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Whirlpool ARC1041A

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2010 09:13
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      A good fridge

      When I work from home I got angry at trying to run up and down the stairs for milk or some sort of food so I got this undercounter fridge by Whirlpool.

      The Whirlpool ARC1041A is a huge fridge which has 121 litres to it and the reason it appealed to me was how many shelves it had and how it was arranged.

      Most table top or undercounter fridges have these ice boxes at the top which means if you put something underneath on the shelve or near it they would freeze and it would be silly to purchase one of those.

      This fridge has a huge top shelf area to itself so the ice box section is kept away from everything else and it means I never get frozen products when I do not need them.

      I will describe the fridge which is white and quite solid in look and size. The size dimensions are 845 x 540 x 580 mm and this shows it is a big fridge and it has plenty to appreciate as it should not move due to the 32kg weight. I had to find a good place for this fridge.

      At first it was placed on a counter to try and make it easy to store away but it became apparent it would end up bending the desk which it did due to the volume in weight so now it sits underneath the desk as safety.

      The door opens and you have three storage sections. At the top is a smaller section where I like to store little jars of jams I have or sometimes eggs and fruit. Then underneath you have a slightly bigger section where I store cans of cola or other sorts of cans.

      The final door section is the biggest of them all and this is where the milk cartons are stored and kept and larger water bottles as well.

      The main section of the fridge has three glass shelves and on the top which is underneath the ice box I like to store drinks or yoghurts and I make sure they are out of the way there on a very long shelf unit. At the bottom unit in the main section of the fridge you have 2 storage containers so you could keep eggs in there or something like meat or sandwiches.

      At the top is the ice box which has a 15 litre capacity and I store ice cubes in there for drinks so it is a nice fridge to store away items you want to use in an office or a bedroom. The other good part to the fridge is that it has a good energy efficiency rating which is A+.

      When you open the fridge you do have a light which comes on which is handy so you can see what you are doing and I have to say there is some downsides. This fridge does not defrost which when I reveal the price later you would imagine it might do.

      I found within a month my fridge had huge ice problems so I had defrost the fridge and it took a while as it was solid and I needed to turn the fridge off to do this as well.

      I have a temperture control to make sure the settings are correct but I just think there should be a temperture reading somewhere. My fridge down in the kitchen reveals the fridge temperature so it would have been a nice feature.

      I have never found a problem yet in terms of storage or how much energy it does use. The manufacturer I got this from claimed it will consume 219kwh/year and this means nothing to me but it might to other people.

      I paid a big price for this which was £156.99 and it was good because it offered twice the volume of most table top fridges and better energy ratings and storage. I just wish it never froze up so much inside meaning lots of defrosting.


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