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Fridgemaster MTRF179A

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Brand: Fridgemaster / Type: Freezer

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2012 16:11
      Very helpful



      a compact fridge freezer by Fridgemaster

      I currently have this Fridgemaster fridge freezer in my house and I am very pleased with it so far. I have been buying a lot of my household appliances from Argos as of late and this one was a great deal as usual. I don't have the biggest of kitchens which is why this was the ideal choice for me as it is not too tall in height and fits in perfectly into my kitchen. It was a choice between the white or the silver model but I opted for white in the end as all of my kitchen goods are white so it seemed like the right choice to make it fit in.


      This fridge freezer is quite simple in design it is white all over and has a slight handle for the freezer but has no logo anywhere on the front. Its dimensions are (H) 141cm x (W) 50cm x (D) 57.8cm so as you can see not too big but a good size still. The inside of the fridge is spacious as there are shelves on the door and inside are shelves for all fridge goods too. On the freezer area there are three drawers here too so really there is quite a lot of room to store your food.


      The fridge is plugged in to a socket and then ready to use really, one thing that I find great about this fridge freezer is the fact that it really isn't too noisy at all. I can't hear it when it is on which I like as there is nothing worse than a noisy fridge freezer. The capacity of this fridge freezer is 118 litres for food storage and for the freezer it is 61 litres. There is a bottle rack on the inside of the door and the shelves in the fridge are adjustable so you can move them up and down depending on the height of some items.

      The freezer has three drawers all of which have really good depth on them for storing all kinds of boxes and other freezer food. The third drawer down is the deepest being slightly bigger than the others for much bigger frozen goods. The freezer works very well in freezing foods but it is set on a standard temperature so you cannot change the temperature but on the fridge you can adjust it. Having clear drawers is also quite useful so that you can see what is in each of the drawers too.

      I find the capacity of this fridge freezer adequate enough for about two or three people but any bigger and you might be struggling but it all really depends on how much you like to store. The fridge for me is great it stores all of my milk cartons, all food and the shelves hold a lot on the doors as well so it isn't that I struggle to fit everything in. Having drawers in the fridge is good for keeping salads and butter etc can fit on the side where the door is as there is also room for storing eggs here.

      When it comes to defrosting the fridge, this is where this model lets me down as when the water drips it goes under the plastic drawers at the bottom of the fridge and so it creates a pool of water. Luckily I have managed to get hold of some cloths to absorb the water so it isn't really much of a problem now but before I knew it was a big inconvenience. In terms of cleaning this fridge freezer it is really easy as a cloth wipes it clean again and it is easy to get into the shelves and get them sparkling again.

      I really do like this fridge freezer model as it is perfect for me and my family and holds the amount of shopping that our household buys. It is a nice design and a good size as I don't like a really big fridge freezer and it hasn't got any real major problems with it. It works well and keeps quiet and my food has always been kept perfect in this fridge freezer. For what I paid for this model, the quality has been really good and I'd recommend this brand to anyone needing a fridge freezer.


      I don't think Argos are stocking this model anymore but I have looked online and seen this being sold for about £199 which is an ok price for it.

      The official Fridgemaster website is http://www.fridgemaster.co.uk/


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