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Samsung RSH1NHMH

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    3 Reviews
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      16.10.2013 21:03
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good american style fridge/freezer with lots of features & easy to use

      I've had this fridge/freezer since 2008 from Comet and I still have it 5 years on without any problems with it! It's one of the best fridge freezers that I've ever owned.

      ~ Description
      Smooth metallic silver finish
      178.9 cm height
      91.2 width
      Digital LED display on freezer door
      Side by side fridge + freezer
      Twin cooling
      Door alarm on both fridge & freezer doors
      Energy Efficiency A+
      Frost free

      ~ Fridge features
      Capacity 347 Litre
      2 x Vegetable & fruit drawers
      Egg Container
      Interior Light
      4 x door pocket shelves
      5 x inside shelves (4 of which are safety tempered glass)

      ~Freezer features
      Capacity 218 Litre
      4 x door pocket shelves
      4 x inside shelves
      Interior Light
      2 x bottom pull out drawers
      4 Star freezer rating

      ~ My experience
      I absolutely love this fridge/freezer and it's served me very well, On first look it does look a bit bulky but it fits in my kitchen good and my kitchen isn't the biggest! It's very easy to set up this fridge as all you do is plug it into the wall and use the handy digital LED display which is on the freezer door, to set your desired temperatures.
      On the LED display you have the freezer temperature on the left side with a button to change temps from -14° up to -25° , on the right side is the fridge temperature also with a button to change temps from 1° up to 7°, I set mine at -18° for freezer and 3° for fridge. There's also a power freeze button which comes in handy if I do some ice, A vacation button that I've not used and a child lock button that you hold down for 3 seconds.

      The fridge has a lot of space inside that will hold a lot of my fresh food items with 5 big shelves with a white sort of frame that you can rearrange by sliding it out and in to the brackets on the insides of the fridge, you also get a egg holder tray that sits on one of the shelves. At the back of the fridge is where the bright lights are, They are still very bright since I've bought this.
      On the door is pocket shelves where I mainly put bottles and milk so they sit upright. At the top of the inside door is a Dairy pocket shelve which has a clear lid that you pull over to keep things fresher for longer.
      At the bottom of the fridge it has two baskets that pull out so you can put Vegetables and fruit in which also keeps those things fresher, so overall it's very spacious inside!
      This fridge also has a deodorizer behind a cover so I don't really have any bad smells coming from the fridge!

      The freezer isn't as big as the fridge part as it has the same height but the width is smaller which isn't a huge problem for me as it can still fit a a lot of frozen items in with the 4 shelves it has that you can rearrange easily as they slide in and out the same as the fridge, although if I've done a huge two weekly shop I sometimes struggle to fit everything in but in the end it manages okay. The freezer also has two basket pull out drawers, like the fridge, that are fairly spacious and can hold a few bits in, I can manage to fit two big loaves of bread in each basket. There's also 4 inside door pocket shelves that aren't as big as the fridge ones but can fit a bag of veg in.

      Over all I'm very pleased with this fridge/freezer..It's lasted me ages, it keep's things nice and cold in the fridge, freezes well & its super easy to clean if needed so I'd recommend this product to anyone thinking of getting an American style fridge/freezer as it's lasted me 5 years without any problems!

      Thanks for reading =)


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      23.08.2008 07:13
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      You should get it.

      This Samsung fridge is absolutely wonderful for anybody! A family, or a single person. You will notice that this fridge does fit alot of items in it, like vegetables, fruit, milk, drinks, you get the point. I'm guessing for some you can't really say much about a fridge, except that's it's fantastic of course.

      One of the best things that this fridge has, is what all fridge's should have, is a very cool cooler, now that doesn't make sense does it?
      Let me explain:
      You put a drink in there, bottle or can, doesn't matter, you could have it there say for about 2 hours, you take it out and it's practically very nice cold and refreshing. Which I would say is exactly what you would need for a summer's day.
      So there's my little review on the fridge.
      Those are just little things that make it good,
      And it is a reasonable price.
      So you go buy the fridge,
      and explore all the wonders it can do for you!


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        16.07.2008 23:40



        An overall great fride for the price

        This is a great fridge at a price which is pretty reasonable for its size and features. It costs £600 in the UK ($1200) which I think is a pretty good price.

        This is a fridge and a freezer (side by side) and this is obviously very useful and takes up less space in the kitchen than having two separate units of a fridge and a freezer. A very important point about this fridge freezer is that it is low cost to run. It has an A+ in energy efficiency so that you pay less money in bills.

        What I mainly like about the fridge is that it is frost free, so you don't need to worry about ice building up, or any water pools which are really annoying and this fridge freezer basically requires no maintenance. Everything can be stored really easily as well, as there are 4 shelves and salad drawers so there is lots of space.


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      • Product Details

        Amperage Rating / Short name: Samsung RSH1NHMH

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