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    4 Reviews
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      15.06.2010 12:12
      Very helpful




      I spied the Servis M0263S fridge freezer in silver for £249.99 in my local white goods store. The silver colour is my favourite for "white" goods. Having already checked the price included free delivery the next day a deal was done.

      On looking in the Tesco Direct catalogue the same model was £125 more expensive in it.

      It is a frost free fridge and freezer. The freezer section has four draws for convienient storage of frozen foods. There are three settings depending how cold you want your food to be. Mine has been on the second setting for most of the time I've had it and no food has ever frozen in the fridge section in mine.

      It broke down soon after purchase but a quick call to servis with the serial number and an enginer was around the next day to fix it. He did not want to see a reciept and was very polite and told me the fridge freezer should now give me years of service.

      I have no complaints so far and so would recommend this product to all especially as it has an A rating for energy usage. December 2012 Christmas eve stops working and I bin it.


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      07.09.2009 12:10



      Not a bad product if you are on a budget!

      I owned this product until a few months ago, and only got rid of it because we were changing for a full length fridge and freezer as seperates.

      When i purchased it i did so blind, having found no reviews and not really knowing a great deal about the brand Servis, and the main reason for choosing this model was cost - Servis are always a very competative price if nothing else.

      To begin with the fridge, we always found it to be a fairly good quality and our food and drinks always stayed nice and cold in it - though we did find we had to be careful about certain items (milk being one) being at the back of the unit if it was on one of the coldest settings, as things would sometimes freeze! The only real fault i could find with the fridge was the light which seemed to stop working not long after getting it - probably should have called for a repaid but it didnt seem worth the day off work waiting for a repair man!

      As for the freezer, again cant really complain, it kept food frozen always and wasnt as bad as some freezers ive owned for ice build up - probably only had to defrost it once in its life.

      Overall a decent fridge freezer for the price - but dont expect the best quality at a budget price!


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      02.06.2008 17:17



      Avoid at all costs!!!!My Mum has owned one for just over a year and it stopped being cold in the fridge and the freezer became the fridge.The customer service is appalling - you will wait over 20 minutes to get through on the phone. An engineer visited and fitted 2 new parts and a week later it was again not working. The visit cost us £88. We then sent two letters which they have not replied to, the first letter was over a month ago and they won't send an engineer whilst they deal with the complaint we have made.This is not a customer comes first company - it is definitely one that does not care two hoots once you have bought their product. Never ever again will any of us buy anything from Servis.


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      01.06.2007 19:09
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Frost free with plenty of storage space.

      While thinking about replacing our fridge freezer I decided the next one would be frost free,
      the advantage being no more need to go searching around in the snow buildup for the frozen food and no more need to manually defrost the ice buildup that's freezing the drawers stuck.

      And after searching and comparing I decided on the Servis M0330AL, which is a large family top and bottom, frost free, fridge freezer which stands quite tall at 1800 mm in height with a width and depth of 600mm and comes in White or Aluminium.

      We have an average sized kitchen where space is limited so before I even chose the new family sized FF I had decided it would go in our large kitchen cupboard / pantry to free up some much needed space.

      I opted to buy the Aluminium coloured one to match the silver / grey and white colour scheme in our kitchen and it fits in really well,
      the actual colour of the FF to look at is a deep silver grey which is really quite nice but in this colour it looks more imposing than it is in white,, but as I said ours is in the kitchen cupboard so this did not pose a problem for us.

      This is a 2 door FF the top being the fridge and the bottom being the freezer,
      At the very top of the FF is the Power on and Temperature warning light ect....
      and at the top middle of the fridge door is the name ''Service'' in silver chrome which has a nice effect against the Aluminium grey of the FF,
      each door is reversible and can be adjusted to a left open or right open,
      and the doors have chunky grab handles which you can get a firm grip on as opposed to the flush type where you can only get the tips of your fingers in and end up with broken nails into the bargain.

