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Samsung RL38SBTB

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    2 Reviews
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      15.12.2011 23:26
      Not Helpful



      need to experience to understand my thoughts on this fridge/freeza.

      everyone has their own personal opinion, so some may value this fridge whereas others, such as myself may seriously dislike this fridge.

      wondering Why? well, everything contains its own advantages and disadvantages in their own ways, however i personally believe that this fridge's disadvantages has overcome its advantages which would be further discussed within this review.

      Lets begin with describing this samsung 2 in 1 fridge and freeza.

      The price usually tends to be from about £349-£500, i personally bought this fridge for £399 which could possibbly be purchased for cheaper on websites such as ebay. The dimensions of its width was 595mm, the depth of 643mm and the height of 1820mm with its total capacity being 301 litres being divided by the fridge and freeza's capacity with the fridges capacity being 207 litres and the remaining 94 litres was the freeza's capacity.

      Contains many differential equipment such as 4 stocking shelves from the top gradually going down until it reaches about 2 large drawers where you can store fruit etc and about 5/6 different stocking shelves on the side of the fridge where you can store your water or coke bottles and cans etc with an additional direct water cooling system, with 3 freeza drawers. However..you must be wondering why this review contains such a negative title...? Well, many people have not got the ability to identify faults with a fridge/freeza until they purchase it, thus, i thought that this review will help you identify the faults with this fridge/freeza before you decide whether or not to purchase it.
      To begin with, occasionally you may open the fridge door and look for something that you may need, however, during this time, this fridge tends to turn off and therefore allow many inconvinience to be caused in regards to switching the fridge back on again, at first, i had believed that this was due to a fault with my own fridge personally, however a proffesional friend of mine viewed this fridge and had informed me that the fridge was naturally like this, in addition the water cooling system may look like a fancy advantage of the fridge, yet, also causes alot of inconvinience in regards to its set up which takes an increasingly long time. However, the large and major disadvantage of this fridge is the creation of a horribble smell which began to occur within 3 weeks of my purchase, firstly allowing me to believe that the smell was a fault of mine questioning myself whether something had expired in there or become out of date, thus allowed me to completely clean it on a whole day which had proved to me that i had just wasted my complete time as the smell wasn't a fault of my own, yet was a fault of the fridge itself. I cannot understand how this has happened till this present day but have learnt from my mistakes so wish for you to not pursue the same mistake in regards to the purchase of this fridge.

      To conclude, i haven't had much problems with its freeza apart from the fact that there isn't enough space to store my personal belongings for a family of 7 and having an insight on the brighter side, an alternative may be the new ''CAFF2'' american style fridge-freeza which i highly advice you to research. The caff2 fridge and freeza could be purchased in your local curry's or comet store. Finally, i hope that this review has helped you with making a decision in regards to making the correct purchase and would be willing to answer any questions needed.


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        23.02.2011 23:06
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Christmas was a lot easier to store food!

        I am fresh veg and meat mad so of course the tiny weany fridge freezer had to go and in with the new. I have to say it was so hard to choose from such a huge range of fridge freezers out there at the moment. I wanted a huge fridge with big draws for vegetables and lots of shelfs. The freezer needed to be frost free which I think all are now and I also wanted three to four large freezer draws.

        As we looked around with price of around £400 we couldn't go for the american style fridge! Maybe in the near future. I came by this particular fridge/freezer, it sold with me straight away as it ticked all the boxes plus comes with an extra shelf in the freezer just for ice! which was perfect for us as we do like to have a drink and often have friends around so offering a beverage with ice is just what everyone enjoys and strange I know my daughter likes to suck on them?! So lets get on with the product itself.


        width: 595mm
        depth: 643mm
        height: 1820mm


        total 301 litres
        freezer 94 litres
        fridge 207 litres


        £349 shop well! I found it for cheaper on the internet!



        *Energy Grade;


        *Cooling features;

        no frost and multi flow

        *Fridge features;

        Dairy compartment, 4 spill proof shelves made with tempered glass, 4 door shelves, 1 vegetable drawer that divides into two but pulls out as one.

        *Freezer features;

        3 huge draws, 1 very slim ice shelf with two ice maker trays.

        Oh yes we never need to do that hectic job again 'defrosting'! We now have the mordern technology of 'frost free'. This is by removing the moisture in the freezer air so there is no build up of frost, yay!

        Tempered glass shelfs are extra strong and are spill proof. I personally never broke a shelf so probably won't evr experience the strength of my new shelves!

        Multi flow feature is a steam of cool air that moves around on all levels evenly and this helps keep food fresher for longer.

        Reversible doors so you can have yor fridge opening on what side you prefer or to suit your kitchen.

        LED lighting emits very little heat and is 20 times more efficient than a standard bulb.

        The back of the fridge freezer is covered and flat, nothing like old fridges that are open to dirt and dust!

        You also get 2 years warranty for parts and labour so keep your receipt!

        We did get ours from currys and this particular model you can get from next, dixons, marks and spencer and a lot of internet sites but look out for delivery charge! My husband has a van so we picked ours up straight away.

        I clean my fridge/freezer on a regular basis so it remains new, clean and fresh. I do this with soapy hot water and clean the outside with dettol spray and kitchen towel.

        I am just under 5ft 2" and this product towers over me. I can reach the top shelf and maybe find it hard to reach right at the back. I definatley can't reach the outside top of the fridge! The shelfs can move where ever you wish and same with the door shelves. Its not at all noisey even if the door is open for a small amount of time.

        Just advice with a new fridge when you get it stand it up properly and leave it unplugged for several hours before turning it on.

        Thank you for reading I do hope this was some use to you :-)


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      Energy Efficiency / Short name: Samsung RL38SBTB

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