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      10.02.2012 20:56
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      An integrated fridge and freezer from Flavel.

      I've recently (and somewhat dubiously) done a few reviews on my kitchen appliances that I've now had for over a year. I would say that after a year you should have really got to know your kitchen appliances but for me that could be limited to the dishwasher, the fridge / freezer and the microwave! I'm not really what you'd call ideal housewife material, the oven is still a slightly alien appliance to me and the washing machine manages to baffle me every time (now that will be a long review)! However my fridge / freezer is something that I got to grips with straight away, mainly as I didn't have to learn how to operate it apart from turning it on at the wall!

      When I was purchasing my kitchen appliances there were three main factors (two according to my dad) when deciding what to buy. The first was obviously the price while the second was the size (as my kitchen is quite small) and the third one was what it looked like (my dad argued I should adjust this final factor to something more practical like brand or energy usage but I stuck with aesthetics)! I ended up purchasing a Flavel FC7030 Integrated Fridge Freezer which is basically a separate fridge and a separate freezer integrated into one taller appliance that effectively "integrates" into your kitchen in that it needs to be housed in a cupboard. Flavel wasn't a brand I'd ever heard of before but since then I've learnt that they produce a range of appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and ovens to name but a couple.

      Both the fridge and freezer are encased in a black or white appliance, I opted to have the white exterior but as mine is housed in a cupboard you can't actually see the front of it. The fridge has a 189 litre capacity while the freezer is smaller with a 55 litre capacity. The ratio is apparently 70:30 in the sense that the fridge has the larger space which does seem to be normal with integrated fridge freezers. It weighs 27kg and is approximately six foot in height. The fridge sits on top of the freezer which is ideal for me as this is the one I use the most often and it saves me bending down at all as it's at upper body and head height. They both have separate doors too and are both white on the inside as well. They're very clean looking and hygienic too.

      The fridge has three glass shelves, a silver bottle rack and two plastic drawers at the bottom. The shelves heights can be adjusted, as can the three plastic shelves which are attached to the door. There is plenty of space inside the fridge and if you space the shelves evenly then there's plenty of room to stack food up on top of each other. At Christmas I had enough food for a Christmas dinner for ten (which I wasn't cooking thank goodness... we'd probably only just be recovering if I was!) as well as enough alcohol to fuel a pub for a day and I could have still squeezed in more as well! It also has a dial which you can use to alter the temperature - it ranges from 0 to 6 and I've currently got it halfway between 3 and 4 which seems perfect really for me.

      The freezer has three plastic drawers for storage inside. It's not as spacious as the fridge with two drawers being of average size and the bottom one being quite small. I'd estimate I could fit two loaves of bread in the bottom drawer while I could get about five or six bags of frozen vegetables in the other drawers quite comfortably.

      I find that they're easy to clean in terms of using a damp cloth with a bit of fairy liquid. Obviously the fridge does have glass shelves which can be a bit of a pain if you ever spill anything as it seems to automatically smear all over it! I've had them for over a year now and have only defrosted the freezer once which was a painless procedure despite my dad suggesting that I'd have a flooded kitchen by the end of it! I was all ready with about twenty towels as I was expecting some sort of automatic downpour from the freezer as soon as I turned it off but it was nothing like that. In fact, since doing it back in September, there's hardly any build up on ice there at all.

      The Flavel FC7030 Integrated Fridge Freezer has an energy rating of A which is the most efficient rating you can get in terms of energy friendly, I've seen it advertised at various prices but it usually seems to fall into the £350 to £380 bracket according to the majority of online stockists that I've come across. Judging from other integrated fridge / freezers that I've come across this seems to be at the lower end of the price range so it is a little cheaper than some. I'd thoroughly recommend the Flavel FC7030 Integrated Fridge Freezer as it suits my kitchen, keeps my food in the condition it should be kept in and hasn't caused me any problems... it's normally what I do with the food after removing it from the fridge or freezer that causes the majority of my problems in the kitchen it would seem!

      Thanks for reading!


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      Short name: Flavel FC7030

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