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Samsung RSH1NBBP

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2010 13:06
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      I would choose the same again

      ~~~ Why we chose this one ~~~

      I had always struggled fitting everything in to my old standard under-the-counter fridge, but that was all we had space for in our small kitchen. I do a lot of buying and bulk-cooking for the freezer too, but there was no space in the kitchen for our two freezers so they were banished to the garage.

      When we had our kitchen extended therefore, I was determined to make sure I would have enough fridge and freezer space. We decided to keep one freezer in the garage, and then go for a large American style side-by-side fridge freezer for the kitchen.

      That decision made, we started looking around. We decided we really loved the look of them in black, so that actually narrowed our choice down a lot. We also wanted a reliable brand for such a major purchase, and we also decided we didn't really want the fancy ice-making feature, because it would need plumbing in (not the easiest for where we were planning to put it) and also it reduces freezer capacity rather a lot.

      We loved the look of this model from Samsung - it ticked all the boxes of what we were looking for, so we did a bit of hunting around online for the best deal, and eagerly anticipated the delivery.

      ~~~ WARNING ~~~

      This beastie is big! The only way the delivery men could get it in was to unpack it and take our door off its hinges. (Not the front door, I hasten to add - they came through the garage!) It was still a bit of a squeeeeeze! I confess I hadn't really given this much consideration beforehand, but the delivery men had a few tales to tell, so it's not just me. I heartily recommend that it is well worth doing some measuring.

      ~~~ Basic overview ~~~

      Capacity is good - 350litres for the fridge and 210 litres for the freezer.

      Frost free, A efficiency, antibacterial protection, automatic defrost - all those things you want to hear!

      Fridge has 5 shelves, 2 salad crisper bins and 4 door shelves.

      Freezer has 4 shelves, 2 bins and 5 door shelves.
      There is also a snazzy ice-maker which goes inside the freezer - we've not used it as it takes up too much room, but I've heard really good reports of it and am looking forward to trying it out one day.

      ~~~ What I love ~~~

      It looks fab! Maybe if you had small children there would be a bit of an issue with sticky fingerprints, but ours has stayed lovely and shiny. It has long chunky vertical handles which look really stylish, and they feel really solid - great build quality.

      The shelves and bins appear to be sturdy and strong. I have had bad experiences in the past with other freezers with plastic splitting and breaking, so I am really pleased that these are holding up well.

      Fridge door shelves are a good size - room for plenty of milk and juice in here.

      There is an electronic control panel with temperature displays for fridge and freezer, so you can see at a glance the correct temperature is being maintained. There is also a child lock feature on here, but ours are past that stage so I haven't used it.

      Door alarm - this goes off when the door has been open for a while. This can be a tad annoying when you're putting shopping away, but it does reset if you quickly close the door then reopen it. The reason I love this feature is that my son has a bad habit of leaving the fridge door open, and with this alarm, we always realise he's done it.

      It does the job- not something to underestimate! Food in the fridge stays cold and fresh; food in the freezer freezes well and stays frozen.

      ~~~ Niggles ~~~

      My main niggle is the door shelves. The just come out too easily, so when you lift out one of those big plastic bottles of milk for example, the shelf tends to come with it. The same thing happens in the freezer. Not a show-stopper, but the one thing I think could have been better.

      The other slight negative I should mention is the noise. It does seem to make quite a racket at times! Rumblings and rattlings which don't sound ominous in any way - it's just getting on with doing its job I think! This isn't a problem for us at all as we have plenty of doors between it and the living room, and I rarely even notice it, but for more open-plan houses this could be a consideration.

      ~~~ Overall ~~~

      I love it! Its sleek, black looks enhance the kitchen, it does everything I want it to do, it feels solid and good quality, and there are a few nice little features too without its being too gimmicky. I have been really pleased with this purchase and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who can get it through the door!


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        23.11.2009 11:35



        I was very pleased with this however they have had to replace the cooling system and then on Saturday it caught fire. Awaiting a replacement


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