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    1 Review
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      28.09.2012 12:51
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      A nice fridge

      Last March our 10 year old plus fridge freezer finally gave in the ghost and we decided to split the fridge and freezer so bought a Proline 200W fridge which has increased capacity for your non-frozen items compared with the upper part of a fridge freezer. The fridge comes in white and silver but we bought the white version, it is approximately 6 foot in height and has one large door which opens onto 5 shelves, a series of small shelves inset on the door and a pair of small tubs at the bottom for veg or fruit. Caution though the door is easily opened by my two year old as he can grab the folded plastic seal and tug until it opens, not a huge problem but one worth considering if you have children who like to look for their own yoghurts.

      The fridge works by having a cold back which condenses all the water in the fridge, the water droplets are sent to the bottom of the fridge where they are stored but this isn't a regular occurrence as opening the door vents the fridge. Even a 10 day stay in the States had no change in the way the fridge works. This fridge has so far been a big improvement on the standard fridge freezer and the capacity is so much higher allowing us to store more food in the fridge and therefore visit the shop a little less often. The fridge comfortably holds 5 2L bottles of milk, 3 bottles of coke and a big weekly shop without too many problems.

      The door compartment of the fridge has a large holder at the bottom for milk, and a series of holder with intervals in for storing jars, eggs, you get the idea. We managed to change the door from opening on the right hand side to the left, this wasn't too difficult and the seal on the door hasn't had any problems despite being moved from the manufacturer's version. This fridge cost about £200 which seems like a lot just for a fridge but has allowed us to live easier from the fridge and ultimately we throw slightly less food away through spoilage because the food isn't crammed in and damaged or overlooked due to the fridge being overstocked. Most importantly we can squeeze a few more of the more luxury items in the fridge such as white wine, beer or puddings - what more does a fridge need to do?

      The fridge is a quiet runner and has only a low hum rather than the old fridge freezer which sounded like a wheezing 70's car and the first few times we had it on I thought it was broken such was the quietness. It fit very easily into the space under the stairs and isn't quite as wide as the old fridge freezer making it more slim line tall, than fat and cumbersome. The top is strong enough to hold the microwave and serials and the manufacturers do suggest leaving a 6 inch gap between the fridge and any external walls to aid ventilation.


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    • Product Details

      Proline PF200W 7 cu / Ft gross capacity fridge with ice box / Features grade A energy efficiency rating and automatic defrost function / reducing build up of frost and water pools / Short name: Proline PF200W

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