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Whirlpool ARC900

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    2 Reviews
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      21.06.2011 14:31
      Very helpful



      A great value small fridge most suited to a smaller kitchen

      Having moved house last year, and having re-designed our new narrow kitchen, we needed a fridge and freezer which could fit under the new workspace. Until this point I had owned a large combined fridge and freezer which (although old) had never had any problems and was adequate to store and keep cool our weekly shopping.

      The new fridge was chosen due to the minimal depth of the fridge (56cm) which was smaller than the majority of other under counter fridges on the market and meant that it could fit flush underneath our new worktop. It was also a very good price and was made by a middle of the range manufacturer Whirlpool. We were thus confident that it would fit well into our kitchen.

      Installation of the fridge was relatively easy upon delivery, and the instruction manual did explain the various settings that the fridge should be set to in ensuring that the contents were cool enough. However upon delivery it was apparent that the quality of the appliance was lacking. The plastic was slightly marked in some places and overall the fridge had a generally lightweight feel that products characteristically display when they are rather cheap to manufacture.

      We could find no reference in the manual to the amount of standing time that the fridge needed upon delivery before it could be switched on, and therefore we waited for an hour as per the delivery drivers' instructions before we activated the new appliance. Eager to fill our new appliance, we tried to empty the contents of a weeks worth of shopping for two people into the fridge however the space restrictions inside meant that a good deal of taking out and re-stacking of our food goods was needed to suitably use the size available. In particular this fridge struggles with the concept of 8 pint bottles of milk which we discovered had to be laid on their sides in order to fit.

      This product has no freezer compartment and the availability of three shelves rather than the usual four means that shelf space is lacking. However, on a more positive note, the shelves are very easy to take out and clean. In addition, the performance of the fridge has been very good and we have had no problems in keeping the contents cool, although the fridge does make a regular whirring sound when it is switched on.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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      28.08.2010 22:06
      Very helpful



      An over-priced poorly designed inefficient cooling apparatus

      PLEASE NOTE: This is an up-dated review so please don't go be negative rates :(


      When I moved from a house that had a large kitchen to a home with a galley kitchenette, I knew my roomy larder fridge would have to go; it was that or my son and I've grown more attached to him than the fridge!


      To fit practically into my small kitchen, I needed to look for an under-counter fridge. But as the kitchen area is now vastly reduced, the heat from cooking would affect the atmosphere, causing a somewhat adverse reaction to the cooling system of the fridge. Therefore, the Energy efficiency rating would need to be at least A. After googling, I came across the Whirlpool ARC900 under-counter fridge with the energy rating A.


      Although the fridge is noted to have an entire internal capacity of 124 litres which is 4.38 cubic feet, the actual available storage space amounts to 124 litres, 4.38 in cubic feet. In practical terms, this generally stores all the chilling requirements I would need for a weekly shop for two people. This presents quite a problem because no matter how I arrange the chilled groceries, there is never enough room.

      Furthermore, although it is opposite to the manufacturer's arrangement for the door, this *component takes greater time to cool thus needing more electricity to cool off. Therefore, I use the door storage for products other than milk such as dried foods. Attempting to fit 2x 6pint milk containers on the shelves with my other chilled foods has exposed additional flaws in the internal design of the unit's storage features. At times,I have had little choice but to overfill the fridge and this has resulted in restricting the air circulation making it far more difficult to manage a cooler temperature.


      ~ Other disadvantages of this device is that it has no icebox. So I need to store even more iced products into my already over-filled under-counter freezer; this produces the same difficulties in energy deficiency as the fridge.

      ~ This unit comes without a chilled water dispenser, this combined with the lack of usable internal space, means that during the summer months, I am unable to keep enough cool fluids in store for the families needs.

      ~ Added to this, there is no auto-defrost mode to this system. This results in me having to empty the fridge many more times than normal to assist in the removal of ice that gathers on the internal back panel of the fridge.

      ~ Additionally, this apparatus has no super cool function that is becoming standard in many contemporized brands; I have no mechanical aid to cool the products quickly. This presents a real concern taking into consideration the time it takes to walk around a store with chilled foods, packing up at the till, travelling home, unpacking the shopping. A quick chill feature would be a healthy option in preventing food from contamination.

      ~ Furthermore, without an air-flow cooling element, the compact fridge is unable to provide true efficiency; taking into regard the lack of storage for the foods I need to store. An air-flow device would enable me to keep more groceries in the fridge safely.

      ~ This appliance has no door cooling mechanism either; I would have be able to store the large *milk containers in the door shelf panel.

      ~ The absence of external controls means I have to lose energy efficiency by opening the door to alternate the temperature by an unremarkable turn dial. Neither has the manufacturers incorporated into this machine an LED temperature readout or temperature warning component; hence, again meaning I need to regularly *open the door to check on this issue. Co-incidental to this, there is no open door alert module; more than once have I come into the kitchen to see drips of water coming from the fridge to expose fast cooling foods!

      ~*~ 'BLOWING HOT AND COLD' ~ THE UP'S ~*~

      ~ This fridge includes a reversible door feature; I've been able to use this handy aspect to place the unit in the most appropriate place which wouldn't have been possible if I couldn't have changed the door's position.

      ~ To assist in maximum storage usage, there are three door shelves which include a bottle retainer. Due to the aforementioned capacity difficulties, the bottle retainer is redundant! But the shelves do provide a practical help to rest products that I purchase such as meat, dairy and cans. I am also thankful for the adjustable two safety glass shelves, especially when liquids have been spilt! The spillage has been reasonably contained until I've been able to clean them up. Due to the existing need to regularly change the positions of foods to place additional groceries in the unit, these shelves present a helpful way of fitting alternate size foods practically. Along with a salad crisper that enables me to keep this type of food separate to avoid deterioration, the shelves are ergonomically designed for maximum adaptability and usefulness.

      ~ There is an interior light which gives good illumination on the entire internal areas.

      ~ The noise level for me personally is excellent; a simple low humming from the mechanism's working modes. But, when i've had to fill the fridge to capacity, the sound increases.

      ~ The screw adjustable feet add a helpful feature to this fridge as my floors are uneven.

      ~ This clean looking white fridge has the dimensions of depth 56 cm, Height 85 cm and Width 50 cm.

      ~ On an ECO-friendly front, it is worth mentioning that this product is both CFC {chemical compounds that undermines the ozone layer) and HFC free {"hydro fluorocarbon, a fluorocarbon emitted as a by-product of industrial manufacturing" as defined by Dictionary.Com


      I purchased this under-counter fridge for £139.00 but prices vary. I prefer to purchase white goods at Tesco's due to their points system. But the apparatus is now selling for £149.00.

      Would I recommend? No! I appreciate that under-counter fridges are smaller by nature of their design; to be less storage space to fit under units to afford more room in the kitchen areas. But this one is simply too slimline. Also, the lack of so many useful features that are incorporated in other brands, make this unit an unappealing alternative. The fridge is over-priced for its lack of usage capacity and impracticalities! There is a matching freezer model to go with this fridge...don't do it!


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    • Product Details

      This excellent white WHIRLPOOL ARC900 under counter fridge comes with a manufacturers warranty (2 years) / The fridge has a gross capacity of 118 litres (115 net) / / Other features include:

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