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Fridgemaster MTRF140

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2011 14:34
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      A reliable LITTLE fridge freezer

      ~A Joke~

      When our fridge freezer was first delivered and unwrapped we did nothing but laugh at it, now this may sound like a very strange thing to do, but in all honesty we were replacing one that just decided to stop living unexpectedly and it had been a rather large one. So once all the wrapping had been removed from this MTRF 140 Fridge Freezer it looked like a bit that had fallen off our old one. It is so small I thought it would look better in a child's Wendy house, it honestly looked like a toy. My husband thought it looked ridiculous and that it was no where near big enough for our needs, he said "one carton of milk and a tub of margarine and it will be full" and to be fair I was thinking the same thing.

      The thing is, the way our kitchen is set out is ridiculous, there is nowhere to house a fridge freezer and because of this we needed to get something small so it would fit into the pantry underneath the stairs and because of the sloping roof in the pantry the fridge freezer needed to be small enough to fit comfortably with enough breathing space. The place which used to house our rather large fridge freezer had been taken up by a small chest freezer so that area was no longer available and besides, that isn't in the kitchen anyway because there's no room for it, the chest freezer lives out in the utility room, honestly the set up of our house is awful.

      ~The MTRF140 Fridge Freezer~

      But getting back to the fridge freezer I'm about to review, it is tiny, as it stands about 116 cm high, and is roughly 48 cm wide and is 53 cm deep, now you can see where I'm coming from when we were laughing at the size of it. But the size overall, once put into it's new place was a perfect fit. The front two feet on the fridge freezer are adjustable so taking into account just how uneven our pantry floor is, the adjustable feet have come in very handy. Luckily the doors are reversible as we wouldn't have been able to open the doors had we not been able to change them round.

      The freezer is situated on the top and it's capacity is 29 liters. the actual size of the freezer is 45 cm high, with the fridge height making up the extra 71 cm. It has a toughened plastic shelf in the middle making two separate storage area's. It holds more than I thought it would, but don't get me wrong it doesn't hold major amounts of food. That was my reason for purchasing the chest freezer, so I could just use the little freezer for things like a tub of ice cream and maybe a couple of loaves of bread. It will actually hold more than that, but I don't like to over crowd it, as this can interfere with the appliances performance. The amount of space in which I have to put things inside the freezer is around 35 cm squared.

      The fridge part of the fridge freezer as I already mentioned, stands around 71 cm high, housed at the bottom of the fridge freezer and has a capacity of 89 liters. Inside the fridge area are two toughened transparent plastic shelves one of which sits on top of the salad crisper at the bottom of the fridge which is also made from toughened transparent plastic, the other can be placed within a choice of three different heights. I place this shelf in the middle as the fridge area is so small and if I were to place it lower or indeed higher I would really only have the room of one shelf. It does grieve me that the fridge area in which to store my food is so small, the room I have inside the fridge is about 63 cm by 40 cm and this is not very much room at all. However I can in actual fact fit more than a carton of milk and a tub of margarine in it. There is a wheel situated inside the fridge on the side to enable me to turn up and down the temperature of the fridge. I usually have this set around 4, with 3 being the middle setting, as I like it a bit cooler than normal fridge temperature. On the inside of the fridge door there are three plastic removable shelves, the top one has two plastic egg holders which each hold 6 eggs these sit very comfortably in this little shelf. The second shelf is where I usually store cheese and butter, but we are big cheese eaters and sometimes the shelf looks ready to fall under the weight of the cheese we try and cram in there. Then there's the bottom shelf, a little bigger and that holds the milk and a couple of bottles of sauce.

      ~Longevity, Performance and General care~

      It is difficult to try and make room for things in this fridge and we may have to look into getting a bigger one, but after saying that we have managed well enough for the past 3 years or so in which we have had this fridge freezer, we just haven't been able to buy as much chilled food as we used to at any one time, and besides, with the way I am, it will have to die before I replace it.

      In the three years in which we've had this fridge freezer it has performed well and because it is rated as a grade A this makes this fridge freezer a good energy efficient one. The only thing we have had to do is replace the fuse in the plug a couple of times and change the bulb in the fridge, but not very often. The freezer isn't a frost free freezer and so I have had to defrost it quite a few times, but this is easy enough to do, as is cleaning the fridge freezer inside and out. I usually spray the inside of the fridge with a dettox spray once it's clean and then wipe it round with kitchen towel, this brings the inside of the fridge up a treat and smells really nice too. With it being so small, it doesn't take long at all to get my fridge looking like new. The fridge freezer has never made any untoward noises, just the usual sounds you'd expect to hear coming from an appliance such as this. I feel my fridge freezer is happy in the place in which it lives, as it has plenty of space all around it, to ensure all round it is well ventilated.

      ~Price and Availability~

      We purchased our fridge freezer from Argos, and paid around £180 for it, but I don't believe Argos sell them anymore, but you can still purchase one of these fridge freezers online from the Cooperative electrical for £163.99 and most probably other online stores as well. I think the only color you can get this fridge freezer in is white.

      ~To Conclude~

      Although very small, I have been very happy with this little fridge freezer and feel it would also suit a couple just starting out together or maybe a couple with a baby. As it is, we have used this fridge freezer for the past three years or so and in my household there is my husband and I and my 13 year old son and we have managed perfectly well. Maybe it's a good thing the fridge freezer is small, at least I don't spend so much at the supermarket in order to fill it.

      I'm giving this fridge freezer 4 stars as I have no problem whatsoever with it's performance, I just have to laugh at the size of it.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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      Cooling Type / Short name: Fridge MTRF140

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