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Whirlpool ART262A+

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Brand: Whirlpool / Type: Fridge Freezer

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2013 18:40
      Very helpful



      Only good if you live in a warm climate.

      We got this fridge freezer after having our old one for many many years before it broke. Our old fridge was also a Whirlpool branded one and therefore due to the reliability of that one, we trusted the brand with our new purchase.

      To date, we have had this fridge for about 4 years. During the first year, we had it in the kitchen of our old house (This room was rather warm - this becomes relevant later). We then moved house and had the fridge in the utility room which was on the edge of the house as an extension and had very little heating; this meant that in winter the utility room was as cold as outside generally. The reason I am telling you this is that the temperature around the fridge appears to be very important. As long as the temperature of the room stays at about 5-8 degrees Celsius or higher, the fridge works perfectly - both the fridge part and freezer part either cools or freezers at the desired temperature and the food always keeps because of it. HOWEVER, if the temperature fell below 5-8 degrees, the freezer part completely stops working. Without warning, the winter we moved into the house we opened the freezer to find everything defrosted. We assumed the freezer had worn out for some reason but after speaking to Whirlpool, we found out that the temperature was the culprit. This therefore means that we are unable to use the freezer from November-March usually.

      We recently moved the fridge from the utility room to the kitchen which does have heating and is more central in the house and haven't had a problem since.

      On the good side, when the fridge freezer is working properly; the freezer is completely frost free and we have never had to defrost it even slightly. The fridge part contains a filter for smells which can be replaced cheaply every couple of years or so. The fridge is very spacious and can accommodate large amount of food - more than enough for 4 or 5 people for weeks!

      There are a multitude of compartments in the fridge and door to store all sorts of food neatly and in an organised fashion. Most of the compartments are very solid however there is one shelf which is of a different design. This design seems to be far less sturdy than the others and has snapped on our fridge in the middle slightly. This happened only by putting some food which was not particularly heavy on it.

      If it wasn't for the poor shelf and the fact that it doesn't seem to like the cold (kind of ironic), this fridge would be fantastic. However, these issues are inexcusable and therefore only earns it 2 stars.


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  • Product Details

    Whirlpool 181cm Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer / Short name: Whirlpool ART262A+

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