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Fridgemaster MTRR60

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Table top Fridge / Fridge capacity 1.9 cu ft / 1 shelf

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2011 13:56
      Very helpful



      alright for keeping a few basics. don't really trust it with anything expensive.

      i have this fridge in my room at university because it seemed like the best small fridge on the market. I was drawn to the ice box, which is a feature not many fridges seem to offer.

      The ice box doesn't really do much. It will do for making ice cubes, but it isn't big enough for anything else. I once kept some ice cream in there, but it went rather soft. most of the ice seems to be on the outside of the freezer box, and things kept directly below it seem to be colder than things kept actually in it.

      for some reason there is always a problem with dampness in my fridge. i clean it very regularly and am very careful with what i store in there, but it always seems to collect water round the bottom. I can't be sure if this is the fridge or due to the atmosphere in my room, but I've never had a problem with damp like this before.

      the fridge has a thermostat on the back, i have found that unless it is kept turned right to the very coldest setting, the fridge isn't very effective.

      for a small fridge, it is very compact. clever shelving on the door means that I can keep much more than you would think from the outside, as it is a very small device. usually all my bottles and drinks fit comfortably in the door, leaving the whole rest of the fridge for food. It is very handy and a great way of storing food.

      i would recommend this fridge to students going into halls at university because it's so compact and totally invaluable to have in your room, but it does get a bit noisy. It whirrs for about 10 minutes, then is silent for about 10 minutes. as a desktop fridge, this is a bit distracting when trying to work, although i imagine if you turn the setting down this would be less frequent.

      When the fridge was very new it smelt strongly of plastic, and needed a few cleans out before it stopped passing on the smell to my food. Now the fridge seems to take on the smells of whatever I've had in it the day before, which means I need to clean it out every week, but because it is so small, this isn't a huge task, just a bit annoying.


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    Short name: Fridge MTRR60