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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2011 21:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good fridge freezer

      When I found myself pregnant and single and needing a place to live I worried so much about the financial side of things. Having to pay for baby equipment as well as starting a home was scary. When I got accepted for a housing association house I was overjoyed, particularly because new builds from our local housing association came with some big appliances already in and installed before moving in day. Mine had a washer dryer and a fridge freezer, two of the biggest appliances needed... Phew! This meant I couldn't choose what fridge freezer I wanted, but after living here and using it for 2 and a half years I'm happy having this Indesit BAAN12.

      ----- Specs -----

      175cm in height, 60cm in depth and 65.5cm in depth
      Auto defrost refrigerator
      180 litre fridge capacity
      90 litre freezer capacity
      Adjustable shelves
      Reversible doors
      Anti bacterial protection
      A+ energy rating

      After a quick Google I've found it available to buy from BHS for £268.

      ----- The fridge -----

      The fridge part of the fridge freezer can be found at the top of the appliance, the handle is integrated into the bottom of the door and is quite easily opened. The door holds three compartments, at the bottom is a bottle rack, this easily fits in most sized bottles, milk, wine, fizzy drinks have all fitted in well for me. Above this compartment is a smaller tray, I personally use this for spreads such as jam. At the top is a closable compartment with an egg rack and space for cheeses. These can all be removed and moved and there is a spare slot just above the bottle holder just in case you wanted to move one to there, but I don't really see the point.

      The main body of the fridge holds three glass shelves and two salad drawers. The shelf directly above the salad drawers can't be moved, but the higher two shelves have two different places in which they can be housed making it easy to store bulkier foods. The light can be found on the ceiling of the fridge near the front in the centre, this lights up the whole fridge nicely unlike when you find fridges with a light to the side.

      The top of the fridge has the thermostat knob, there are three different temperature settings. Mine is currently set on medium and I haven't had any problems. The fridge also has an automatic defrosting function, there is a small hole at the back of the fridge, I'm not really sure how it works but I think it's something to do with the compressor heat making the water evaporate. Even though I don't know how it works in technical terms, I do know that it works well, and I have never had a build up of frost.

      ----- The freezer -----

      The freezer at the bottom of the appliance is quite a bit smaller than the fridge but I have never had any problems in not having enough room. It has three drawers, the middle being the largest, the top being slightly smaller and the bottom being the smallest and only half the length of the other two.

      At the top of each drawer handle there is an integrated ice tray, Indesit likes to call this the Ice3 ice tray. These ice trays are easy to get off the drawers by a gentle pull. To fill them up there is a lid at one side of the tray and once tipped up reveals a maximum water level marker, if more water is inserted ice cubes cant be removed then they are required. Getting the ice cubes out is easy, just give it a knock against a hard surface and they come loose and fall through the lid.

      ----- Ease of cleaning -----

      I find the fridge easy to clean, the automatic defrosting system means I don't have to worry about frost and can just wipe over the inside with a soapy cloth. The removable shelves and door compartments mean I can just take them out and wash in my sink. The toothed bottle holder slots on and off from the door compartment making this easy to wash up aswell.

      The freezer sadly doesn't defrost itself, but after living here for two years has only really just started to gather some frost so I haven't defrosted it yet, but it will need doing soon. I simply just remove the drawers, give the freezer a wipe, then wash each drawer in turn.

      ----- What do I think? -----

      Since I didn't have any option over what fridge freezer I will be using I'm pretty pleased with what I have got. It is a lot bigger than what our house needs, since it is only me and my daughter using it. I think it would comfortably fit enough contents in for a family of 5 or 6. The freezer, although smaller than the fridge, is a good size. It gives me an excuse to freeze leftovers just to utilise the spare drawer we had. The movable shelves make storing food and liquids in the fridge easy, especially when having to lay a particularly big item on it's side and it spilling, this isn't a problem.

      There isn't much noise generated from this fridge freezer, I've become accustomed to the noise it makes so don't really notice it anymore. Noise isn't really an issue for me anyway as the kitchen is usually the hub of my house and its not silent enough to get noticed! It normally sounds like a click on and off occasionally.

      Cleaning is easy of this appliance and although the freezer isn't one of those nice self defrosting ones it doesn't generate enough frost for me to get annoyed about defrosting it all of the time since I haven't done it once in two and a half years.

      The fridge freezer being white means it fits in with the rest of my kitchen appliances, and does keep the area looking fresh and clean. With the handles integrated into the doors and dials being on the inside it does look very sleek.

      I would definitely recommend this fridge freezer, although I don't know if it's good value for money as I'm not down with the kids on prices of a half decent fridge freezer, it ticks all my boxes! I will, without a doubt, give this Indesit BAAN12 a thought when I move out of this house and have to purchase myself a fridge freezer.


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        21.06.2008 22:55
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        a great fridge

        we brought this fridge freezer about 6 months ago from the argos after our old one finaly bit the dust, it cost £290 and is only available on home delivery.

        The doors on this can be fitted either side so you can choose which side you want them to open from, the light in the fridge is on the top of the inside of the fridge which gives a lot more light in the fridge than my old one used to which was on the side, it has 4 glass shelves inside the fridge that three are adjustable so that you can choose where inside the fridge you want them and you have a salad tray at the bottom, there are 3 trays on the door of the fridge for dairy items that are quite small, one has an egg tray and the others are ideal for tins and butter. there is a larger tray on the bottom of the fridge door that is ideal for milk and pop.

        The freezer part has 3 baskets in to store the food which are fully removable for cleaning which is realy easy as it has an auto defrost setting and a defrost spout that makes the job realy easy compared with my old freezer, there are ice trays included that can be clipped onto the baskets.

        The overall height of this is 175 cm, the controlls are at the top which is great for me as it means the girls cant mess and accidentally defrost my freezer. it is a class A+ energy rated.

        The fridge is huge, way big enough for a family like ours its actually size is 180 liters but the freezer is tiny in comparison to our old chest freezer at only 90 liters of storage but a lot of this is taken up by the baskets so it is not big enough for a lot of items, my frozen chicken takes up a whole basket.

        This would be ideal for someone who buys lots of fresh food items but not a lot of frozen items


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        Freezer Volume / Short name: Indesit BAAN12

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