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      28.03.2012 16:38
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      A great small fridge which holds a lot more than you might think.

      PROLINE PMF70A Fridge

      I bought this fridge from Comet a few months ago for £110 and it is currently available for £99.99 and is available for free home delivery or in-store collection. I decided to pick this up myself from the store and fortunately the friendly salesperson offered to carry it to my car for me. Knowing that I was parked a good hundred yards away I willingly accepted. It is certainly not the lightest thing to carry at 19kg and I would recommend you think this through before opting to pick it up yourself. You may not get the same helpful service I got in store and I seriously doubt I will get the same offer the next time I go in! As well as this, home delivery will also carry it to your kitchen for you.

      We already own a slightly bigger fridge in my kitchen which I dub the 'Main Fridge' but I decided I needed to buy a reserve fridge for when the main fridge got too full. There are three of us in our house and we all buy different food and various big bottles of drink which we all refuse to have under anything other than a constant chill. As a result, at times it can get quite tight in the fridge and I often find myself donning my excavation gear to try and find my last remaining yoghurt at the back of the shelf. To solve this problem it seemed necessary to buy another fridge and at little over £100 I thought that this would fit the bill perfectly.

      === Design ===

      Getting it out of the box was straightforward enough. There were a brief set of instructions and various strips of tape holding it all together. It was very well protected by large pieces of polystyrene and was undamaged despite my clumsy carriage through the front door.

      The Proline is completely white and measures 63.2x47x45cm (H/W/D) so fits easily in the corner of our kitchen. Space was already tight in our kitchen so we needed something that would not take up too much room. It would also fit easily under a kitchen counter and being white will blend in with many people's kitchen appliances. It does not have a separate handle on the door but instead has a grooved slot at the top of the door to allow you to open it. This is perfect for us because the last thing we needed was a handle sticking out and getting in the way. It looks very smart and I cannot fault this fridge for its appearance. It is well made and quite solid so looks like it will stand the test of time.

      There are 4 adjustable feet on the bottom of the fridge so you can adjust it to fit neatly on wonky flooring if necessary. I find that the fridge stays in place very firmly and does not wobble in the slightest. The cable length is also quite generous at a little over a metre in length and we did not have any trouble finding a spare plug socket in reach.

      The fridge also features a reversible door but thankfully it was already attached the way we wanted (hinges on the right) but the instructions look simple enough to change it round if needed. There is another grooved handle on the other side of the door if you choose to do this.

      === Running/Performance ===

      The Proline features an adjustable thermostat with numbers 1-6 which is positioned inside the fridge alongside the ice box. We find number 4 is ideal for us and keeps our drinks nice and cool without freezing them. It has the potential to be very cold indeed and if turned up to the max will almost freeze our drinks. There is no separate dial for the ice box and the temperature of this will be dependent on the setting you choose for the fridge itself. However, this is not a problem for us since we do not use the ice box.

      The fridge is A-rated for energy efficiency so is ideal if you are looking to keep your electric bill down. It also boasts 142kWh/year of energy consumption. I cannot verify this but the door shuts firmly and the seal is good quality stopping any cool air escaping from the fridge (to my best knowledge).

      However, I do find the fridge a little noisy compared to my main fridge which is disappointing considering that it is a smaller fridge. The specification says that the fridge has a 40dB noise level. I cannot verify the accuracy of this but I find the constant hum of the fridge and clunk of the cooling mechanism coming on and off periodically a bit annoying. Thankfully I cannot hear it from the lounge or whilst I am in bed but it is definitely noticeable from the entrance which is alongside the kitchen.

      === Inside the fridge ===

      The fridge features two wire shelves however one of these shelves is only 12cm deep because it slots on top/in front of the large block which extends into the interior of the fridge housing the components behind the fridge. The shelves can also be positioned at five separate heights in the fridge depending on what you want to keep in the fridge and can also be removed completely if you want. We have taken the full sized shelf out since we find we can fit more in this way.

      Unfortunately for me, the fridge also includes an ice box which I did not really need since I have a large freezer already. This compartment takes up more space in the fridge and is redundant as far as I am concerned. If you do have a use for this though, it is 0.14 cubic feet (5 litres) in capacity and is about the size of a large tub of ice cream. You will not get much in there but it will be handy for the odd item if necessary.

      There are two compartments in the door; one large one for drinks bottles and milk and one smaller one above this for smaller items such as small cans and tubs of butter. Both compartments feature an adjustable wire support which holds your bottles and items in place. These are far from perfect however and don't really work that well. The bottom rack wire is quite low down so if you place a heavy bottle (i.e. a full one) in the bottom rack then the weight of this will not be held by the wire and the bottle will lean outwards slightly. When you shut the door, this bottle then leans into the fridge and sometimes means you have to give the door a slight shove if you have food getting in the way.

      On top of this, we also have to be careful what we put in the top rack of the door since smaller items will simply fall out beneath the wire. Small cans will fit in fine but individual pieces of fruit such as satsumas and yoghurt pots will not. The wire is passable for the bottom rack because it is adjustable and thus means you can fit large bottles of milk etc. in, but for the top rack a much better idea would have been a solid plastic rack so you could keep smaller items in it.

      === Capacity ===

      The Proline has a 2.1 cubic foot net capacity (or 59 litres). It is a lot smaller than my main fridge and I would not recommend this size fridge as the only fridge in your kitchen unless you are living alone. Even then it might be a little small. But as a relief fridge or an overflow fridge, this is perfect and provides enough extra chilling space without taking up too much more of our precious kitchen space.

      I find the size of the fridge ideal for our purpose. It was bought mainly so that we could keep all those bottles of drinks and cans in to free up space in the main fridge. It has worked a treat as far as this is concerned and has provided more than enough space for such items.

      At the moment we have a 2-litre bottle of pop, a 1.75-litre carton of juice and a 2-litre bottle of milk in the door compartment; a couple of tubs of butter in the top of the door; 12 cans of beer (not all mine) on the top shelf of the fridge; a bag of apples and a bag of satsumas also on the top of the fridge; a bottle of tomato sauce, some carrots and a Tupperware box of 'I wouldn't even like to guess' on the bottom shelf. With all of this there is still plenty of room left over before I would say that the fridge is too full.

      The top area of the fridge extends a long way back into the fridge and is deep enough to hold a 2-litre bottle of water laid flat providing there is nothing in the door stopping it shutting. You can also lay a 2-litre bottle lengthways across the shelf and it will fit in easily. The base of the fridge is less impressive in depth because of the components from the back protruding into the fridge but it is still sufficient to hold cans and sauce bottles even with items in the door compartments.

      === Other Points ===

      It is also worth mentioning that there is no light in this fridge, however we do not find this to be an issue and can see well enough without one.

      There is a lack of an automatic defrost function with this fridge but I do not find it to be too big an issue either. We have never suffered from a significant build-up of frost and have not needed to defrost it since purchase almost four months ago. On a similar note, the fridge is very easy to clean both inside and outside and only requires a wipe with a damp cloth every now and again.

      === Verdict ===

      On the whole, I am very happy with this fridge and it has performed its function as a spare fridge admirably. It holds a lot more than I initially thought it would and we find that we have a lot more space in the main fridge as a result. It does not take up too much room in our kitchen and looks nice and smart alongside our cupboards and other kitchen appliances. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a secondary fridge for your kitchen or a small fridge that can still hold a fair amount of food and drink.

      If it was a bit quieter and had better door compartments I would have given this 5 stars but it is still a great fridge nonetheless and at less than £100, you cannot go wrong in my opinion.

      Thanks for reading :)


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      Short name: Proline PMF70A

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