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Samsung RL58GPEIH Fridge Freezer G Series 1.92m Tall Inox Stainless

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2013 01:06
      Very helpful


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      I like it!

      A few weeks ago the fridge compartment of my Hotpoint fridge freezer packed up and couldn't be revived. The time had come, too soon really, to purchase a new model.


      I wanted a fridge freezer where the drawers opened and closed more easily. But this is difficult, I think, as trying out empty freezer drawers in display appliances doesn't really give one a good idea about how easy these would operate when full. But I knew I would have a good inspection of a new fridge freezer. After all, the food is taken out and returned so often in a freezer that it really is a nuisance if the drawers don't close easily.

      With fridge freezers, I find most are designed so that the fridge section is a lot larger than that of the freezer. Fridge freezers that share space 50:50 are hard to find, I don't even know if this ratio is available. Most fridge freezers seem to be top heavy. Our last one was roughly 60:40 which worked out quite well but this time when we looked at fridge freezers we found that most were about 70:30.

      It seemed that only a Samsung fridge freezer came close to what we had in mind. This one was a Curry's exclusive and priced at £799.00. I didn't want to spend that much yet also didn't want to buy something that I wasn't pleased with from day one. We decided to delay our decision until I'd had a better look on-line.


      SIZE: A new freezer had to fit into the same size space that would be vacated by the old appliance.

      INTERNAL SIZE: I wanted the freezer to be of a similar or at least almost the same size as the model that was departing.

      COLOUR: I already have graphite/silver/grey appliances and wanted some colour coordination.

      EASY OPENING: I wanted compartments to open and close smoothly.

      FROST FREE: I hate defrosting freezers.

      ENERGY EFFICIENT: I wanted an A+ rating or better so the freezer would be economical to run.


      A freezer is not something I would want to buy unseen, especially as I am particular about the smooth opening of the compartments. We thought we should look for a Samsung model in a design similar to the one we had already seen and liked, although hopefully selling at a cheaper price.
      I looked on-line and came across the Samsung RL58GPEIH on various websites. It looked very similar to the model that we had looked at but was cheaper.
      I then looked at the appliances online website and they had this particular model. The site showed an informative video of the fridge freezer and it looked to be what I wanted. It was priced at £629, in Currys and Appliances on-line. Both stores offer standard free delivery but for next day delivery Currys charges £12.99 and Appliances online charges £9.99. I couldn't get next day delivery from Currys but I could from Appliances Online, therefore I ordered from the latter.


      Ordering from Appliances Online was straightforward. I had to affirm details such as could a lorry park easily in my road and were there steps up to the property.
      Once I'd paid and completed the ordering process I received an email confirming my order and saying that it could be tracked. The company had my email address and my husband's mobile phone number. We were contacted several times before the appliance arrived by both email and text messages.


      I was impressed with delivery overall. My order could be tracked and information was updated every so often. We were kept informed by email and text messaging throughout and were messaged to say that our delivery would arrive between 11am and 3 pm.

      The delivery driver's name and a contact phone number were supplied to us.
      The driver did, in fact, phone us when he was twenty-five minutes away. This was useful as then we knew when to put the dog safely out of the way and into the garden as well as opening doors in readiness for the delivery of our order.
      It arrived as promised via two delivery men. Although slightly smaller than the outgoing model it wouldn't go through the door until the packaging was removed. I think this might be to do with this freezer having handles which made it a bit awkward to manoeuvre.

      We could have paid more to have the old appliance removed and recycled but chose not to.


      We could also have had the freezer installed but my husband prefers to do these tasks himself.
      Moving this fridge freezer into its position in the kitchen was made easier by the fact that it has two small wheels fitted onto the rear base. When the appliance is tilted backwards these small wheels will operate.
      The freezer was easy to level.


      The Samsung G-Series RL58GPEIH Fridge Freezer is freestanding. It comes in a stainless steel look. I wasn't sure that this would look good alongside my under counter freezer which was in a graphite colour but I think, although not exactly the same colour, the stainless steel effect is a dark finish and matches well. I'm pleased with the co-ordination colour wise.

      It isn't quite as tall as the previous freezer which, I think makes it look a little better as it isn't too imposing.

      Both the fridge and freezer compartments can both be opened by lever system handles. These handles are lovely to use.

      On the fridge door there is an LED thermostat and a dispenser for the water filter. These both add to the modern look of this appliance.


      I liked the fridge compartment when I had viewed the similar Samsung model in the Currys store. I thought it more impressive than the fridge compartment of many other brands that I saw. I still think that it looks good and everything seems to fit well inside it.

      One thing that I would say is, in my opinion, there is a design fault in that the door will only hold two bottles in an upright position. The bottle compartment is wide and can hold a large four pint (2.27 litres) size plastic container and on its side. There is still room for a smaller bottle of milk or a bottle of wine next to this but nothing else will stand up. And it's a bit of a nuisance that there is no other place to store opened bottles upright. I do find this a bit of a pain and now find I'm pushed into buying smaller sized milk containers. Perhaps I should also buy smaller bottle s of wine!

      Apart from the open bottles problem there is still plenty of room in this fridge for everything else to be kept. The inside of the door holds the water tank for the dispenser and also has plenty of room for jars, eggs and other foodstuffs that you may wish to store here.

