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Logitech Harmony 785

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2011 12:46
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Has been worth every penny and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another & have done so buying a harmony 1

      I have had one of these remotes fo about 2 years now. It replaced a virgin v+, sharp tv, ps3 (via infra red usb dongle), microsoft mce remote and some for ipod docks around the house. Making it a one stop shop - just brilliant.

      Good things -
      Software - the software that comes with it is pretty intuitive. I think within 30 mins I had all the standard devices uploaded. I had a few that needed to learn the IR which took a bit of fiddling around. Within 2 hours I think i had it up and running and all the bugs ironed out.

      Sequencing - one of the good things is the ability to send different commands for different items. i.e. turn on the tv, turn on the v+, change the tv to the correct input, set the sound level to xxx. This is really handy for the kids, wife & when people come round because it makes it so easy. Rather than saying here's the tv remote, this is the one for the dvd, this is one for the speakers etc.

      Favourite channels - one feature we have loved is putting in our favourite channels. If you google logitech tv icons you will find nice images to use for pretty much every channel bbc1, itv, e4 etc. Add these in and assign a channel button - hey presto. The kids are on disney channel in no time.

      Bad things
      Sequencing - Sometimes with infra red it can get out of sync. i.e. it thinks the tv is off. So when you chose watch tv it will send a power on/off signal to it. Not a massive deal - you get used to when it might do it & I stick my hand over the top to block the signal. no big deal really but something to watch for.

      Lag - sometimes there is a bit of a lag sending signals. My work colleague got rid of his because he's too impatient. Personally i don't think it's unreasonable & not really even noticeable. It probably takes longer to pick up and use the proper remote for that device.

      Charging - the charging station is great and even now my battery lasts for probably a couple of weeks at a time. (even after multiple throws across the room or knocks off the couch). BUT if there is dust or its not in the cradle properly it wont be charging. So just make sure that you do dock it properly. again not a deal breaker - but just something to watch for. otherwise you might find that your digging the old ones out of the cupboard.

      Yes it's pricey I think I paid about £75. But it has been a god send. I've bought a harmony one remote now because having used this I could never go back to having loads of remotes all over the place. Overall i think it's cracking piece of tech. It is wife & kid friendly, also when people come round all the labels on the buttons are quite clear so it make sense. It does a fantastic job and I can't imagine life without it.


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