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    1 Review
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      14.08.2002 06:22
      Very helpful



      I love my fridge. It's clean and shiny and well stocked with yummy healthy food and a few bottles of beer. It sits proudly in the corner of my kitchen. This all might sound a bit obsessive, after all, it is just a fridge. But it's my fridge (well, mine and my husbands anyway). I lived in rented accommodation for a while, and always used the fridge provided. Then, when I bought my first flat, I was short on furniture and the like and was lucky enough to get the vendors to throw in the fridge-freezer. It wasn't bad, but it was already a bit on the worn and tatty side. Then, when we moved house recently, we realised our new kitchen did not have space for a fridge-freezer and we would need to buy new, separate ones. So for the first time I got my own fridge. I knew what I wanted. I wanted something that would have as good an energy rating as possible, would have plenty of space for all those lovely veggies I like to eat, that would be easy to clean, would display the temperature and would be reliable. Enter the Miele K 2214 S. It's energy rating is A, which is as good as you can get. This means it will use near the minimum necessary electricity - thus saving you money and being good for the environment. It's a fairly standard size fridge and will probably fit in the majority of standard fridge-sized spaces. It is not slimline. When it arrived, getting it out of it's packaging was fairly awkward - it's a big old thing, you know - but no more than you would expect for an item of its size. Turning it on for the first time is easy. They recommend you clean inside with lukewarm water first. (I'm not sure why lukewarm, perhaps they don't want to be sued by people who've scalded themselves!). Then you simply plug it in and turn you on. But please read the instructions first as recommended - I don't want you to break it or injure yourself and claim against m
      e ;) It seems amazingly spacious inside (at least until I fill it with beer). There are two separate vegetable containers at the bottom - great for separating and storing my veggies. The shelves are glass-like (but I suspect plastic - no, definitely glass!) and therefore much easier to clean than the wire shelves in my old fridge. The shelves are adjustable so you can arrange them in a variety of different ways to suit. One of the shelves folds in half lengthways - very handy for getting those taller items in. There is also oodles of storage space inside the door. As a vegan the egg holder wasn't got used to me, but it's removable, so no probs. There is a separate "dairy" section at the top - very handy. The shelves inside the door are also adjustable, so there is plenty of room to get that all important wine bottle in. There is an easily accessible temperature controller, along with a thermometer that displays the temperature digitally. Brilliant for making sure your food is just cold enough. Apparently, it can only display temperatures between 0 and 9 degrees C, but if your fridge isn't running within those temperatures you should worry! The Miele also comes with a "super cool" function to rapidly reduce the temperature to approx 2 degrees C. The fridge is white and simple, it looks clean and modern and should blend in well to most kitchens. You can adjust the door to open either way. We were happy with the side it opened when it arrived, so I can't comment on how easy it is to swap it over. It's all detailed very thoroughly in the instructions. Thhis fridge does not have a freezer compartment. We have plenty of freezing space with our freezer, and so opted to have more room in our fridge. As for reliability - Miele is known as a good reliable name with commercial users, so I hope it's reputation will prove true with my fridge. So far, s
      o good. The store I purchased it from did offer extended warranty, which personally I think is an expensive price to pay for not much more peace of mind. The Miele K 2214 S is quite well priced for a fridge of its quality. I paid approximately £250. Finally, you can always have a giggle at the instructions. Apparently you should never store explosive materials in your fridge. More worryingly, "If storing alcohol with a high percentage proof, make sure it is tightly closed and stored upright. Danger of explosion." I'm off to check all the lids are properly tightened on the bottles in the fridge. And to find a tempting midnight snack from my Miele...


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