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Proline PLC185FF

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Brand: Proline / Type: Fridge Freezer

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2013 22:20
      Very helpful



      A good, compact fridge for those on a budget

      **Please note that this review is for the Proline 185ffw in white. This appears to be the same as this model but with a slightly smaller capacity. Dooyoo have requested that I post the review here.**

      I bought my flat last summer and moved in one hot late August morning. I had thought I could take some time with buying appliances and just buy food as I needed until I bought a fridge. However the next morning when I found the small bottle of milk gone off and my leftover salad limp and lifeless I decided getting a fridge sooner rather than later would be better. I headed off to my local Comet store for a browse and soon realised my choice would be severely restricted by the size of my small kitchen and getting the fridge into the flat via a very small door. I wanted to get a combined fridge freezer to save on space in my already tiny kitchen. None of the big brands were suitable as they were all too large and I was left with a choice of 2 from Comets own brand Proline range.

      I must admit I was more than a little wary of opting for this as I'd not heard of this brand so I decided to sleep on it. I also took a look at what other retailers were offering but nothing was really suitable as they were all too big. I mentioned my dilemma to a couple of work colleagues who reassured me that they had tried the Proline range with no problems at all - in fact one had a fridge that was still going strong 6 years later! Feeling a little more confident I headed back to Comet to place an order on a frost free fridge/freezer unit, which was delivered a couple of days later. I also took up the offer of a 5 year extended warranty for extra peace of mind. The fridge-freezer was reasonably priced at £229.

      The unit is a combined fridge freezer, with the freezer unit at the bottom. The fridge compartment is slightly bigger than the freezer. The unit measures 491 x 567 x 1521 mm and a 167 litre capacity, which is significantly smaller than many of the combined fridge freezers on the market and is an ideal size for my kitchen where every inch of floor space is at a premium. The height of the unit is perfect for me as someone who is let's say "vertically challenged" as I am 5 ft 2 inches tall and the highest shelf in the fridge is at eye level for me. The outside of the fridge is white and the handles are integrated into the door design. The doors on the unit can only open from right to left and cannot be reversed. This was not a problem for the layout of my kitchen but may be worth considering for others. The unit comes with an A+ energy rating and uses an estimated 256 kwh/year.

      The fridge compartment comes with three shelves that are made of safety glass and a crisper unit which sits at the bottom of the compartment. The shelves can be adjusted to various height easily as there are runners along the inside of the fridge that let you change the level of each shelf. I tend to keep the top and bottom shelves quite big so that they can accommodate large items like a milk or juice carton without having to lie them down and therefore preventing messy leakages. The crisper is generously sized with enough room for a bag of carrots, peppers, apple, a packet of tomatoes, some nectarines and a cucumber with some room to spare!

      On the door there are also 3 compartments - an egg tray, a can rack and a bottle holder. I use the can rack to hold bottles of jam and sauces and do use the egg tray but keep the eggs in their box as I think I am more likely to knock an individual egg compared to a whole box! At the back of the fridge compartment there is a temperature dial with a range of 1-7 with 7 being the coldest. I tend to keep mine set at 3, increasing this to 4 or 5 on warmer days. I think the fridge compartment is generously sized and can hold enough food for one or two people for a week with ease.

      The freezer is located at the bottom of the unit and comes with 3 drawers for storing food. Two drawers are of the same size whilst the third drawer is deeper - about twice the size of the first two. It also comes with an ice making tray. The drawers are of a decent size and can accommodate several small packets of meat and vegetables. I do struggle with pizza boxes though as they tend to be a little bit too big to fit in flat and I have to get them in at a strange angle which wastes space and also means that I can't buy more than one box at a time, which is rather annoying when I see them on special offer!

      The freezer compartment is a little too small for my liking as I can't store as much as I like. Living by myself it can be hard cooking for one and I often end up with too much food. Rather than eat the same meal over the course of a week I have started to freeze portions which make quick and easy meals after a busy day at work. I am now finding that my freezer quickly fills up with small dishes and a slightly bigger compartment would be better (but then probably wouldn't fit in my flat!). Any food that is placed in the freezer freezes quickly within a few hours.

      I have found that the freezer door can be a bit hard to close. It's not just a case of swinging it shut - sometimes the door does not seal properly which then causes ice deposits to form in the freezer. Some freezers, like the one at my parents, set off an alarm if the freezer door is open for too long but there is no such feature here.

      The doors of the unit can be cleaned easily with some warm soapy water. The inside shelves are also easy to clean as they can be removed easily and washed down with soapy water in the sink.
      When in operation the unit can at times be a little noisy. From time to time it can make odd gurgling noises which I initially found quite alarming but after reading the manual I was reassured that this is normal and is just the circulation of the refrigerant in the cooling system. Most of the time though, it is very quiet which is great.

      I have been using the Proline fridge for just over a year now and I must admit that it has exceeded my expectations. It has a good storage capacity for one or two people living together and I would have no hesitations in recommending this.


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    • Product Details

      Proline 6.18 cu / Ft gross capacity frost free fridge freezer in a stylish silver finish / with a 2.06 cu / Ft gross fridge capacity and 4.12 cu / Ft gross freezer capacity and 42dB noise level / Short name: Proline PLC185FF

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