      Inside the fridge there are shelves placed at different levels. It is recommended that these should be kept in the position that they were placed in by the manufacturer as the placing is supposed to keep the fridge running at optimum efficiency.

      A nice feature is the wine rack, although I couldn't fit a bottle of champagne on this so had to instead place it on the shelf above. My husband took over this wine rack by filling it with bottled beer.

      To the bottom of the fridge space are two large box types of containers. I like these as I can fit so much inside. These containers pull out which means all the food inside is easy to access.
      The bottom drawer is called the 'Fresh Zone' and I keep meat in here as it's so cold and because meat should be kept at the lowest part of the fridge for hygiene reasons.

      This fridge is clever and has something called 'Multi Flow' using technology to make cool air flow through the entire fridge, keeping it very cool throughout and at a stable temperature

      This Samsung is a little smaller than my Hotpoint model and I am pleased about this. I couldn't reach or see easily what was near to the top of my last fridge. With this appliance I can see what's stored inside and reach items much easier.

      And although the fridge isn't quite as large as my last one in height or width it still seems to fit a great deal inside. Actually, although it looks smaller than the last appliance there is barely any difference in capacity. This must be due to manufacturer's use of Ecospace technology and their claims that the thin wall insulation technology' means that there is more space internally which does not affect the exterior space.


      Inside the freezer is an ice making gadget. There are two trays in which to place water and once frozen a simple turn of either one will turn the ice out of the ice maker and into a storage space underneath. This is a nice touch especially at Christmas, hot summer days or party time. It doesn't take up too much room either.
      Next to this is a small compartment ideal to store a few of the slimmer packaged items of frozen food such as packets of beef burgers, sausages, fish fingers etc.
      There are three further drawer compartments which pull out nicely. I am pleased with these as I wasn't happy with the comfort of opening drawers in my last freezer. The design in this respect is good, I think.
      Although my last appliance had four large drawers I think that this model actually holds almost as much. Also, everything stored inside is far easier to see and to remove.


      The water dispenser is stored on the inner fridge door. This is fitted with a Brita water filter (supplied) and can be filled with tap water by removing the container to fill or, alternatively, there is an opening at the top of the container which can be filled without removing the whole container. Once the water is chilled it's simple to operate and have cold filtered water on tap! The dispenser is child safe as it can be locked after use.


      The thermostat is on the exterior of the fridge door. After closing the fridge door the LED digital display will show the fridge and the freezer temperatures; this is clear and easy to read. On the thermostat panel there is also a:

      POWER FREEZE-This is a fast freeze function.

      TEMPERATURE ALARM-The temperature alarm will light up and flash if the temperature of the freezer has risen, perhaps due to a power cut.

      VACATION CONTROL-This is a useful and economic function if you are going away for several days or more. The freezer can be set to use less power. The fridge needs to be emptied if using this as the fridge will operate at 15 degrees (too warm for a refrigerator) but the freezer will stay at its normal below freezing temperature.

      ALARM- This alarm will activate if the fridge is left open. This is a great feature if the fridge has been accidentally left open and so is in danger of its temperature rising.


      The doors on his model are reversible. We didn't need to reverse them but I had read on a couple of reviews before I purchased this model that the process can be tricky. The doors are very heavy. Instructions are supplied in the user's manual.


      This fridge freezer has many features and so I have chosen just a few here which I feel may be helpful if you are considering purchasing this freezer.

      Dimensions (cm): (H)192.0 x (W)59.7 x (D)67.0
      Manufacturer's Five year warranty
      A++ Energy Rating
      Annual Energy Consumption of 270 Kwh
      Fridge Capacity Gross- 266 litres
      Fridge Capacity Net-257 Litres
      Freezer Capacity Gross-150 Litres
      Safety Glass Shelves in Refrigerator
      Freezer Capacity Net 115 Litres
      Three Shelves in Fridge
      LED Lighting
      41 dB-Noise Level
      Annual Energy Cost Based On 15p/Unit 40.5 pounds


      Does it tick all of the boxes? Well, I don't think we often get everything we want in terms of household appliances and so some compromise is often necessary. I think in terms of the features that I deemed the most important then the Samsung G-Series RL58GPEIH Fridge Freezer was the model most suited to my requirements and pocket.

      In terms of size, it fits well in the space where it had to go. Being slightly smaller but having a similar capacity to my old appliance, is useful as it is easier to access.

      I am pleased with how much I can fit into both the fridge and the freezer compartments and so I would have to place a big tick next to size.

      In terms of colour coordination, the freezer matches quite well. I think having handles helps to keep fingerprints at bay.

      I wanted the freezer compartments to open easily and I am pleased that they do. All freezer drawers are much easier to open and close than those in my last freezer.

      I wanted my appliance to be energy efficient and was looking for an A+ rating. This Samsung freezer actually has an A++ rating, so even better.

      I think that my new fridge freezer is a good buy. However, I think the price of £629.00 is a lot to pay and so I hope that I will be able to say I made a good choice in six or seven years' time.


      I paid £629 from Appliances Online. This fridge freezer is available from many outlets. Here are a few:

      www.currys.co.uk (Home delivery only-not available from store)

      www.ao.com (Appliances Online)




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      Theres plenty of room in the stylish stainless steel Samsung RL58GPEIH Fridge Freezer with a total gross capacity of 14.7 cu ft to hold all your perishable and frozen foods! There are 4 shelves for you to store all your fresh food on, and theres /

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