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Ningbo Mini Fridge

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Ningbo Mini Fridge / Type: Mini Fridges

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2009 13:41
      Very helpful



      A novely, mini frodge, erfect for cars, bedrooms etc

      Unlike many of the other reviews I didn't buy this fridge to put my everyday groceries in; I bought it so instead of having to get up off my lazy bum and go all the way downstairs for a lovely refreshing can of coke or a much desired chocolate bar whilst studying, I could simply lean across the room and grab myself one; or to take into the garden on a hot day to keep the drinks cool.

      The fridge can hold up to six regular cans of soft drinks and has a removable shelf to allow you to put other things in like chocolate (may I also add it's a rather convenient hiding place for your chocolate from your younger siblings or anyone else in the house or office that fancies it- which in our house must be the cat because everyone else solemnly denies it!)

      It has an on/off switch and takes about half an hour to reach its constant temperature. It also has a switch on the back to determine hot or cold- with it cooling to about 20 degrees lower than room temperature and heating up to about 50 degrees centigrade as an average temperature although can reach up to temperatures of 65 degrees meaning it works nicely to keep my coffee nice and warm in the winter and my diet coke nice and cold in the summer. :)

      Its portability is a blessing as you can take it almost anywhere, the garden for a BBQ, in the car on long journeys, or simply just keep it in your room, although a disadvantage is that it has to be plugged in somewhere, it can't run off batteries and you can't charge it to take out for the day.

      Rather than the suction technique used by most everyday refrigerators, the mini fridge uses a small handle which you twist to lock and twist again to open which means for you environmentally friendly people out there it's not as energy efficient as it could be.
      But as fridges go, this portable, practical, accommodating mini fridge is almost perfect for us lazy people who find it almost outrageous that we have to walk to the fridge every time we want a drink or a snack!


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      / Colour Combination: White / Blue / Capacity: 4L / Hot / cold, on / off switch