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Samsung RSG5DURS

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    4 Reviews
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      06.06.2011 21:23
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great show off fridge

      When buying our new home the first thing we wanted to buy was an American style fridge freezer that had an ice dispenser. Lucky enough for us our new kitchen was designed so that an America fridge freezer would fit neatly in the corner and was next to the water supply so we could hook it up easily and take advantage of an ice and water facility.

      We spent a long time looking at various models and spent a whole Saturday visiting various electrical stores opening fridge doors, closing them, reading the specifications and comparing prices. We settled on this model because it ticked the most boxes and we have many Samsung appliances and (so far!) they seem quite reliable.



      This fridge comes in a very sexy stainless steel finish with the two handles running directly down the middle. On the left is a digital control panel showing the temperatures along with a few buttons to access certain functions. This is easy to read and easy to use.
      The fridge measures 908 mm wide x 1780 mm tall x 692 mm with two doors that open outwards. The doors on the measure 383 mm wide for left hand freezer door and 508 mm for the right hand fridge door. These doors are both able to open a maximum of 160° and they need to be opened at least 2 cm wider than the fridge to allow access to the drawers in the fridge and freezer.


      The fridge has four shelves with an area on top of two large fruit and vegetable drawers for other items. The door has five shelves with separate eggs and butter compartments. All the shelves are moveable so you can design the inside to suit your shopping.
      The freezer has two shelves and an area on top of two freezer drawers to store things. There are two door shelving units to also store items in. The ice compartment does take a lot of room in the freezer but we knew this before purchase and still chose it so it is not really a negative point.
      I find that the fridge and freezer is plenty big enough. I seem to take advantage of lots of buy one get one free offers at the supermarket and always have a well stocked fridge and freezer because I have the room to be able to store it!

      *Cleaning and Maintenance*

      Luckily the exterior doesn't need much cleaning and after a wipe down it looks like new again and it is not a haven for finger prints like some models are!
      The exterior ice and water dispenser needs a little more attention for hygiene reasons but access to them is readily available and the external water "catching" tray can be removed for more intense cleaning.

      The shelves are removable so these are easy to clean but I find the drawers at the bottom a little trickier to remove. They are also quite fragile so I end up leaving those in and simply wiping out. Due to their positioning this is not that easy.

      The ice department needs regular use to keep the ice in cubes rather than as one solid block. After the winter where we didn't have much call for ice we found that the ice tray had frozen solid and as the machine kept making more ice, it caused a bit of a blockage. This was easily solved as the ice compartment comes completely out. We also discovered the button to switch the ice function off so when we don't need it we can turn it off!

      The freezer is frost free so should never need to be defrosted. So far so good with this one as the job of defrosting a freezer is certainly not an enjoyable one!

      The fridge comes with a filter that needs changing after every 500 gallons, which for us, equated to about two years of use. Once the filter needs replacing it flashes up on the digital control panel. These cost about £30.00 and I have not replaced mine yet but continue to drink the water from it. According to Samsung they remove over 99% of potentially harmful contaminants which may be present in your water. I've never had a problem with my local water and certainly can't taste the difference between filtered water and regular. I do not think the filters are a necessity but I will be replacing it shortly as it's a nice touch to serve guests chilled filtered water when they come round to visit.

      *Cost to run*

      The fridge/freezer is A rated but it does cost a lot to run. Its annual usage is 623.5 Kwh per year which costs around £85.00 at current electricity prices! Yikes me old fridge cost less that £40.00. I guess this is the price to pay for having such a huge extravagance which in a two person household, it definitely is!


      In regards to noise my machine is hardly noticeable and I find it exceptionally quiet. Occasionally I can hear it churning to the ice which makes a bit of a noise and the occasional hiss of the water as it makes new ice, but the general noise level is next to none. On the specification it is given a level of 41dB.

      Open door alert - Makes a little "dink dink dink" noise that is very annoying when the doors are left ajar. It is a very useful feature.

      Anti bacterial protection - This is a coating within the fridge freezer which prevents the transfer of bacteria. This helps to reduce odours in the fridge and keeps things smelling fresh. I have never had a problem of a smelling fridge even after a milk leak!

      Holiday function - This function maintains a steady temperature and allows for the fact the doors will not be opened for a longer period of time. This ensures your food is kept fresh for your return. I use this feature every time I go on holiday.

      Super fast cooling - When this button is pushed the freezer quickly reduces the temperature of any new food that is added to the freezer so as to not affect any food which is currently inside it. This is a great feature and important when items such as meat could potentially thaw a little and then re freeze.

      Twin cooling - This feature is supposed to keep food fresher than most other fridges. I do find that fresh fruit and vegetables seem to last for a very long time in my fridge. I don't like wasting food so find this the best feature the fridge has to offer. Twin cooling is the independent controls for both compartments using two separate two fan systems.
      The separate evaporators allow each compartment to maintain its ideal temperature. As the cool area in the fridge remains in the fridge, it creates a high level of humidity. It is the humidity that keeps the food fresher. (Quick science lesson over!)

      *Price and availability*

      I paid £900 for the fridge and that was a few years ago now. I managed to get a good discount with an online stockist that delivered and plumbed it in. It is available in stores and online. The discount appliance online store currently has it for £870.00 with promise of a free vacuum!


