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    2 Reviews
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      30.07.2013 12:45
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      see review x

      I have just bought this from a local shop which sells second hand goods, and I paid £120 for it which included delivery. It is very cheap for what I got. The only downside is, it does have a few dints in and one of the freezer doors is cracked, but I have put that down to the other owner not been too careful with it.

      I did make the mistake of when I bought this not to measure it, so I am not too sure what it measures, but I am sure you could find that out before buying one. I wish I had as i had to cut some of my side away to fit it in.

      The fridge

      The fridge is quite large in size, and has 2 rather large glass shelves on them which are quite spacious, I have fit loads of things onto the shelves. Then you have 2 rather large drawers which are yet again very spacious inside. The drawers also have a shelf on which is plastic, which I find ideal for laying bottles down on to.

      Then inside the door you have two tray shelves which the bottom one is ideal for any bottles including milk, and they sit in their steadily. Even if the door is slammed they do not fall over. The top tray is more ideal for small jars, as you do not have much height for this one, but I find it good for my jams ect. Then just above that is a egg shelf tray, although you could store small items in there other than eggs.

      The freezer

      The freezer is the same size as the fridge, pretty large in size, with 4 rather large drawers it really can fit loads into. all your drawers are plastic on the front with handles on, which are easy to pull open. I find that using certain drawers for certain things always works well .i do have a chest freezer too, but I find that this would easily hold enough food in for a family of four. And had I bought this before I would not have needed my chest freezer. It really does seem to hold a lot.

      The freezer is also frost free, so I have no problems with having to defrost it, as it has not even need to be cleaned yet.

      Ease of cleaning

      Well so far I have not had to clean the freezer so I would say that does not need doing too often with it been frost free.

      The fridge is really easy to clean. The drawers all pull out and slot back in, and the shelves also come out, although I just wipe the shelves over with a damp cloth and they come up clean without having to remove the shelves. So I would say its pretty simple to clean, and you do not need to take it all apart to do so.

      My overall opinion

      So far I have had no problems with this at all, it keeps my food nice and cold, and frozen for the freezer. You can also change the temperature to suit how cold you prefer it.

      I do find it can be a little noisier than my older fridge freezer, but with it been in the kitchen you do not notice this too much unless you are right next to it, so its not too bad.
      I would recommend this ideally for a family, as both the fridge and freezer both hold a lot of food. I find my fridge usually looks pretty empty due to the size of this, whereas with my other one it would of been full. I think with this I did get a bargain, but I would have paid full price for what I got.


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        16.02.2011 10:38


        • Reliability


        good quality fridge freezer for a smaller kitchen

        we brought this fridge freezer when we brought our house 5 years ago now because of its size.
        the fridge freezer is quite slim so fits into smaller gaps. it has excellent storage and the fridge area consists of 2 shelves ( 3 if you count on top of the draws) and 2 draws suitable for veg and other smaller items.
        the door has a top shelf with a lid and 2 other shelves, 1 which is wide enough for your drinks bottles and milk.
        the freezer area is just as spacious, it consists of a top shelf which runs the length of the fridge freezer, 2 removable drawers which store quite alot of food and also a bottom draw which is only half the length of the freezer but is quite deep.
        the fridge is quite eco friendly and doent use to much electricity ( we know this because we have an electricity meter reader). we brought the frige in white which meant it fitted in with most standard appliances but i believe it may be available in silver aswell.
        we have never had any problems with either the fridge or freezer and it is easy to clean and defrost.


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      Defrost / Short name: Servis M0330

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