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Indesit INC325AI

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Brand: Indesit / Refrigerator Type: Bottom Freezer / Installation: Built-in / Total Volume: 260 Liter / Fresh Food Volume: 150 Liter / Freezer Volume: 110 Liter / Total Number of Shelves: 3 / Number Of Motors: 1 Motor / Freezer Star Rating: 4 Stars

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2010 11:27
      Very helpful



      Warranty heaven

      Old fridges are like dead bodies, heavy and cumbersome and you can't get rid of them with without raising suspicion. It really is like the stiff in the trunk. They hang around like grave stones in your back gardens (or front for council tenants) and cost way too much to scrap, let alone the cost of the damaging CFC gases in the back bit. We have two in our back garden right now acting as open plan tool sheds and no sign they will biodegrade any day soon. Even the tinkers that come around looking for scrap won't go near them. Like any white goods these days they are just not designed to last, warranties and price fixing the name of the game and profit margin for the big electrical chains. Most things that go wrong with fridges are fixable and it's usually the thermostat that goes first. It's best not to go around the back of the fridge unless you know what you're doing as some of the coolants in the tubes can be acidic.

      A normal half - fridge will cost you £130 and upwards and the full fridge double that and some more. You then have to add on your delivery charge and that warranty and that's the real earner for the Comets and Ikea's of the world. Comet charge £25 locally and £30 nationally and in work hours only. They charge another tenner for installation...presumably plugging it in. Few customers have the wheels to get one home and slick sales people can talk many around to buying a fifty pound warranty they don't need. The idea they will deliver at the time best for you is nonsense.

      The look of this Indesit is the English conventional white plastic rather than the metallic American cooler box thing. It stands a good seven foot tall and made from all manner of plastics. The back bit is reasonably protected from being whacked on the way into your house.

      I'm not sure how electricity creates refrigeration but modern fridge/freezers sector the cold distribution from top to bottom. Some refrigerators are now divided into four zones to store different types of food:
      * −18 °C (−0 °F) (freezer)
      * 0 °C (32 °F) (meats)
      * 5 °C (41 °F) (refrigerator)
      * 10 °C (50 °F) (vegetables)
      So, after battling to get the old fridge/freezer out of the kitchen we got this one in, an equal challenge. An old and new fridge in the same place in a kitchen is like putting two heavyweight boxers nose to nose in the weigh in - they aint moving!
      So once in place you need to run it on empty to clear out any fumes from the factory finish and then start filling her up. I would turn the knob in the fridge to a high number to get it nicely chilled in the fridge area. The freezer below has less useable knob with lots of lights on it as it's more of a manual override switch for when you defrost so I would leave that be and just switch it off at the wall. Any switch that needs a screwdriver of knife tip to turn off is trying to tell you something.

      Technical Details
      * Energy Rating: A Rated
      * Fridge Capacity (Gross): 284 Litres
      * Fridge Capacity (Net): 275 Litres
      * Auto Defrost Refrigerator: Yes
      * Number of fridge shelves: 2
      Number of draws in freezer: 5

      The fridge has performed well although it does whine and wheeze a little when the door isn't shut 100% true. Ours doesn't shut true because the kitchen floor isn't 100% level and so the door frame just leans out a little and so the vacuum fringe that seals the door having to work hard to stay stuck together. Make sure you place the thing on the flat! If you don't, the door, which has two shelves on for bottles and cartons etc, will swing in or out, as the case maybe. It's an issue.

      This has plastic draws in the freezer that will fall out full of frozen food on your toes if you're not careful, no real mechanism on the plastic mould to stop that. The draws are quite deep and so you can get good volume in to them though. The above central fridge shelves are glass and not those plastic grills although there's no chance of those falling out but there's every chance of you cracking them, as I did with a heavy pottery bowl full of cooked pasta that I placed on the shelf a tad too hard. Although it's a simple piece of glass to replace it's not simply priced, their website charging £15 for it! As fridges aren't standard sized and you really don't want a glass shelf posted out to you I'm afraid that unless you're a professional glazier there's little chance of a replacement. I currently have a bread board balanced in there. As with any white goods the spare parts area rip off.

      So far it hasn't broken down or defrosted when I didn't ask it to and apart from the busted shelf I can recommend it. I do fully expect it to break soon and the fact the guarantee has run out and I have no warranty means an old fridge will once again be wrestled out of the kitchen and another one marched in. Looks like I need to get some more plant pots to put in me new shed to be.


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    • Product Details

      Controls / Display / The Indesit INC325 is an integrated fridge freezer unit with an A energy efficiency rating / The fridges doors are reversible meaning you can fit them to open either left or right depending on what is convenient for your kitchen layout / Short name: Indesit INC325

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