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FridgeMaster MTRL130

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2011 12:51
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      A damn good fridge

      We've had this Fridgemaster Larder Fridge for about 6 years now (I think!) and for the price we paid I think it's pretty darn good. The reason we chose it was because we only had a narrow space available for a fridge, and there was definitely no space for a tall fridge freezer, so we had to opt for separates and make good use of the space available. So we ended up buying a separate fridge and freezer, both made by Fridgemaster. We weren't particularly aiming for a budget option, but this brand seemed to be the only one at the time who were offering a narrow fridge, and if I remember correctly I think we paid around £80 for each item. But I think prices will definitely have changed since then!

      ***Capacity and Storage***

      Well in the manual it states the gross volume is 130 litres, but that actually means nothing to me, so the outer dimensions of the fridge are 50cm wide and 87cm tall; and inside the total storage space measures at 41 x76cm, with the door storage on top of that. As you can imagine, the space inside the fridge is not that big, and it was fine for us when there was just the two of us, but now we are a family of 4 I often struggle with ramming everything in, especially straight after doing a big grocery shop.

      Inside the fridge are 3 adjustable shelves, so you can place these at any height you like within the fridge, it depends how many tall items you have, I tend to try and have a tall space at the top for jars and bottles, and then keep the lower shelves for packets of meat, yoghurts, margarine etc. At the bottom is a plastic salad drawer with a glass shelf covering the top. This salad draw is rather small and at best I can get a cucumber, packet of carrots and a 3 pack of peppers in there. Anything else and it won't shut. Inside the door are 3 shelves, the bottom one will fit a 4 pint bottle of milk, a carton of fresh orange, and I can sometimes squeeze an Innocent Smoothie in there too. The top two door pockets are usually stuffed with lard, jam jars, ketchup, salad cream, meat paste. Anything that won't fit in the main fridge can usually find a place in the door pockets; although tall items usually have a struggle.


      At the top of the fridge is a very user friendly thermostat control, which is just a simple dial with numbers on. If you want the fridge warmer you simply turn the dial to a lower number, and if you want it colder, you turn it to a higher number. Ours is set at 4 but you can have it between 1 and 7. Apparently if you turn it to 0 this will turn the fridge off, and the only reason I know this is because I have just read the manual.


      The fridge is really easy to clean, and to be honest I don't do as often as I should. All the shelves can be removed easily, as well as the salad drawer so they can all have a good scrub down, and then the interior can just be wiped clean with warm soapy water. Even though I don't clean the fridge very regularly, it seems to stay remarkably clean. The exterior seems to attract grubby fingerprints and I do find that a quick wipe down with a cloth is often insufficient for these marks, and I usually have to use some sort of detergent on here to get the fridge back to the white colour it should be.

      ***Any Issues***

      In the 6 or so years we have had the fridge we have never had any real problems with it, the only time I got angry with it was when my children were babies (and yes this is entirely my fault but I didn't realise it at the time) and I used to prepare boiled water for their bottles on a night and then put them straight in the fridge. And in doing this everyday for 6 months or more (on 2 separate occasions) it resulted in the fridge collecting pools of water underneath the salad drawer, and a small iceberg developing at the back of the fridge. It was only in hindsight when I stopped using bottles for the children, and the problem cleared up, I realised that because I was putting warm things in the fridge, I was causing it to go haywire and do silly things. Thankfully since then no water has ever gathered at the bottom! I don't know why I never realised this when I was doing it, but I suppose I can always blame the baby brain.

      In recent weeks I have noticed that the fridge is starting to deteriorate slightly, and this is just down to the plastic cracking, the fridge is still keeping everything cool and fresh, but the door is starting to crack around the bottom on the inside and the bottom of the fridge has a large crack in it. And I suppose this will only harbour germs!! So we may have to upgrade soon, but I worry that we won't find one as good at such a good price.


      I will recommend this fridge to others because it has served us brilliantly; the only issue is the space. It is actually fine for a family of 4 (with 2 members being under the age of 5!), but it depends how you like to stock pile your food. I don't often do a huge grocery shop anymore (I hate to see vast quantities of money leave my bank account all at once), so just buy what we need on a day to day basis, so usually things go in the fridge, and then vanish again the following day. But if you are the type to buy a lot of fresh things all in one go, then you would struggle with fitting it all into this small fridge, and I would recommend buying larger version. If I had more space, I would definitely get a bigger fridge because it does tend to get awkward at times, and sometimes if I do have a lot of stuff in there, the shelves are 3 deep with items and the things at the back can get forgotten about because you just don't see them!

      I don't actually think this particular fridge is available anymore, but Fridgemaster still produce a variety of fridges and freezers which I would recommend having a look at.


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      Energy Efficiency / Short name: Fridge MTRL130

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