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Samsung RSG5DUMH

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2011 11:19
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      A great fridge freezer for families

      When we moved house, we had to leave our fridge freezer behind as it was an integrated one. Having repeatedly struggled to fit all of our frozen food into a standard size fridge freezer, top of my want list for the new house was an American-style model. Luckily my husband also liked the idea and agreed we could get one. As we were moving into a new build house we were able to request plumbing in the kitchen for the fridge freezer. If you're not familiar with the American fridge freezers, there are two types, ones that have a built in water/ice dispenser and ones that don't. The former need to be plumbed into a water supply.

      We had a look at various electric stores, but there wasn't a large choice of this type of fridge available. After searching around online we opted for this Samsung model. It appeared to have a large enough fridge and freezer, was frost free, and had the water dispenser. To be honest, I don't really take notice of energy efficiency gradings, however this has an A+ grade which is a bonus.

      The order was placed with Comet, and the fridge freezer was delivered to our new home, and fitted (we paid extra for fitting). I didn't stay in the kitchen while this was being done, so can't comment on what the delivery men had to do. There's one thin pipe that connects to the water supply and runs into the back of the freezer. This supplies the water for the dispenser, and also gets made into ice for the ice dispenser. I've never had to undo the pipe, but looking at the instruction booklet it looks simple enough, I just screws on and is secured by three clips.

      The manual says to allow to stand for 2 hours after installation, but as we weren't moving in straight away this wasn't a problem.

      The fridge freezer is a dark silver colour, and has handles on both doors that run the full length down each door. The fridge section is larger and therefore has the bigger door. On the freezer door is the ice/water dispenser, and control panel.

      The freezer is on the left hand side, as you look at it, and the door opens to the left. The capacity of the freezer is 7.9 cubic ft. net. Inside are four shelves, two drawers and three compartments in the door. I find the shelves very handy and much better than drawers for storing things. You can pile boxes on top of each other, and not have to lift everything out or rummage in drawers to find things. I keep boxes, bags, and loaves of bread on the shelves. The drawers are fairly narrow compared to the fridge drawers, but they're deep and go a good way back, so you can fit lots into them. I keep pots of food I've cooked and frozen for the kids in one drawer, and meat in another. The drawers are at the bottom, and if I need to rummage I usually have to get down on the floor to look for things at the back of the drawer. If you want to take the drawers out all of the way you need to open the door wide or they won't come out, as the door stops them. The same happens with the drawers in the fridge.

      The fridge is on the right as you look at it, and the door opens to the right, away from the freezer. The fridge capacity is 14.7 cubic ft. net. There's a huge amount of storage space in the fridge, and the we've rarely filled it all. The fridge has four shelves, one of which has a section at the front that you can push in and it slides under the back part of the shelf, thereby giving you space to stand atll bottles or large items on the shelf underneath, which is really handy. Under the shelves are three large drawers, one is labelled a fresh drawer and two are vegetable drawers. I use one for keeping fresh meat in, one for vegetables and one for salad stuff and fruit. The drawers are really big and deep and can fit lots in.
      There is lots more storage space in the fridge door, with three drinks shelves/compartments. I can fit five bottles (plastic 2 pints) side by side on one shelf. Above those shelves are a wire bottle / can rack, which fits mu husband's bottles of beer nicely, much to his delight! Above that is another shelf/compartment which I use for storing eggs and chocolate, then at the top is a dairy compartment with a plastic see-through lid over it, where I keep blocks of butter and cheese. I accidentally left this lid open one day, then closed the fridge door on it, breaking the piece on one side that keeps it attached to the fridge. It's still usable, but a bit wonky.

      It also came with a wire bottle rack that fits onto the bottom of one of the shelves, but we don't use it.
      All of the shelves are made from safety glass, which is easy to clean. The drawers and door compartments are plastic.

      A great thing about this fridge is the water and ice dispenser. Located on the freezer door, it provides water and ice on tap. The water isn't freezing cold, but just nicely chilled. You simply press your glass or cup against the button at the back inside the dispenser area and water flows out. It's not fast by any means and can take a while to fill a glass. There's a control panel above the dispenser, with two silver buttons at the bottom. The right hand button is for water, and left for ice type (press it to change between crushed and cubed). To change what comes out of the dispenser, just press one of the buttons. Whichever you pressed last stays on, so we leave it set to water, so when you put your glass in you get water, without having to select it. It can be annoying if someone else uses ice and doesn't change it back to water, so next time you go, you get a load of ice. Cubed ice comes out in oval/rectangular cubes. If you choose crushed ice it takes a second or two from pressing your glass against the back to your ice coming out, as it needs to crush it. The ice is stored in a clear box on the inside top of the freezer door. Each time you use ice, a short while later you hear the sound of new ice being made and falling into the ice compartment. This is the only real noise we hear from the fridge freezer, which runs silently. The dispenser does require a filter to work, but it only needs changing every six months. It's the Samsung AquaPure water filter and tends to vary in price, costing around £20-25. I buy them from amazon.co.uk. The filter is located at the back of the top shelf of the fridge, and is easy to change. You simply turn the old one and pull it out, then insert the new one and turn it back round to lock. After changing the filter you're supposed to run the water dispenser for so long.

      The control panel has other functions aside from the dispenser. There's a digital display panel in the centre, above the dispenser buttons. This shows the current temperature of the fridge and freezer, and various other settings that I'll now explain. At each side of the panel are three buttons. One turns off the ice making facility. One makes the light in the dispenser stay on (normally it comes on when you're using the dispenser, then goes straight off).

      Another is for the child lock which is handy if you've got small children who you want to prevent flooding the kitchen with ice or water. However my kids soon learned how to use the button, rendering it pointless in our house.

      By holding the child lock button for three seconds, the vacation mode is switched on. This leaves the freezer turned on normally, but takes the fridge up to 15 degrees. We use this function when we go away on holiday, and it's great as we're not wasting energy when we don't need the fridge, yet the frozen stuff remains frozen.

      When the water filter is due for replacement, the little filter symbol on the display starts to turn purple, then goes red when it needs replacing. At this time, the water flow reduces, so you do need to change it.
      The fast freeze button freezes food quickly. I've never used this function, so can't comment.

      If you leave the door open to the fridge or freezer for too long (e.g. when putting shopping away), a warning noise will sound for a few seconds to alert you to the rising temperature. While it can be annoying when you've purposely left the door open to put things away, it's very useful if the door is left open by mistake.

      The only real problem we've had with this fridge freezer is when we needed our kitchen floor replacing due to it being damaged, the fridge was so heavy it caused problems moving it. We couldn't just pull it along the floor as it was damaging the new flooring. To move it, the front legs need to be in the up position, which is done by opening both doors, removing the front cover and turning three screws. Then the fridge will only move forward or backward, not side to side. We had to get a number of people to physically lift it and slide it along on a protective barrier (sheets of plywood). This was far from ideal and it would be much better if it had proper wheels on.

      There aren't any elements at the back of the fridge freezer, so it can be pushed flat against a wall.

      I couldn't live without this fridge freezer now, it's so handy to have so much storage space, especially with the freezer. I make meals for the kids in bulk and freeze them, and also like to freeze a couple of loaves of bread, bread rolls and other things, and this freezer enables me to do all of that without running out of room.

      The dimensions are 91 x 69 x 102cm.

      It currently retails for £1299.99 at Comet.co.uk, but we paid less as it was on offer when we bought it.


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      Controls / Display / Short name: Samsung RSG5DUMH

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