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Zanussi ZFK56/52RF

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Brand: Zanussi

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2000 22:33
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      My first major household purchase, many years ago, was a Zanussi Fridge Freezer...it worked with no problems for a long, long time and then died quietly, taking only a 2 litre tub of cornish ice-cream and a packet of frozen peas with it.... As a replacement, I now have a Zanussi ZFK 56/52RF...and I rather wish I didn't! This model is quite sleek in looks, classic white in colour and with integral handles in both the fridge and freezer, it looks good. It is a frost free model and I cannot recommend too highly, that if you can possibly afford it, frost free is far better than a model you need to defrost yourself...no more having a freezer out of action for hours on end, while you try to chisel the ice lumps off with a fish slice and resort to trying to melt it with a hairdryer...all that hassle is eliminated... The machine, gently lets any ice build up, melt and evaporate from the back...it's very efficient and a great time saver. The freezer contains 4 baskets for food storage and a shelf with a drop down door, and the amount of food that can be tucked away is amazing...so far so good... However, there is a wire rack in the top of the freezer which insists on falling out almost everytime something is taken out of the top shelf...very annoying and seemingly incurable...there is no way to make the thing stay in place! The fridge has a variety of little dishes for cheese and eggs and butter...none of which are used by me, but they look nice when I open the door... What IS very useful is the inbuilt drinks cooler...you just take the lid off, top it up with water and it is dispensed by pushing upwards on the...um...dispenser I suppose you'd call it! My children love using this, and no longer ask me to fetch them drinks all the time. The fridge is a 0 degree one and has a label inside which tells you if the internal temperature is "too warm", and there is a temperature co
      ntrol on the outside to adjust how cold it is. The most annoying thing about this fridge freezer is the colossal amount of noise it makes! I suspected something was a little odd, when I read through the Instruction Booklet, guarantee etc and found a sheet listing the differnet noises my brand new fridge freezer might make...not something I have ever seen before!! I can only assume that Zanussi got sick and tired of their engineers being called out to look at machines that were functioning okay...just making a lot of noise...so now you can refer to the sheet to check if it is a "normal" or "abnormal" noise!! This musical machine has an intersting range...the chunder...the groan...the wheeze...the whip lash crack... It is now a year since I bought the machine and I am no longer as startled by it's sudden noises...but I am very glad I am not living in a small flat...this machine would definitely disturb your sleep! It is a shame that what is a perfectly satisfactory fridge freezer should be just so noisy...I certainly wouldn't be able to recommend it to anyone...well not unless they lived in a huge house where the noise wouldn't disturb them.


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      Short name: Zanussi ZFK56/52RF

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