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Tesco FB55145 Black Fridge Freezer

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2012 23:07
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      brilliant budget fridge freezer that looks great

      Moving my boyfriend into a one bedroom flat with a small kitchen with no where for appliances was starting to become challenging as we desperately needed to get the larger items first. Our original plan was to buy the white version of this because it was £30 cheaper due to the colour however since everything else was black we thought that everything may as well be the same and I went a head and got this one before even getting confirmation from the missus. Because I can't drive I decided to look online and I found this on the Tesco direct and the link for this product is www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-fb55145-black-fridge-freezer/213-3715.prd Originally this was £209 but when I purchased this it was only £189.99. Tesco direct offer free delivery on your choice of day on all large kitchen appliances which of course this came under. I ordered this on a Thursday and the earliest I could have it delivered was a Sunday with no specific time of delivery.

      A text came through saying this would arrive between 3pm and 5pm and surely enough it did. This can't be been that heavy either that or my boyfriends friend is strong because he carried this up the flats flight of stairs single handedly with no troubles. This came in thick cardboard packaging (which I found heavy to carry that down the stairs never mind a fridge up the stairs!) Both the bottom and top were secured with polystyrene and everything that could come in plastic packaging did such as the wire, the plug and the draws. Some of it excessively and what with all the other items we had it took about a week to get rid of all the rubbish we had accumulated. The first thing we noticed was that this had it's feet already attached to the bottom so it was easy for just to just slide around rather than having to carry it all over the flat. Apparently you have to leave this turned on and standing for 24 hours before using but we had cheese that we wanted cold and chicken that wanted to be frozen so we just used it straight away.

      This fridge freezer stands at 142CM which isn't high or particularly large but it's half and half each and it's big enough for a couple of people and a small family. The fridge inside is very bright and white with see through shelves, there are two shelves and two draws so when put together there are 3 levels in which to put your food and then the two draws. On the side of the door of course are spaces for drinks and eggs but we find it easier to just leave the eggs in the packet. In the drinks section you can find bottles of wine and that's about it. There's no order from us in this fridge but it's extremely spacious to shove a lot of things so if you do a massive shop you don't have to worry about not getting it all in. The freezer being the same size as the fridge has two average sized draws and then a deep draw. Not sure why they couldn't of separated this and made 4 draws altogether but it makes no difference to us. All that goes in there is meat and mixed vegetables. But only having the three draws makes it look full really fast.

      The door is reversible which means you can have the door opening either left or right. Ours is set to open right because we couldn't be bothered to change it plus we didn't know how to. It makes no difference to us how it opens because it isn't going to be open for long anyway (not on purpose if it was! oopsss) but for some people this could be a big deal. The style of this isn't important but it was nice to find something that fit in perfectly. This is shiny black making it stand out and look sleek and contemporary. But because it is shiny and not matte every time you touch it you leave fingerprints on it which is highly noticeable. This is easy to wipe over with a damp cloth and to get on top of it as well due to it's height. Although if the cloth is too wet or not completely clean such as been wiping the sides first this will leave the fridge streaky and smudgy.

      Height : 142 cm
      Weight : 46 kg
      Depth : 58 cm
      Width : 54 cm
      Thermostat : single manual
      Rating : 4*
      Efficiency : A
      Energy Consumption : 277

      Unfortunately there is a few disadvantages for us with this, This is a great working energy efficient fridge freezer which takes up next to no room however because the kitchen is so small and there is no room for appliances anyway the cord wire on this is just too short to be placed anywhere practical. Unsure of the exact measurements of the wire however the fridge freezer needs to be placed exactly in front or besides a plug socket for it to reach. Saying that in the kitchen we have this is in the way of a cupboard and almost in the way of the sink. So this has to go in the overly large hallway with a hole drilled through the wall so an extension lead can be put through so it will reach to be turned on. This is in no way practical as the kitchen is at one end of the flat and now the fridge freezer is at the other end of the flat. Saying that this appliance is perfect with that one exception and it looks lovely.


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      Short name: Tesco FB55145

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