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Brand: Hotpoint

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2010 09:43
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      A great family fridge freezer

      I have had this fridge freezer for several years now - so I can give an accurate lowdown on its durability and function.


      The fridge freezer is an upright one in silver. The fridge is the top half of the device and the freezer bit the bottom. They look equally size. The trim is in a darker silver-grey. The words 'Hotpoint Iced Diamond' and 'Made in Great Britain' are on the front of the machine. The fridge part has shelves, vegetable plastic drawers, dairy goods compartments in the door and a temperature dial and a light which comes on when the door is opened. The freezer area has four drawers for storage. The doors on this device can be put on either side - allowing it to fit well into any kitchen.

      I bought this particular model in a John Lewis sale when silver 'white goods' were at the height of their popularity. I remember heading the stampede to the Large Electricals Department, hotly pursued by an army of middle-aged women. I clocked that silver fridge-freezer, glittering under the store spotlight and snatched the price tag and held on to it (meaning it was mine to buy). It cost around £200.


      The fridge capacity is 171 litres and the freezer capacity is 103 litres with a frozen food capacity of 33kg. The maximum conservation time should the freezer fail is 18 hours. It comes with an egg tray, ice tray and warning lights and anti condensation switch (this needs to be moved from the one water drop symbol to the two drop symbol if condensation forms on the outside of the device. This occurs under certain circumstances' apparently - but I have never encountered them in several years which makes me think the anti condensation switch is superfluous. There is also a red temperature warning light which comes on when the temp in the room rises higher than that in the fridge freezer. Once again, I have never seen that light come on.

      The device is made in Peterborough, has a genuine parts and accessories mail order hotline and a service contact number. The leaflet that comes with it has directions on use and changing the lightbulb etc.

      Using the fridge freezer

      The top freezer area is for the fast freeze; this has a pull down door. The bottom area has a pull down door also. The other two area have pull out drawers. I ram all of these areas choc a block full of stuff - and at this time of the year when the allotment is producing stuff- it is especially rammed. It seems to function well in this routine.

      Defrosting the freezer can be accomplished easily in a couple of hours. I only defrost twice a year - so the ice is well formed but, by placing bowls of very hot water in the freezer, it defrosts quite quickly.

      The fridge bit has pull-out plastic coated white, wire shelves. These have lasted well and are not showing any signs of fatigue (the plastic coming off). They are easy to remove and wash. The white plastic walls of the fridge are also very easy to wipe clean. I find that dirt collects under the lift out bottle storage compartment so this needs to be cleaned very regularly - but once again, it is easy to do this and the plastic comes clean as good as new.

      The temperature control dial is simple to use with clear temperature numbers. The light is bright enough to illuminate the fridge fully.


      The only problems with this fridge freezer are:

      The seal around the door has become a little detatched in some areas. This does not affect the function of the device as the door still seals well. Dirt can collect in this area now.

      The plastic vegetable baskets are not as robust as I would like them to be as they now have cracks in them. They also still function well though.

      To Conclude

      I am very happy with this fridge freezer. It shows no sign of demise and is still looking good. I would, of course, like more room in it - but just about every family needs more room in their fridge freezer!


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      Short name: Hotpoint RF64P

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