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Hotpoint RLS175P

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Brand: Hotpoint-Ariston / Refrigerator Type: Refrigerator / Installation: Free-Standing / Light: Yes / Energy Efficiency: A

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2011 14:31
      Very helpful



      You certainly get what you pay for!

      Hotpoint RLS175P

      The RLS175P is a spacious fridge, providing good value for money, quiet operation and a good A rated efficiency score. The RLS175P was a fair investment but I did notice a couple of design faults and felt the overall build quality of the product was a little low considering it was manufactured by Hotpoint.

      In terms of dimensions, the product is (W)60x(H)175x(D)65.5 cm and has a capacity of 348 litres. The height of the product is superb and it is assorted with plastic shelves throughout meaning you can store a large amount of food easily. There are also two salad drawers, an egg rack, a wine bottle holder rack, milk holder and some other racks for storing an assortment of products. Some shelves are also made from glass and are advertised as "safety glass" and feel slightly sturdier than the plastic ones. The product is of a solid white colour and whilst it may appear basic, it is of a clean and humble finish. There is an interior light inside the fridge which comes on when you open the door. The door is quite large and heavy and does need some effort in order to close it. Once closed it makes a slight locking noise which is when you know the door is full closed and not open ajar slightly. The handle is one which sticks out and is not engineered into the panel itself. This serves a purpose, in that the handle is reversible and can be positioned so the door can open both possible ways. There is also a temperature control unit inside the fridge which acts a little bit like a thermostat you would have on a boiler or heater.

      I've had the product for 5 months now and I've not really experienced any major/serious problems in that time it must be said, but certainly a number of smaller ones do exist. Firstly, it should be noted that the quality is a little tacky and weak in my opinion. For a Hotpoint product I would expect a near invulnerable build quality which with the predominantly plastic shelf/rack construction and temperature fluctuations I really don't feel you get. Even with a value for money product, I would expect a fridge to last a good many years but with the RLS175P I fear may not. Only time will tell if the product stands the test of time but given the fact Hotpoint only give you a 1 year guarantee furthermore makes me question the design quality of the product.

      I purchased the Fridge from Comet for the price of £243. This made the product a lower end valued white goods appliance but for the sheer size of the fridge, one I thought was very good. £243 is a fantastic price for the fridge but with the poor build quality and a few design flaws, I'm starting to design it was put together haphazardly. I have saw online, the product going from £300-£330 which is far too much in my opinion, £243 from comet is much more reasonable.

      I did notice a few problems with the RLS175P but none which have completely stopped the fridge from working. As mentioned some of the plastic is of a poor quality and I've found the handle starting to become wobbly and loose. If you accidentally leave the fridge door open there are no warning sounds or lights to tell you that the door is ajar, meaning you could risk everything defrosting if left overnight. The door does need some effort to close, so a feeble swing here and there will not be enough. Certainly if your an older person, I would bear this in mind. The egg rack holder component whilst useful I find is awkward for holding different sized eggs efficiently. Finally and probably most importantly, as the fridge is so tall, temperature fluctuations do occur between the top and bottom of the fridge. I have tested this with two thermometers and the difference was fairly noticeable on a few occasions, I am considering this a major design fault although the fluctuation difference I measured did vary and occasionally was only a few degrees out.

      The Hotpoint RLS175P was a fair investment to me and mainly because of the bargain £243 price tag I paid for at Comet. The fridge is very large, with shelves and racks in both the fridge and inside the door. I can't help but think a single large salad rack at the bottom would have been better than two separate drawers, the build quality was slightly weak, temperature fluctuations existed which I blame for the sheer size of the fridge and the handle is slowly coming looser. Although you may consider these minor faults, and my RLS175P fridge has not totally broken down as of yet and remains in decent operation. The A rating for efficiency was very good in that you could expect to save money longterm and the product in operation was fairly quiet and noiseless. Overall I would give the consumer on a budget a cautious recommendation given the size and price of the fridge but do take into consideration there are a number of small problems in my opinion and ones which I would not expect from a Hotpoint appliance which only offer you a 1 year guarantee. I certainly believe there are more durable higher quality fridges out there but ones which will cost a lot more however. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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