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    2 Reviews
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      27.09.2012 00:01



      Hi I have inherited one of these fridges when I purchased my caravan. There it was in the awningTrouble is it seems to think it is a freezer, I have even looked closely at the label to check it is really is a fridge. It keeps freezing up everything that's placed inside. I have checked with a spirit level to make sureits nice and level. Turned it down to 1. Even tried it on 5. But nothing makes it stop freezing.Does anyone have a manual or the know-how of what is wrong with it please?Thanks for taking the time to read.


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      26.10.2010 15:23
      Very helpful


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      A handy tiny fridge

      ==LEC R5026 Fridge==

      After having purchased a new mattress and ordering a new sofa I was pretty much spent up. This then set of a chain of events where everything else seemed to break. The main thing being our fridge freezer which because it is integrated is more hassle than you would think.

      So after having checked everything that could be wrong with our broken fridge freezer wasn't fixable, we had to try and find something to move all our cold items in the fridge into. This is where Himself comes in handy (I won't mention that it was his light bulb changing skills that broke the fridge freezer in the first place) so I sent him out in search of a temporary replacement,

      Luckily enough he was able to pick up a little fridge from the staff accommodation where he works. The funny thing was that it was the old fridge that we had when we lived there around 4 years ago! So after plugging it in it worked a treat and we were able to put a small amount of what came out of our broken one into it. (The frozen items went to Mums in her box freezer in the garage!)

      The LEC R5026 is a small fridge but it does have a small box freezer compartment that has a tiny 10 litre capacity. The fridge capacity is 76 litres which again is very small. For us as a three person family this is really inadequate for our needs but seeing as we were desperate, anything is better than nothing.

      When we firs had this fridge many years ago it did us all right. There was only Himself and me using it then and it mostly held beers and cokes and did us just fine. There is a good area in the door which will hold a 2 pint milk bottle but nothing larger than that. There was a salad drawer in the bottom part of the fridge but this has long since broken as it was made from a transparent plastic and not overly strong.

      There are two toughened glass shelves in the fridge which are both strong and easy to clean although not especially large. The whole fridge is 83.8 cm in height, 48 cm in width and 56 cm in depth. When we had it in the old flat we lived in, it was stood on a raised plinth type of thing but now we just have it free-standing in in the kitchen.

      The fridge does seem to get really cold really easily and for that reason we have had it on the lowest setting but it still seems to make things a lot colder than our just broken fridge did. This is not a bad thing and I guess would have been better in the summer!

      The door in the freezer compartment has broken off and I seem to remember this being because the frozen compartment became too iced over and the door literally popped off. The freezer box is so small that really the only thing that would comfortably fit in their would be a packet of bacon and some ice cubes!

      The fridhe is of a white colour and I am not sure if you could buy it in silver but the white makes it look clean and fresh and considering how old it is, I was able to give it a brilliant clean when Himself bought it back and it more or less looks as good as new from the outside.

      The door of the fridge opens left to right and it is possible that if you wanted it to open the other way, that it can be changed. The interior light must be brilliant because I can never remember changing it when we had it years ago and unless someone else has done it (which I very much doubt) then it is still going strong. Of course this gives good enough illumination to light the whole fridge (it doesn't take much) whilst not getting hot!

      I was quite surprised when I had a closer look at it and found out that it is an A graded energy efficient appliance. This is more or less standard nowadays but considering it is a good few years old now I would have thought it to be a worse grade than this. Not only that but it is also CFC and HFC free which can only be another good aspect of this fridge.

      All in all I have to say that it has been somewhat of a little life saver to us. It is a well made long lasting appliance (which most don't seem to be nowadays) and although it is small and really not what we need, it was perfect for when there was just two of us. The only downsides are of course the brown salad draw and the broken ice box door. These parts I expect can be replaced but at a fairly high cost.

      I think it has to be a fair score here and a 4 out of 5 star rating and a recommendation but only for a single or couple houshold. Thank god my new fridge freezer has this minute arrived! Can't believe I have got to now wait 4 hours for it to settle!!!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      Defrost / Short name: Lec R5026

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