      I'm more than satisfied with the fridge freezer. It is out of its warranty now and still going strong. Apart from one of the lids of my shelves in the freezer has snapped off. The drawers are a little flimsy and you can't be too rough with them.

      The water dispenser is great and you can get a decent sized sports bottle underneath so I can take it to the gym!

      Everyone always wants to have parties at my house to take advantage of the ice machine. The crushed ice function is phenomenally useful when everyone wants to drink cocktails. It is a very showy off machine but I love it and would recommend it.


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        07.11.2010 22:48
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Worth the extra investment

        When we had our kitchen redesigned earlier this year, her ladyship was put in charge of choosing the design, and myself in charge of paying for it. Sound familiar? Knowing my place I agreed, on one condition, I got one of those American fridge freezers, with the ice maker built in.

        Spending more time researching the fridge than the rest of the kitchen I eventually went for this Samsung, mostly on the basis that their TV's are top notch, so the kitchen kit would be too. It also had the required ice maker.
        Around the £1000 mark I got a bit of a deal at a large UK retailer who had a weeklong 15% sale. What's more, I used a reward site and ordered online picking up another £45, leaving a total, including delivery of around £840. A cynic would suggest I could have had a 99p ice tray from Tesco, but I remain resolute in my admiration for this beast.

        Finished in stainless steel it adds a "space age" finish to my modern kitchen. I make a point of banning 80's style fridge magnets from ruining the effect. Freezer to the left, fridge to the right, both have plenty of room for a full months shopping for a family of four. Both fridge and freezer have separate temperature controls, and within the fridge you can set different temperature "zones". Lost on me, I'm happy with a cold fridge and a freezing freezer.

        There's lots of room on the five shelf fridge section and more storage room in the door for drinks and sauces etc and I keep fruit and vegetables in the sliding drawers. Incidentally the whole unit is divided 1/3 freezer on the left and 2/3 refrigerator on the right.

        The freezer is a great size, with some taken up with the ice maker and water cooler. Both these filter the water and the taste difference noticeable. The filters are a little expensive at around £40 but I've only had to replace it once so far, so I'm not far off the 6 month mark advised on the packaging. There's an indicator telling you when this is due but I'm not sure if this is simply a 6 month timer or actually checks the filter for quality? It is easy to change and just clips in and out, and definitely worth doing, especially if your tap water is questionable. You can also rest assured any visitors, and especially children will be looking to sample the cold water an ice. We're all so easily amused I guess!

        I agree with the other reviewer who stated this unit is a little noisier than expected. I've noticed then when in the kitchen alone, but it isn't so noisy you have to talk over it so I can live with that. I don't know much about the environmental credentials that concern folk these days, but then I didn't buy it for its green credibility.

        Altogether a great stylish fridge that certainly adds a touch of class to our kitchen and I'm happy with the price I paid. I filled in the warranty card when I got it but at the minute, eight months in I've had no cause for concern.


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        24.02.2010 13:45
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        It does so much, it leaves you ruined for any other.

        This is an older model but still high tech RS21DCNS.
        It's been a 5th year now since we enjoy this particular fridge-freezer.
        There are number of reasons we wouldn't trade it for any other model.
        We've always dreamed of having an "American style" refrigerator but until moving house, our kitchen space was too limited for that and we had to do with compact one for quite a while.
        After moving house we've decided; no more compromises, that dream has to come true. And it finally did. We've been proving this decision right for nearly 5 years now. No complaints whatsoever. Cooled filter water dispenser being a hit on hot summer's days.
        I had my nephew over during one summer holidays and at the end he said he'll miss our fridge. I didn't even feel insulted - it was a very hot summer ... :D
        Freezing part is nicely organized with ice maker, which connects directly to an ice dispenser - very popular with adults. Additionally, ice can be served as cubes or crushed! Ingenious! That Americans know how to make life easier and "pleasier". There are also door compartments for quick cheeling drinks, two drawers and three shelves.
        Temperature can be set and ice-maker feature can be deactivated when not in use.
        It has a self-defrosting element built-in, therefore easy to maintain.
        That's roughly freezer part done.

        Fridge part is almost double as roomy as freezer is. Temperature can be set separately.
        Fridge has four shelves with one under-drawer for small bits, two large fruit and veg drawers and five door shelves with separate eggs and butter compartments.
        All and all, everything has got its rightful place in this fridge-freezer and we're never short of space for our weekly shopping.
        Oh!...And there is a water filter change indicator so that we always know when to order a new one in advance.
        This is a truly 21th century appliance.

        PS. This review is also published on www.remotesos.com.


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          02.02.2010 19:23
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          Best kitchen appliance ever bought.

          I have had my Samsung installed in my new kitchen for a while now and it definitely adds the finishing quality touch! The stainless steel exterior is extremely smart and does not seem to get finger marks like other kitchen appliances that I have. All it requires is the occasional wipe over with a damp cloth and a quick 'polish' with a dry one. Inside there is acres of space with deep door shelving and great sized fruit and veg boxes. The shelves, boxes etc all seem to be much stronger and of a higher quality than my old Zanussi. On the down side: It is a little bit noisy - but then it does live in my kitchen and not my bedroom so it isn't too much of an issue. Also, the icemalker does take up quite a bit of room and, to be honest, is something I could live without. But on the whole, really love it!


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