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Liebherr KSB 3640 Premium Biofresh

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2011 12:45
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      Well, in my old kitchen we had a pretty good fridge - it did everything a fridge should do, but it was nothing special. So when we rebuilt our kitchen we decided to opt for this one. And I love it! I'm not ashamed to say I actually got excited when I first opened it (I could possibly be the only teenager to ever get excited about a fridge but I genuinely did.)

      I'm not sure what this fridge is like standalone, but we have it integrated into the cupboards. For those of you who are also going to do this I can say that it opens smoothly and also if you have children who may forget to close it properly it is quite heavy - not too heavy for them to open but it does close itself. Of course you shouldn't leave it to close itself all the time but the occasional mistake and it will be fine.

      The inside of the fridge is huge and very spacious, with 2 medium sized draws and one large draw perfect for keeping fruits and meats seperate. The draws come out very easily and are very smooth. You can also adjust the humidity in the bottom two draws depending on what you've put in it to make sure your food stays fresher for longer. The side has an egg tray, 4 shelves and a hatch for dairy products which is perfect because now we can have a shelf for juices and milk, a shelf for sauces etc and two shelves for anything else. The actual main part of the fridge has 6 shelves and at the bottom indents where you can lay bottles to keep them cool which is very handy! You can also adjust the placement of these shelves to fit whatever you decide to place on them or take some out. All of the shelves etc. are very easy to remove and put back for cleaning.

      There is a very useful display at the top of the fridge which shows you the temperature, and you can easily adjust this temperature at the touch of the button. Another great feature is the super-cooling function which allows you to leave the fridge to cool its temperature to 4 degrees centigrade, which although some people may not use, it is perfect for when you've just loaded your fridge after a shopping trip and the temperature may have rised. Of course this does use up more energy but after it's done the fridge reverts back to energy efficient and is grade B. Also, when you keep the fridge door open for too long it starts to beep when its temperature is becoming unstable so you know to close it. This is also handy that on the off chance it didn't close properly you would know.

      The fridge keeps your food perfectly cool and the biofresh compartments are particularly good and keeping your fruit and vegetables in tip top shape for as long as possible. Whereas with our old fridge fruits would deteriorate almost as quickly inside the fridge as outside, I have found that the fruit I've put in this one is lasting a lot longer - weeks, months even.

      Overall I think this is an excellent fridge - it has a lot of features which make sure your food is kept optimal, and is also very large (but not american style) and pretty swish! Being a Liebherr which is a notoriously reliable brand of fridge, I'm sure it will also last a long time and so far is doing very well!


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      Short name: Liebherr KSB 3640

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