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Zanussi ZX99-5SI

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Vivo Electronic Fridge Freezer / 246Ltrs/8.7cft Fridge / 130Ltrs 4.6cft Freezer / Frost free / Energy rating A / New aesthetic Silver

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2003 22:36
      Very helpful



      Okay, a small confession. Friends of ours were having a party, and her-in-doors and myself spotted the fridge in their new kitchen. At first we both thought, ooh thats a big fridge, then we had a peek inside, it seemd cavernous. It was then, that we decided we would get one! We argued that we already had under the counter fridge and freezer (both Zanussi), but we soon realised that we could have more room if we got the Zanussi ZX99 and that would allow us to have a full size dishwasher. The Zanussi ZX99 is just 595mm wide (thats a standard fridge width to you and me) and yet manages to fit more inside by not having the heat exchanger (that black radiator thingy) on the back of the cabinet. Instead Zanussi have tucked it away underneath and cooled it by fans not convection.The Zanussi ZX99 is available in white and silver. The Zanussi ZX99-5SI is silver, the Zanussi ZX99-5W is white. When shopping around the retail stores and electrical chains we couldnt find it for less than £550 + delivery, we eventually found it at pennybee in Wimbledon (uk-appliances.co.uk) for £100 cheaper than anywhere else. The fridge and freezer compartments stay frost-free by using fans inside the cabinets to circulate the air, and when you shut the doors you can hear them whirr into life for a short time (barely noticeable). Inside the fridge compartment, Zanussi have used clever design to fit more in, and provided a cheeky bottle cooler, to cool your drinks faster (tried and tested!). The downside is that the top shelf is quite high, and some vertically challenged people wont be able to reach. Inside the door, there are several door pockets, the main one for milk, is there, with a smaller one underneath (for jars etc), and the ubiquitous cheese compartment is there also. The main compartment has a salad-crisping draw, that does seem to be making fruit, salad and veg last longer. Under this is a clever draw for meat, w
      hich is kept 1-2 deg cooler than the main compartment. The freezer, is all draws (no shelves), a large one at the bottom, that is deceptively big, and a handy skinny draw at the t op (marked pizza) that is great for the ice trays, and two inbetween. The fridge/freezer has alarms fitted to it, these start beeping if you keep the doors open too long, and also if you put loads of food in it and the temperature rises. Everyone who sees it, comments on it, it is a bit of a status symbol, but only because it crams so much into the standard width. Oh did i mention it is energy saving? Its A rated. Are we happy with it? Yes! Have we filled it yet? Nope, only about half full.


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      Fresh Food Volume / Short name: Zanussi ZX99-5SI

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