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Brand: Swan / Fridge Capacity: 111L / Freezer Capacity: 10L / Reversable door / Colour: White / 2 year guarantee / Shelves: Glass

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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2008 18:53




      The ice box froze into a complete block of ice within a few months.
      May as well have bought a fridge without an ice box and had a bit of extra fridge space, who wants to defrost the ice box every few months?
      Had I known I would have spent a little more on a better quality product.
      Next time I buy I will be sure to check out the reviews first, thanks to sites like this people can save a lot of money and time that might have been wasted on buying a bad product.
      Very disappointed with Swan, always thought they were a good brand until now, I will not be buying any more Swan products.
      Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad item!


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      29.02.2008 19:15
      Very helpful



      A good secondary fridge but not for families.

      My family and I moved house in July last year, so relieved were we to finally have a permanent place of our own that we didn't think entirely practically, the house was lovely and had great garden space but there was one major flaw which we noticed when the time came for us to move in our furniture- the kitchen was tiny, so small that there was nowhere to keep our large fridge freezer, we were lucky to have an outside stone shed which we kept the unit in, running a cable from the doorway to the kitchen window, however it soon became very impractical to keep going out to the shed every time I needed milk or butter and so I decided we needed to invest in a small fridge unit, we had a little under counter space where we were keeping our bin and I decided that would be our new fridges home. I set about researching an affordable fridge that would fit and came up with the Swan SR5080.

      Swan SR5080-
      The Swan SR5080 is 111 litre (3.92 cu.ft) capacity fridge with a 10.13-litre (0.35 cu.ft) ice box. Measuring 85cm in height, 49 cm in width and 56 cms deep it is designed to be compact and fit under kitchen counters and is available in white or silver tones dependant on what you want for your kitchen.

      The fridge has a semi-automatic defrost function and temperature controlled by the simple dial mechanism by the ice box. It has a reversible door meaning you can make the most of what restricted space you may have in your kitchen and naturally it has a light which pops on when the door opens.

      The fridge comes with a plastic drip tray under the ice box, 2 glass shelves which can be set to your desired level and a plastic salad drawer. The door space consists of a deep bottom shelf for bottles, 2 small shelves for smaller items and a fixed egg shelf.

      Other specifications-
      Freestanding unit
      Compressor cooling system
      164 KWh energy consumption per year
      Energy band B
      No ice dispenser
      Single temperature control for ice box and fridge

      Price & Availability-
      Our fridge came from Littlewoods Direct and cost us £125, it seems to be a catalogue only item and is also available from Additions, Marshall Ward and LXdirect.com, ranging from £109 to £135.

      Our Opinion-
      The fridge hasn't proved to be the best purchase we've ever made in terms of its capacity and features but at the time we were simply desperate for something that we could have in the house and save us all the hassle of constantly visiting the shed, it does it's job and doesn't take up too much space which were really our basic requirements. It's a good looking fridge and fits well under our counter, it's simplistic in it's styling which is great as there's no point in over fussy kitchen equipment, I prefer it functional rather than fashionable. Also in its favour is the fact that it runs quietly, there's not much annoying buzzing, clicking or clunking coming from the unit.

      The Semi-automatic defrost feature is either so "semi" that you can barely notice the difference or doesn't exist at all because we get such a build up of frost that we find ourselves chipping off chunks of it, we try to keep the freezer section as full as we can just to stop it completely freezing into one block but this then means you have to turn the temperature down otherwise the food doesn't stay frozen for long, this in turn lowers the overall fridge temp' and ends up freezing my cucumbers and various other items in the salad drawer and on the shelves, it seems only the door shelves are safe from the frosty finger of the temperature dial.

      The shelf space is quite limited in regards to the height of items you can keep on them and while you can remove shelves to create a bit more height this then cuts down on the overall surface space you get. We are able to keep small jars and tins in there but are restricted to those small sizes which can prove a bit frustrating considering we have an expanding family and it's more convenient and cost effective to purchase the larger items. The same applies to the space in the door, the bottom shelf which is generally for milk, juice etc...is only wide enough to fit 2 pint containers of milk, not the 4 pints we need and there is no space for 2 litre bottles of drinks unless you want to take up a whole inner shelf. The ability to remove the shelves is particularly handy when it comes to cleaning the fridge, having to go to so much work to remove the frost means it's better to spend your time defrosting it and cleaning it in the same go before putting all your food back in, permanent shelves would have made this task more difficult and time consuming.

      I was quite taken by the egg shelf of all things, at first I couldn't understand why they would have 7 sections for the eggs, after all you don't buy boxes of 7, it was when I noticed I was down to my last egg and needed to buy a new carton that it clicked, most people will buy new box before using up their last egg and would need the 7th space to be able to hold the new box of 6 and the last one from earlier. The salad drawer is reasonable enough, fitting a range of lettuces, tomatoes, vegetables......whatever you happen to want to store in there, although don't make any plans to store a water melon in it! I'd say you can fit a loaf of bread in there with a little space left over, so it's not the biggest of drawers but seems to suit our needs, we get through salad so fast it barely seems to have time to say hi to the fridge, let alone take up space.

      We haven't been able to totally abandon our fridge freezer in the shed because we still need decent freezer space which this doesn't provide, it's also proved handy when we've had larger amounts or larger sized foods to store, over Christmas for example. If I were looking for a fridge to use without any form of back up then I wouldn't really recommend this one however because it is an addition to the equipment we already use I can live with it's flaws, it's saved me so much hassle over the last few months and has meant my children have been able to have proper home cooked food instead of junk from tins because I've had the food at my finger tips, the winter weather is enough to put anyone off constantly traipsing about the garden to collect ingredients from the shed.

      Overall it's not the best fridge in the world but its doing its job, if you're after something cheep and cheerful give it a go but I wouldn't recommend it for families.

      Review also on Ciao (piggypine)


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      Door Opens / Short name: Swan Sr5080

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