Freezer ENN26800 50:50

      Electrolux is a Swedish corporation founded in 1910. The name Electrolux is a combination three separate companies' names - Elektromekaniska, Elektron and Lux. These three companies joined forces in 1919 and came up with the name Elektrolux. It wasn't until 1957 when they decided to change the 'k' to a 'c' and make it Electrolux.
      Electrolux is now one of the worlds leading electrical appliance companies. It sells over 40 million products each year in 150 countries worldwide.

      We recently built a new extension onto our house to make our kitchen bigger. We then, had to buy a new kitchen, so off we went to all the places we could think of to pick up brochures. To cut a long story short we decided on one we really liked in Wickes. The next job was to choose the appliances. We never had a fridge-freezer before, we had separates, so as sad as I am, I was looking forward to having an all in one (if you still live at home with parents, these things will excite you one day).
      So, we came across this Electrolux 50:50 integrated one (which is frost free) and here are the results...........

      Well, what can I say, it's integrated so it doesn't really matter what it looks like from the outside. It fitted nicely into the fridge-freezer housing unit, without a hitch. When it's in, it looks great with the unit doors to match the rest of the kitchen. It's a 50:50 so the fridge and freezer compartments are the same size.

      There are two vegetable compartments inside in the shape of drawers, these are positioned at the bottom of the fridge - which is the case in most fridges. There are 3 full depth shelves, one of which sits on top of the veg compartments and 2 half depth shelves, these can be place wherever you want, you don't have to use all shelves if you don't want to.
      In the door there is a compartment for milk, drinks etc, a compartment with a lid situated at the top of the door for such things as cheese, this measure the full width of the door, there is also a similar one, without the lid for things like jam, marmalade and you can also place an egg holder in here. There is the option of fitting another smaller compartment which could also hold something like cheese or butter, but I found that this took up too much room and I couldn't fit my all important wine in the fridge door!!

      The interior of the freezer is much simpler, it has 3 full size drawers and a half size drawer which could contain ice cube trays or flatter things, this compartment is situated at the top of the freezer.

      There is a control panel which is situated above the fridge door, to get to this you must open the fridge. The following buttons are on the panel:
      Appliance button on/off - self explanatory
      Freezer thermostat knob - used to adjust the temperature of the freezer
      Temperature indication button - lets you change the display which shows the temperature of either the fridge or freezer
      Function button/reset alarm - this is the button that lets you change modes to either shopping mode or fast freeze mode (I will explain later)
      Fridge thermostat knob - used to adjust the temperature of the fridge

      It is very simple to set and change the temperatures of both the fridge and freezer compartments. You press the temperature indication button until the correct compartment is shown on the display and then turn the thermostat knob to the desired temperature. Within 5 seconds the current temperature is displayed but the fridge freezer is then working to get to the desired temperature, to which you have set it.

      There is also a display on the control panel which lets you know the temperature of the fridge or freezer, whether or not the fast freeze function is on and whether or not the shopping function is on.

      Fast freeze function
      To use this option you need to press the function button until the correct symbol appears on the display - which is a snowflake. This is recommended if you are freezing fresh food. The freezing process takes 24 hours. The fast freeze function stops automatically after 54 hours but you can do this manually by pressing the function button. I don't completely understand why it lasts for 54 hours when it states that it takes 24 hours for the food to freeze.
      They also recommend that this function be used for 24 hours before you first use the freezer.

      Shopping function
      This function is used if you need to insert a large amount of warm food into the fridge. It helps to chill the products more rapidly, this avoids warming other foods which may already be in the fridge. To use this button you need to press the function button until the symbol of a shopping trolley appears on the display. This function automatically shuts off after 6 hours. You can also deactivate this function at any time by pressing the function button.

      Excessive temperature alarm
      When for instance there is a power cut and the freezer temperature rises the following happens:
      Flashing temperature display
      Flashing freezer compartment on the display
      Red illumination of display
      Sounding of a buzzer
      During the above phase, the buzzer can be switched off by pressing the function button on the display panel. The red illumination stays red until normal conditions are restored.

      The fridge automatically defrosts every time the compressor stops. The water is discharged into a tray located at the back where it evaporates.
      The freezer is frost free so there is no need to defrost the appliance. This is a fabulous feature of the fridge freezer. I don't know how long I spent defrosting my old freezer - what a horrible job!

      The manual states that you may hear faint gurgling or bubbling sounds, I must admit that these sounds are far from faint, in fact I consider them to be quite loud. But I would not let this fact put off anyone from buying one of these fridge freezers.

      The manual is very easy to understand. It is split into the following sections:
      Hints and Tips
      Maintenance and Cleaning
      Something Not Working
      Service and Spare Parts
      Customer Care
      Guarantee Conditions

      There is also a section with instructions for the installer giving technical specification, installation, electrical connection and door reversal. It also tells you how to fit the cupboard doors onto the appliance, which were quite difficult to understand but my boyfriend, being good at diy, managed.
      We fitted our own kitchen and the appliances, these instructions were relatively easy to follow, we did come up against a few hiccups due to poor diagrams, though it was set out in easy 1,2,3 step type paragraphs.

      Main Specifications
      Depth in cm: 55 cm
      Energy Consumption per Year in kWh: 335
      Energy Efficiency: A
      Freezer Stars: 4 stars
      Height in cm: 178 cm
      Width in cm: 56 cm
      Net Capacity Freezer in Litres: 78
      Net Capacity Refrigerator in Litres: 162

      We paid quite a lot for this fridge freezer, but by doing so, we had a massive discount off out kitchen. So, it was well worth it. We paid £1000 but I know that you can get it for as little as £560 with Asda online. Sounds like a massive difference so it's well worth a shop around.

      I really like this fridge freezer. The fridge keeps the food really fresh and has enough space to fit everything I need.
      The freezer also keeps food fresh and also has enough space to fit everything.
      I really like the fact that it is frost free and that there is no defrosting to do.
      The manual is very easy to follow and the appliance is very simple to use.
      The only downfall is the noise that it makes, it makes a loud gurgling sound, luckily this does not affect anything and isn't a major problem. The downstairs in our house is open plan and I don't have a door entering the kitchen, we can only hear it if the television is switched off or the volume is extremely low.
      So, all in all, I think this is an excellent product that I would recommend.



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      Short name: Electrolux ENN26800

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