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Indesit BAN134NF

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2011 21:43
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      A great combi fridge freezer

      ==Indesit Frost Free Fridge Freezer BAN12NFS==

      Our old fridge freezer was doing its job well and looked pretty smart as it was an integrated one that was all tucked away in a special cupboard. The only problem we had with it was that the light bulb had blown yet again but luckily I knew we had a spare one from the previous time this had happened. Unfortunately changing the bulb wasn't as straight forward as it should have been with Himself brandishing a screw driver insisting he could do the manly role and telling me to sit back and watch how it should be done. Of course seeing as the mains hadn't been turned off it wasn't too much of a surprise that as soon as Himself stuck the screwdriver into the bulb cover a loud bang and a flash of light propelled him across the kitchen. I was more concerned about my sushi in the (now broken) fridge than the shock on Himself's face! So after getting the fridge unscrewed from the cupboard and testing out a fuse we came to the conclusion that it was in fact properly broken. A swift call to a number in the yellow pages made me realise to get someone out to look at it and then to get the "motherboard" replaced (self diagnosis on the internet) would cost nearly £150 or in other words half the price of a brand new fridge!

      After scrolling through hundreds of different models of new combined fridge freezers it was decided that we would forget about getting another integrated one as these were smaller and more expensive than most (plus if we do move house like we plan we wouldn't have to leave it behind!). Once we realised that we wanted a free standing one which had a good sized fridge and a good sized freezer which was also frost free we really were not left with too man too choose from.

      Indesit as a company seemed to be far more appealing than any others especially as we already have a dishwasher by them and it has always done us really well. The fact that they also offer free delivery, free instillation and free removal of your old appliance seemed like another factor which was pushing us more to buying a fridge freezer from them. Indesit also offer extended parts warranty for no extra costs which again is another plus point for the company.

      ==Price and availability==

      I came across this BAN12NFS model and really liked the look of it as it ticked all the right boxes for us. Then came the mission of trying to work out where to buy it from at the best price and getting the best deal. Argos were selling it online only but they wanted around £60 more than all the other companies I had seen. Tesco were another retailer who stocked this particular one and the lure of the Club Card points was tempting but after looking on the Curry's website and seeing that you could enter an online code to get an extra £15 made them the best price and all the previous dealings I have had with them have been good

      The total cost of the fridge freezer was £350 which for a freezer of this size, frost free, in a silver colour and including delivery and removal of the old appliance seemed like a really good deal. Of course there are a lot of other fridge freezers that are far cheaper than this but £350 is a good price for this particular make and model. The fact that it is so readily available from a variety of stores means it does take a while to work out the best deal and of course prices change all the time so I would always recommend looking into the prices of different stores.


      This fridge freezer combi offers a whole load of different features that my old appliance didn't have and in general is a far better item. I will list below all the specifications of the machine and then go into more detail about them in the following subcategories.
      Total Frost Free (no defrosting the freezer!)
      Built in antibacterial protection
      Reversible door opening
      Dairy compartment
      Hygiene control
      Integrated ice trays
      2 safety glass shelves
      Energy efficient rating A
      size = 65.5cm depth x 60cm width x 187 cm height
      3 fridge shelves
      4 freezer drawers
      173 net litres of fresh storage
      83 net litres of frozen storage

      ==General look and Sound==

      When the fridge arrived 3 days after I had ordered it, I was really pleased with how it looked especially the silver colourings of it which really seemed to glisten in the light. It looked like a modern machine which was totally fit for purpose. The unit as a whole wasn't overly large considering how we have added a whole new item into our kitchen. I really like the bottom ledge of the freezer which you see when you open the door and means the door of the freezer doesn't go all the way down to the floor. This of course needs extra cleaning but makes it look a little more expensive and perhaps more designer than most.

      All the controls to the fridge and the freezer are located inside the door to the fridge and the freezer dial is easy to set as it is in the frame of the fridge at a 12 O clock position. The dials to the fridge are harder to control as they are hidden on the back panel right inside the fridge which I feel would have been far better positioned on one of the side of the fridge but then again we probably won't need to change the settings too much compared with out temperamental old fridge.

      The fridge itself looks pretty slick with the toughened glass shelves with white plastic trim. The shelves are easy to move up and down depending on how much of a gap you require in between shelves. The three clear plastic bottle and dairy holders in the door have a slight blue tinge to them and perhaps not the toughest looking plastic does still look pretty nice. The same type of plastic makes up the two salad drawers these look clean and tidy in position although they don't fit in place tight they are good for the job and hold a fair bit of veg.

