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Rangemaster RSXS668

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    2 Reviews
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      27.07.2009 02:50



      good fridge, bad freezer. Style over substance?

      One HUGE problem with ours. When we close the fridge door, the air pressure opens the freezer door. Sometimes this closes and sometimes it doesn't. Obviously when it doesn't, you can come back and find that all the food with in has defrosted! We talked to the selling agent about this on one occasion and they told us there was nothing that can be done.

      If you are buying to think that this is a useful freezer, then you might want to think again. Awkwardly shaped and with a lot of space taken up for the ice maker, it is easily filled up. The fridge is much better and is more useful although units of a similar size can offer much more room.

      While we are generally very happy with it, apart from the freezer door, I do feel that this is a little bit a case of being style over substance. For those reasons marked down on the Processing and Reliability. I would advise if thinking of buying to test whether the freezer door opens when closing the fridge door. Maybe it is only ours that does this!! There are two solutions: (1) to close the door gently, which is easily forgotten, or (2) and the one that we are going to do, buy a fridge lock from a kids store.


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      10.08.2008 18:10
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      perfect fridge for any large family

      It is often quite hard to tell what is a good and what is a bad fridge. On a basic level all they are there for is to keep cold stuff in like your milk, cheese, butter, yoghurts, and loads of other stuff that you want to put in there. In our family we have had a few different fridges, and since moving to our new home last year we bought a new fridge: the Rangemaster .... (that code number thing).
      I have to say that this has certainly served its purpose well and more with so many great features and a really stylish and good looking fridge that would sit proudly in any kitchen.

      Well we bought a cream coloured version which was of course designed to suit the rest of our kitchen including the colour of the cupboards and the Aga. It is a rather large bulky thing, but that is of course because it is not only a fridge but also a freezer. So you no longer need to find space to stick a freezer somewhere as well. It therefore has two doors, the left one for the freezer and the right for the fridge. It has a silver pole handle on each door which runs the whole length of the door and looks quite sleek and nice. It also has a black section above and below the doors which I'm not too sure what they are for (to cover wires is my best guess) which make it look quite strong and bold. There is also the rangemaster badge in the top right hand corner.
      On the front of the freezer side (the left) there is also a section for getting water and an ice maker which is coloured silver with a black control panel which fits in with the colours of the fridge.

      The ice maker (and other features):
      On the front as I have just said is a great extra feature which is not available on your average fridge, an ice and water dispenser. It is a large silver section in which you place your glass underneath in which there is enough space for a large glass and you apply pressure to the button at the back and out will come water or ice (dependent on your selection).The Rangemaster drinks dispenser, delivers pure, filtered, chilled water at the push of a button. It also gives you the option of crushed or cubed ice. Creating an impressive 10kgs every 24 hours (if needed). There is also a slightly deepened section underneath the water dispenser which will collect any water which happens to miss your glass and this reduces mess and can easily be wiped up. The box in which the ice is made is located within the fridge and has never needed to be touched and seems to self maintain itself - although we had one small problem once which was easily rectified by the rangemaster company who sent round a guy to check it out and a bit of ice had got stuck. But apart from that in over a year of use we have never had any problems.

      On the front of the fridge is also a main control panel for the whole fridge with buttons and the current status of the fridge appearing on the screen. The first two buttons are options to turn on fuzzy and super freeze which I guess is for when on holiday and it will turn the freezer on to super freeze to stop anything going off. The fuzzy logic processor on board this appliance thinks for itself! Amongst other things, it controls the internal temperature. Five separate sensors constantly monitor the external ambient conditions around the fridge/freezer while the intelligent processor maintains an even temperature inside and so making the most economic use of energy.
      The next two buttons are simply to change the temperature of the fridge and the freezer and you can turn these up or down to the required temperature using the + / - buttons. The temperatures are in celcius. The final section on this panel is for changing the settings on the water dispenser. You can have either water (which comes out nice and cold), crushed ice or normal ice. The ice is really good and comes out in oblong type shapes.
      Inside the fridge/freezer:

      Inside the fridge you have a variety of different areas and space in which to put all your usual stuff. You have 4 shelves and two drawers at the bottom for your vegetables and things. There is of course a light at the top of the fridge which turns on once the door has been opened. The fan is at the back of the top shelf, but is quite slim and well covered to avoid any fingers getting caught in it. On the inside of the door there are several shelves as well with those large ones at the bottom for your milk and then a special section at the top with egg slots and a lift up lid which is curved. Another great feature is that when the door is opened and left open for too long it will beep - some alarm type thing which will warn you it is opened and remind you to close it if it has been accidentally left open.
      The fridge section is just slightly bigger than that of the freezer but it certainly isn't short for space. Once again in the freezer you have a similar layout to that of the fridge with 3 shelves and two large drawers as well as 5 shelves on the inside of the door. However a section of space is lost at the top to the ice maker a large white box type thing.
      Overall the amount of space in this fridge is 540 litres which is loads and easily suits our family of 5 with often space to spare.
      The freezer capacity is 180 litres and the fridge capacity is 360 litres (so in fact you have twice as much space in the fridge than the freezer but it doesn't seem like this).

      Note: All the shelves are plastic and spill proof and are therefore very easy to clean and wipe up - alike the whole of the unit. It requires very little time to clean and is very low maintenance.
      Around £1500 to £2000. It would of course be worth looking around and also at delivery costs as these can be quite expensive. Have a look at online price comparison sites where you may be able to find special deals or it cheaper at certain places.
      I know this sounds rather expensive for a fridge but you are getting much more than a fridge, you are getting an intelligent fridge freezer unit with great temperature controls and a water and ice dispenser.

      This Rangemaster fridge is also very energy efficient so won't waste you any energy or seriously increase your electricity bill as it has an A energy rating.


      A superb fridge freezer unit for any large family which is very spacious, energy efficient and has some great extra features and a simple control panel. The price is high but you are paying for superb quality and an amazing fridge freezer.
      Thanks for reading!


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      SDCMAP / Short name: Rangemaster RSXS668

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