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Swan Essentials SR8030W

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Brand: Swan

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2012 21:10
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      A great fridge freezer for a small family

      ***What does it look like?***
      This is a 50/50 fridge freezer with the fridge sitting on the top and freezer at the bottom. Well just a plain white fridge freezer its measurements are H 145, W 48, D 53 cm. It is not the biggest of appliances but as we had limited space in our kitchen we had to go for something that would fit in the gap and this was perfect. It has a groove under the bottom of the fridge to pull it open and another at the top of the fridge to pull that open both are easy enough to pull but have a tight seal to make sure when you close it too it actually shuts rather than swinging back open.

      ***Setting Things Up***
      The hardest part for us was taking it out of the box and removing the protective blocks it sits on then it was just a case of plugging it in and leaving it to settle after we adjusted the temperature we wanted it to be set at while I went and done a shop to be delivered the next day to go in our new fridge freezer.

      The fridge has 2 shelves and a salad tray at the bottom of it. Each one is a fair size not massive but big enough to put all our essentials inside and keep them cool. Overall it is not the biggest fridge but still adequate for our family of 5.
      There are different peg levels in the fridge so you can move the shelves around to leave bigger or smaller gaps between each shelf as desired this is simple to do and they glide in to place. Then on the door of the fridge are 3 trays the one at the bottom is a bottle holder where you can keep your juice milk etc and has the biggest height above it and a deep tray at the bottom to hold them in place. The top two are much smaller in size with only a small space in between them but is hand for holding our spreads, the children's frubes and such like. As these are only small there is limited availability to what you can put in them but it is handy to have that little extra storage with the fridge being so small.
      At the back of the fridge is where the lights sits so each time you open the door it illuminates the whole fridge and also the temperature dial so you can adjust the fridge to the desired temperature labelled 1 -9 each of the temperatures are detailed in the hand book so you know the different settings.

      *** Freezer at the Bottom ***
      Again the space is very minimal it has 3 trays each not very deep and to be honest we really struggled keeping our weekly shop in here and did have to purchase a chest freezer as it was just not enough for our family. To give you an idea of size each tray can hold 2 bags of frozen vegetables and then 2 small boxes of fish fingers and such when we buy meat trays from our weekly shop they struggle to fit in length wise.
      All the trays are plastic and as yet even with my youngest son loving to explore the freezer as it is on his level they have been bashes and crashed pulled out chucked around you name it and still stand in one piece.
      There is no temperature setting for the freezer and the draws although removable cannot be altered as there are also shelves already built in to the freezer that they sit on so that limits the flexibility in this are but this has not mattered as it works well stays at a constant temperature and does not need defrosted very often.

      ***Day to Day Running ***
      The temperature stays constant and we have no problems with it freezing at the back of the fridge like we did with our previous fridge and the freezer also does not over ice and remains usable at all times. There is a small buzz from the fridge that has been constant since we brought it but it is not over bearing and hardly noticeable unless you are up close to the appliance itself.

      The doors have tight seals which means when you close the doors they remain shut but yet are still very easy to open which is great as there is not much grip on the handles and as the grooves to pull the door open are small I think there would be a problem if it was any stiffer to open.

      ***Cleaning ***
      The trays are all removable from the fridge and freezer as is the shelves in the fridge which means it is very easy to clean simply wipe down and dry then return to there places and they look brand new again. Inside the fridge freezer again you can just wipe the surfaces clean and they come up sparkling.

      ***Negatives ***
      In the fridge the top shelf on the inside of the door has actually snapped off this happened around a year into use and although it is not a major problem it is a little disappointing as there is no way of reattaching it and it removes some of the storage space.

      ***Summary ***
      This fridge freezer has lasted us well we are nearly 2 years in to use and apart from one small draw that has snapped of the rest is still in full working order we have had no problems with it otherwise and it serves us well in keeping all our food fresh. I would warn if you have a larger family like me the fridge space is adequate but the freezer space is rather small and we have had to purchase a separate freezer for stocking up on our weekly food shop. We brought this fridge freezer while it was on sale for £180 and if you search around you will be able to find it on offer for anything between £180 -£280 pounds. It is a basic fridge freezer that would suit a small family but not suitable for larger ones that use a lot of freezer space.


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      Short name: Swan SR8030W

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