      The freezer section of the appliance again looks clean, fresh and modern on opening the door. The four freezer draws are made of plastic which I found strange as all the models I have had before have had wire baskets and have been very sturdy. These plastic draws although they look good the draws don't give the impression of a "built to last" item.

      Before buying the fridge freezer I was concerned about the various reviews I read on the noise of the appliance. However since having the item I have not had any problem with excessive noise. Okay so I can hear it occasionally click on and off and probably more so than our last appliance but I mainly put this down to the fact that this one is not an integrated one and that it is also frost free and this will probably create more noise than non-frost free ones. The noise that I do hear really doesn't ever bother me though and it is not something that can be heard from other rooms.

      ==General use of the Product==

      So having had this fridge freezer a good few months now, I have been pretty happy with it al said. I was able to fill it with way too much food over Christmas (most of which has now gone - to my thighs!!!). The flimsy salad drawers were filled with big potatoes and seemed to be able to withstand this weight although I really don't like the way these draws are pulled out of position as the movement is not a flowing pull and the drawers seem quite free under the salad shelf.

      The shelves of the frisge are brilliant and so much better than my runged shelves of the last fridge. The glass is easy to wipe clean and any spills don't leak through to shelves underneath(I learnt after a double cream incident). The sections in the doors are of a good size and have held a rather large amount of drink (4 pint bottle of milk, 2 litres of cola and a wine bottle) and still stayed in place with no signs of bowing under the weight.

      I have found that the fridge is really just of the right height for me and I wouldn't have liked it any higher as I wouldn't have been able to reach the back of the top shelf. As it stands, beings 5 foot 4 inches I can perfectly reach the back of the top shelf without having to get my little foot stool out. I also have been putting a few things on top of the fridge ( biscuit tins etc.) but to get the I either have to stand on tip toes and hop about or just use my little foot stool. However this does make a nice extra storage place to keep the biscuits out of each reach.

      The fridge is set at the middle number on the control settings and this keeps everything really nice and cold and the fridge on the whole does seem to keep my vegetables fresher for longer when comparing it to my old fridge.

      The only downside I can see with the fridge section of the product is the light in there. This is described as an echo friendly light which uses less energy to light up and should not need replacing as much (good news for Himself!). This does seem like a good idea but the fact that the bulb is so dim that the light in the kitchen really needs to be on every time we open the fridge to be able to get a good look at everything. Before I used to be able to walk to the fridge in the middle of the night and be blinded on opening the fridge door. This of course is not a real big problem and perhaps I was spoilt with light from my last machine but if I had to find a couple of faults with the fridge I think the salad draws and the dim light would be all I could come up with.

      The freezer part of the product is brilliant and I can't find any real fault with it at all. The space that is available in the freezer drawers is really good. The bottom draw is lovely and deep and perfect for the chips and the ice cream! The fact that two of the four drawers have integrated ice cube compartment is a little bonus even though the ice cubes are super tiny and I have a fetish for massive ice cubes which take all night to melt. They are however good to have as a back up in case I run out of my special ice cubes. It does in fact just make use of the space in the handle of every drawer.

      Each draw is a really good depth and you can even over fill them a bit as there is a good space between the bottom of one draw and the top of another. Although at first I thought the plastic drawers were a little bit flimsy in appearance and feel, they have been crammed full of food and have done really well plus I have gotten used to the feel of them rather than the old wire baskets.

      The freezer setting is set to the recommended economic setting which is said to run at a lower cost. This is still freezing all the items to the required level and I still have to ping my tub of Ben and Jerry's for a few seconds in the microwave upon taking it out of the appliance.

      ==Overall Opinion on this Product==

      It has to be said that I am really rather pleased with this new fridge freezer and so are other people who see it. My mum is in the market for a new one and she is seriously considering buying this one as it does represent good value for money. However I personally do not feel she needs one so big as she is on her own and the size of this product is far more fitting to a small family.

      I find that the unit itself does not seem to take up too much space in the kitchen but inside seems far bigger than my last one and can fit a nice amount of both fresh and frozen food in comfortably. The whole thing is easy to clean although the outside seems to pick up a fair bit of mucky finger prints (Himself's no doubt) but looks lovely and sparkly after a good wipe down.

      The noise of the unit is noticeable but not so much that it would really cause any real disturbance unless you were sleeping next to it I suppose! And the temperature of both the fridge and the freezer is kept regular and cold enough for everything that needs storing.

      All in all I am happy to recommended this fridge freezer, I am so glad that I don't ever have to defrost the freezer as to be honest I was never really any good with doing that! (Me, hair dryer and wooden spoon!) There is not really any major defaults that I can find in the design of the product and I hope that it will last many years to come.

      I think a score of 4 out of 5 is in order for this Indesit BAN134NFS and a high recommendation.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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