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Fisher & Paykel E522BRXU

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2011 08:17
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      Great fridge Great freezer Great product

      Well lets start with the important stuff. This is a big fridge. But more so in width than Hight. Why I say this, is because when mine was delivered deboxed and put in to the pre made slot suitable for an American style fridge in my fitted kitchen, yes it fit but was a little too short and left an unsightly gap between where the fridge ended and the press above began. So please take that into consideration before you click an buy. Take note of the measurements and be sure to measure first. I solved my problem by getting the cabinet maker guy to just add a simple pice of the matching wood over the gap. So disaster averted, it wasn't the end of the world after all.

      There is very little to say about the proformence of the fridge itself. That's because it performs brilliantly. My favourite thing has to be the fact that in almost three years I have never had to defrost it, not once. In fact that was supposed to happen as it's a frost free fridge. But I've had those in the past, and they where anything but frost free. More like cryogenic chambers with what looked like the the same iceberg that took down the titanic, stuck like glue to the back panel and don't get me started of the freezer.

      But no such nightmares with Fisher & Paykel. This fridge has been a dream to own and clean. There is no visible sign of frost at all as the fridge uses supper chilled air to keep the compartments cold, and yes that goes for the freezer too. The noise the fridge makes when you open either of it's doors takes a little getting use to.
      It makes a suction like sound as it quickly sucks back in the cold air and stops the chill mechanism from pointless trying to chill an open fridge. Instead the fridge gently beeps every ten seconds to tell you that one or both of it's doors are open. I like this feature as it has stopped me more than once from leaving the house and spoiling the food. After 60 seconds have past the fridge will detect that something is wrong and sounds a continuous alarm. It's not over the top, it's the same little beep with no gaps in-between ( like an old fashioned mobile phone alarm, but a very useful feature)

      Something you might find strange is that the chilled water comes out of the door like on most other fridges of it's kind and cost. Yet the ice is dispensed of into a special ice bucket compartment in the freezer this has it's pros and cons.

      Pros - you can fill the entire bucket with ice and it will automatically refill it (there are two sizes of ice bucket medium and large and a sensor detects how full or empty it may be and fills it accordingly. It can also detect if there is no bucket.

      Cons - for some reason everybody is impressed at first with the fridge, but the fact that you still have to open the door and pull out the draw, somehow lessens the impact.

      The fridge is fully plumbable and the filter supplied works well. The LCD panel on the front of the fridge door flashes a symbol to tell you when it needs changing. Mine lasted around 6 months, but with less use of course it will last longer.

      The shelves in the fridge compartment are toughen glass future helping to chill the food. While a sliding drawer in the bottom for fruits and vegetables works very well at keeping everything fresh for longer.

      These same drawers are what makes up the freezer compartment two large deep and wide drawers, with a sliding White tough plastic shelf in-between them both ( this is useful of storing pizzas and other narrow foods)

      One thing I have found frustrating about this fridge is how incredibly easily it scratches. A diamond ring, a fridge magnet, even brushing by in the wrong way can leave a very noticeable (and as far as I'm aware unremovable) scratch. When I contacted the manufacture to inquire about what to use to help buff them out.
      I was told nothing is available and not to use anything on it.but I could buy a new door from them for 400 Euro from them if I like. I declined as I think I would have needed another one every few months. But if you are extra careful it should be fine.

      So in conclusion, I do highly recommend this fridge it is great at what it's supposed to do, has a great energy rating and looks cool and modern. But do be careful of the size and scratch problems that I incurred.


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      Amperage Rating / Short name: Fisher Paykel E522BRXU

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