      The Freezer...............
      The bottom door conceals the huge 95 Litre 4 star freezer which has 4 large removable plastic storage baskets,
      the top basket being the fast freeze compartment and
      the bottom basket being slightly smaller than the others.
      included was a plastic ice cube tray but personally I never use these, I prefer to use the plastic bag type you fill with water then freeze and when ready tear them from the bag so I probably wont use the one which was supplied.

      This is a real family sized freezer which holds loads of food and with the magic of frost free no matter how full or empty the baskets are they always easily glide back and forth when looking for something..........no more frost or ice to freeze your baskets shut.

      The Fridge..................
      The top door is where the fridge is and again a large size at 180 Litres,
      this is a really nice fridge and has been well thought out,
      as you open the door you immediately see how bright the interior light is,
      the fridge bulb is behind a clear plastic panel measuring about 8 x 15cm at the middle back of the fridge and looks really good but more importantly it lights up the fridge really well.

      There are 3 shelves on the door..............
      the top shelf has a large dairy compartment with a fixed clear plastic flip top to keep whatever is in there fresh and protected,
      this is where you will find the 1 x6 egg rack which is a separate item and can be moved around the fridge, I keep my marg, cheese and eggs on these shelves.

      I was a bit disappointed with the size of the egg rack, they could have at least provided 2 or a x12 like the one I got with my previous fridge,
      anyway I kept my other one and now I have a x18 egg rack lol.

      The middle shelf is a simple shelf with no flip top,
      this is where I keep my smaller bottles and jars ect..........

      The bottom shelf has a bottle gripper and can take 2 litre bottles and cartons ect and holds them very securely in place with no risk of them toppling over or sliding from side to side.

      The interior of the fridge is huge too it has 2 salad crispers / compartments at the bottom which slide out effortlessly and have lots of room,
      I keep my salad and veggies in one and fresh meats in the other, and directly above these is a clear plastic shelf which doubles up as a cover for them.

      Above the salad compartments is the stainless steel wine rack which holds 5 wine bottles or any bottles of that size realy.....a very nice and useful addition that has come in very handy!

      Above the wine rack are 2 glass shelves of which one is adjustable and can be moved up or down to accommodate larger items,
      all the shelves, salad compartment and wine rack are easily removed for cleaning.

      I've since noticed with some models the front of the storage baskets are clear see through plastic whereas the model I have has solid white plastic fronts,
      I can see the benefits of the clear plastic and would definitely have got this type if I had known before,

      Cleaning & Noise...............
      I've always used a hot water solution of Bicarbonate of Soda to clean the inside,
      this solution not only makes for a good cleaner but its properties also get rid of any lingering odours,
      the outside never looks grubby or dirty but a quick wipe over with a damp cloth does the trick.

      The appliance does have the usual electrical hum but you really cant hear it until you think about it and for such a large FF it really is pretty quiet,
      We have had no need to replace the bulb yet which should last for a while anyway but clear instructions are given in the manual and it looks like a very simple thing to do,
      and although this is a large appliance it is surprisingly easy to move around due to the wheels at the back and 2 strong people can position it into place with little effort..

      We've had our Fridge Freezer for just over 3 months now and are very pleased with it and so far no problems,
      this is very popular A rated frost free fridge freezer and would suit someone with a large family or for someone who stocks up like we do and comes recommended.

      I bought our Service Fridge Freezer from Argos when it was on offer at £322 which included delivery and fitting but it has gone back to the previous price of £422,
      but with a search it can be found online for as little as £299

      Comes with an easy to understand manual and a full 1 year guarantee.


      Temperature warning light.

      Interior light.
      2 glass shelves (1 is adjustable).
      Bottle rack with gripper.
      2 dairy compartments.
      2 salad crisper compartments.
      1 x 6 egg rack.


      Fast freeze facility.
      4 removable plastic storage baskets.
      ice cube tray.
      Size (H)180, (W)60, (D)60cm.
      Energy efficiency class 'A'.
      Energy consumption 375kWh/year.
      Net storage volume - fresh food 180 litres.
      Net storage volume - frozen food 95 litres.
      4 star rating.

      Thank You for reading.



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      Short name: Servis MO330AL

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